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Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson

G.I. Gurdjieff: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson (1924)

"Every kind of conscious production of the beings of the Babylonian period was gradually destroyed, partly by decay in the course of time and partly during processes of reciprocal destruction, whenever this psychosis of theirs reached the stage called the 'destruction of everything within the sphere of visual perception.'

"These were the two chief reasons why almost all the consciously actualized results of the learned beings of the Babylonian epoch disappeared from the surface of that ill-fated planet, and at such a rate that after three of their centuries there was almost nothing left of them.

"It must also be noted that the second reason I mentioned led to the gradual decline and the almost total disappearance of that new form established in the Babylonian era for the transmission of information and various fragments of knowledge to later generations through the beings they called 'initiates of art.'

"I know a good deal about the disappearance of that custom of certain beings becoming 'initiates of art,' because just before I left that planet forever I had to elucidate this very thoroughly for another aim of mine.

"For this purpose I specially prepared a very good 'tikloonia' chosen from among the beings of the female sex there, and made these clarifications through her.

"'Tikloonias' were formerly known on that planet as 'pythonesses,' but the contemporary ones are called 'mediums.'

"So then, I found out that in the most recent times only four of these beings, 'initiates of art,' still remain there, through whom the keys to the understanding of ancient art still continue to be transmitted by means of a 'direct line of inheritance,' and that this transmission now proceeds under very complex and arcane conditions.

"Of these four initiated beings still living today, one comes from among the beings called 'Redskins' dwelling on the continent of 'America', another, from among those inhabiting what are called the 'Philippine Islands', the third, from among the beings of the continent of Asia, in the region known as the 'source of the Pianje River', and the fourth and last, from among those who are called 'Eskimos.'

"Now listen carefully to why I used the expression 'almost' when I said that three of their centuries after the Babylonian period every kind of conscious and automatic reproduction of the 'being-afalkalnas and soldjinokhas' had almost entirely ceased to exist.

"The point is that two of the branches of knowledge connected with the conscious productions of the beings of the Babylonian period chanced upon favorable conditions and certain of their elements passed from generation to generation, partly consciously through the beings transmitting them, and partly automatically.

"One of these two branches recently ceased to exist, but the other has even reached certain beings of contemporary times almost unchanged.

"This branch that reached beings of contemporary times is called 'sacred dances'.

"Thanks exclusively to the survival of these sacred dances from Babylonian times, a very limited number of three-brained beings now have the possibility, by means of certain conscious labors, to decipher them and learn the information hidden there which is useful for their own being.

"And the of her branch I mentioned, which recently ceased to exist, was the branch of knowledge of the Babylonian learned beings devoted to the 'combination of different tonalities of color,' which contemporary beings call 'painting.'

"The transmission of this branch of knowledge from generation to generation proceeded almost everywhere and, although gradually coming to an end with the flow of time, it continued until quite recently at a regular tempo, both consciously and automatically, among the beings of a community called 'Persia.'

"And it was only just before I left your planet for the last time, when the influence of the so-called 'painters' of contemporary European culture began to make itself felt also in Persia and the Persian beings of the same profession began to wiseacre, that the transmission of this branch of knowledge entirely ceased.

"It must be remarked that in spite of all this, quite a number of the works of Babylonian times did reach the beings of contemporary civilization, chiefly the beings breeding on the continent of Europe But these beings, with-out suspecting the 'well of wisdom' concealed in these works—which were not 'originals' but only partially decayed copies made by their recent ancestors, who were not yet complete 'plagiarists'—and without taking the appropriate practical measures to safeguard them, simply stuffed them into what are called 'museums ' And there, little by little these works have been either totally destroyed or partially mutilated by frequent copyings with various corrosive and oxidizing compositions such as 'alabaster,' 'fish glue,' and so on, only in order that the copyists might swagger before their friends or fool their teachers, or achieve some other hasnamussian aim.

"It must in fairness be admitted that now and again certain beings of contemporary civilization have suspected that something was concealed in the works that chanced to reach them in their original form, specially created in Babylon by the members of the club of the Adherents of Legomonism, or even in the copies of these originals made in the course of their transmission from generation to generation by various conscientious professionals, to whom, as I have already said, it had not yet become proper to 'plagiarize,' and who therefore did not resort to altering the details of the works of others in order to pass them off as their own And it sometimes happened that certain of these inquiring beings of the European civilization, while searching very attentively, actually found in these works some fragment or other of this 'something' that had been intentionally hidden in them.

"For instance, at the beginning of the contemporary European civilization, a certain monk named Ignatius, who had formerly been an architect, attained the possibility of deciphering the knowledge and useful information hidden in the productions of almost all the branches of what was then called 'ancient art,' which had come down from the Babylonian epoch.

"This monk Ignatius was about to share his 'discovery' with other monks like himself, that is, with two of his so-called 'brethren'—with whom he, as a specialist, had been sent by his abbot to direct the laying of the 'foundations of a temple' that later became famous—when for some trifling reason ensuing from the crystallized consequences of one of the properties of the organ kundabuffer called envy,' he was murdered while asleep, and his planetary body was thrown into the expanse of water surrounding the small island on which it was proposed to erect that temple.

"This monk Ignatius arose and was formed as a responsible being on the continent of Europe, but when he reached responsible age, in order to enrich himself with information concerning the profession he had made the aim of his existence, namely, that of 'architecture,' he left for the continent of Africa And there he entered the brotherhood which existed on that continent under the name of the 'Truth Seekers' And afterward, when this brotherhood migrated to the continent of Europe, where it grew in numbers and its members took the name of 'Benedictines,' he was already an 'all-rights- possessing brother' of this order.

"The temple I referred to exists there even until today and is called, it seems, the abbey of 'Mont Saint-Michel.'

"On this continent of Europe several other inquiring beings also happened to notice lawful inexactitudes in the works of various branches of art that had reached them from ancient times, but no sooner did they find the key to the understanding of these inexactitudes than their existence came to an end.

"Still another being from the continent of Europe noticed these inexactitudes, and becoming more and more interested and laboring perseveringly, he was able fully to decipher works of almost all the branches of art.

"This wise terrestrial three-brained being was named Leonardo da Vinci.

"In concluding my present tale about contemporary terrestrial art, I might as well mention yet another of the many specific characteristics of those beings of contemporary civilization who devote themselves to this famous art.

"This specific characteristic of theirs is that whenever one of these beings notices some 'lawful illogicality' in the productions that have come down from ancient times and begins to work in his branch of art in quite a new manner, perhaps in order to make this lawful illogicality clear to himself in practice, most of the beings around him occupied professionally in the same branch at once become his followers and begin doing supposedly the same thing, but of course without either aim or sense.

"And it is owing to this 'specific' characteristic of the psyche of the representatives of contemporary art that, on the one hand, what are called 'new movements in art' are constantly springing up among your favorites, and on the other hand, those movements which were somehow rightly established by preceding generations, even though only after a fashion, are constantly dwindling.

"Although this phenomenon exists among the representatives of all branches of contemporary art, for some reason or other the beings occupied in the branch they call 'painting' are most susceptible to it.

"Hence it is that at the present time there exist among these professionals a great many 'new movements in painting' which have arisen in this way and have nothing in common. These new movements are known there by names such as 'cubism,' 'futurism,' 'synthesism,' 'imagism,' 'impressionism,' 'colorism,' 'formalism,' 'surrealism,' and many of her such names also ending in 'ism. '

At this place in Beelzebub's tale the hoofs of all the passengers of the trans-space ship Karnak suddenly radiated 'something phosphorescent.'

This meant that the ship Karnak was nearing the place of her destination, that is, the planet Revozvradendr. And already a stir and bustle began among the passengers preparing to descend from the ship. Beelzebub, Hassein, and Ahoon ended their conversation and also hurriedly began to get themselves ready.

The phosphorescent gleaming of the hoofs came about because from the engine room there were directed to that section of the ship, concentrated in the required proportions, the holy parts of the sacred Omnipresent Okidanokh.


'George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, also commonly referred to as Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff and G. I. Gurdjieff, was an influential early 20th century Russian mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer of Armenian and Greek descent. Gurdjieff taught that most humans do not possess a unified mind-body consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep", but that it is possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential. Gurdjieff described a method attempting to do so, calling the discipline "The Work" (connoting "work on oneself") or "the Method". According to his principles and instructions, Gurdjieff's method for awakening one's consciousness unites the methods of the fakir, monk or yogi, and thus he referred to it as the "Fourth Way".'
+ George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1872-1949):

"Well, my boy, if you can make anything out of this riddle, there will be fulfilled in your common presence the wise saying of our dear teacher Mullah Nasr Eddin, expressed in the following words 'The greatest happiness is to obtain the pleasurable along with the profitable.'

"It will be profitable for you because you will have ideal practice for your active mentation, and pleasurable, because you will satisfy your desire to understand the specificity of the psyche of the three-brained beings belonging to this contemporary European group.

"Since the beings of this contemporary group, as I have already told you, are the direct successors of the ancient Greeks as inventors of every possible kind of 'science,' and since your deductions from the problem I have set you might be diametrically opposite to 'logical confrontation,' I find it necessary to help you a little by giving you two more facts.

"The first fact is that certain words of this song are untranslatable into any of the other languages there, in spite of there being so many on that planet that it is called a 'thousand-tongued hydra', and the second fact is that when it finally became inherent in the beings of this group, just as in the ancient Greeks, to invent every sort of maleficent means for 'weakening' what is called 'logical being-mentation,' already sufficiently weakened without this, they also invented a so-called 'grammatical rule,' according to which during any 'exchange of opinions' they always place the particle of negation after an affirmation—for instance, instead of saying 'I do not want this,' they say, 'I want this no.t

"Thanks to this 'grammatical rule' of theirs, in any exchange of opinions the listener is first obliged to consider each proposition as if it were liable to happen, which arouses in him a certain 'being-diardookino' or, as they would say, a certain 'experiencing.' And only later the speaker, in conforming to their grammatical rule, finally pronounces their famous 'nicht,' with the result that there is produced in their common presence each time something that slowly but surely gives rise to the aforesaid specific character of their common psyche, and all this should help you to elucidate the original problem I have set you."

A LITTLE LATER, Beelzebub went on: "After Germany, for a short time the place of my existence on the continent of Europe was in the community called 'Italy,' and after Italy, in the community that had become for the beings of Russia the 'source' for fostering that 'vice,' long since fixed in the abnormal process of the ordinary existence of terrestrial three-brained beings of recent centuries, which is called 'suggestibility', that is to say, I settled among the beings of the community of France.

"Now, my boy, I wish to inform you about the specific aspects of the psyche of those three-brained beings of France in such a way that you may at the same time realize to what extent a deterioration has taken place among your favorites in the normal capacity for crystallizing all the being-data for ruminating impartially and personally, and how a subjective 'essence-opinion' is formed in them about every reality, at times entirely opposite to what it would be if they perceived that same reality directly through their own impressions.

"In order to make clear what I have just told you it will be useful, in my opinion, to take these French beings as an example.

"Nowadays, among the beings of all the groups breeding on the continent of Europe, where their so-called 'cultured existence' is concentrated, as well as on all the other continents, there is infallibly crystallized from the very beginning of their formation into responsible beings data for their image of the individuality of these French beings, which evoke in them a fixed idea that of all the beings similar to them on their planet, these French are, as they express it, the most 'depraved' and 'immodest.'

"Before I chose the community of France as my permanent place of existence, data for just such an image about them had been formed in my own presence because, in going about almost everywhere and speaking with beings of various groups inhabiting the terra firma parts of your planet, I frequently heard this sort of opinion about the French beings.

"Although I had sometimes been in that community of France, on my earlier visits I paid no special attention to the particularities of the psyche of those beings or to this opinion about them held by the beings of nearly all the other communities there.

"This time, however, on settling in one of their provincial towns, my presence instinctively expected, of course, to receive impressions of 'immoral' and 'depraved' manifestations of the local three-brained beings, but to my great and ever-increasing surprise, I soon discovered that I would not perceive anything of the kind.

"A little later, when I began to go about among them, and even to make friends with some of them and with their families, not only did the data for this 'automatic opinion' about them begin to be decrystallized in me, but there began to be crystallized the required 'being-data' for finding out how there could have been formed in the common presence of the beings of other communities an opinion that was so contrary to reality.

"This question interested me more and more each day because while existing among them, it gradually became clear to me that the beings of that community were in fact not the most 'depraved' and 'immoral' but, on the contrary, the most 'patriarchal' and 'modest' of all the three-brained beings grouped on the continent of Europe.

"So I then set about making observations and gathering corresponding information to clear up for myself this misunderstanding of your contemporary favorites.

"While I was in that provincial town, I was unable to throw any light on this question, but later, when I happened to go to the capital of that community, from the very first day the basic causes of this misunderstanding gradually became clear to my Reason.

"For the elucidation of these causes I relied on my impartial observations and considerations, as well as on the following facts:

"When I arrived in that capital named 'Paris'—which, by the way, in the 'logicnestarian crystallizations' of the contemporary three-brained beings breeding on all the continents of your planet had become a center of their imaginary 'culture,' just as the cities of Samlios, Koorkalai, Babylon, and so on had been for the beings of former periods—I went straight from the railway station to a hotel that had been recommended to me by an acquaintance in the city of Berlin.

"The first thing I happened to notice was that the entire staff of this hotel were foreigners, most of whom spoke the English language, whereas not so long before, it seems, the employees of this hotel spoke nothing but Russian.

"The day after my arrival in that present-day Samlios, I inquired for a certain being belonging to the community called 'Persia,' to whom I had an introduction from one of my good friends existing in the Persian capital.

"This new Persian acquaintance of mine suggested that same evening that I should go out with him to what is called the 'Boulevard des Capucines' and sit for a while in the then famous 'Grand Café.'

"When we arrived at this Grand Café we sat down at one of the many tables which, as is usual in Paris, took up half the sidewalk.

"As I have already told you, a 'cafe' serves the same purpose for the beings on the continent of Europe as the 'chaikhanas' for the beings dwelling on the continent of Asia. The only difference is that in the 'chaikhanas' they give you a kind of reddish liquid to drink, squeezed out of a certain well-known flower there, while in the cafés on the continent of Europe, although they also serve a liquid, not only is it completely black but from what it is squeezed—no one knows except the proprietor of the establishment.

"We began to drink the black liquid served to us, called 'coffee.'

"Here too I noticed that all the employees of this Grand Café or, as they call them, 'waiters,' were beings from other groups, chiefly from the European community called 'Italy. '

"You must know that in general in this part of the city of Paris—this 'foreign Paris'—each 'business' is a specialty of the beings of one or another community of the continent of Europe or of other continents.

"And thus, seated at a table in that famous Grand Café, or rather outdoors in front of it, we began to watch the passers-by strolling up and down on the other half of the pavement.

"Among the strolling crowd were beings of almost all the separate groups of the continent of Europe and of other continents—mostly, of course, from those communities whose turn it was at that period to be rich, predominantly beings from the continent of America.

"For in Paris the beings of the continent of America had by this time definitely taken the place of the beings of the great community of Russia since the 'death' of that community.

"Most of those strolling by were beings belonging to the ruling class, who often come to the 'capital of the world' to have, as they say, a 'good time.'

"There were also many businessmen among them, who had come to Paris for what is called the 'fashion trade,' chiefly perfumery and women's clothes.

"Among the motley crowd walking along the Boulevard des Capucines, one could see many young people who had come to learn both the 'latest dances' and how to design 'fashionable hats.'

"While we were talking and watching that mixed crowd whose faces reflected satisfaction at the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream, my new acquaintance, the young Persian, suddenly turned to me in surprise and, pointing with his finger at a passing couple, exclaimed:

"'Look! Look at that! There go some "real French people!"'

"I looked and saw that indeed this couple greatly resembled the beings I had seen in provincial towns of that country.

"After they had disappeared in the crowd, we began to speculate about the reason why this 'genuine' French couple came to be in that part of their capital.

"After various surmises, we concluded that this couple probably lived in some outlying quarter of the real French Paris and had gone for some family celebration or other to their relatives' in another part of this French Paris on the opposite side of the city.

"Evidently they had drunk rather too much at that family feast, and after the celebration, not wanting to make a detour, they decided to return home by the direct route, which happened to pass right by the Grand Café.

"Probably this was the only reason why these genuine French people were to be seen in this part of Paris.

"Talking all the while, we continued to watch the passing crowd decked out in the latest fashions.

"Although most of them were showing off the latest 'creations,' it was obvious that these clothes had only just been bought—today or yesterday— and on close observation and by comparing their faces with their clothes, one could be reasonably sure that in the ordinary course of their existence at home they rarely had the possibility of being so expensively dressed and of feeling so carefree.

Like a G6

"Among the 'visiting foreign princes,' as some of the 'natives' call them, swarms of 'professionals of both sexes' —also foreigners but already well acclimatized to that part of Paris—began to appear, whereupon my new acquaintance, the young Persian, suggested that he become my Paris cicerone and that we go to what are called the 'places of ill fame' and take a look at French 'depravity.'

"I agreed, and we left the Grand Café and went first to what is known as a 'brothel' situated nearby.

"There I learned that the owner of this 'noble establishment' was a certain Spanish Jew.

"In the rooms of this house was a crowd of women 'Poles,' 'Viennese,' 'Jews,' and 'Italians,' and even two 'Negresses.'

"I had wanted to see how 'real Frenchwomen' appeared in this setting, but from my inquiries it became clear that there was not a single 'real Frenchwoman' in this establishment.

"Leaving this brothel we returned to the boulevards and walked along observing the varied crowd.

"At every step we passed numerous beings of the female sex bearing obvious signs of the aim of their 'nocturnal quests' on these boulevards.

"All these women belonged to the previously mentioned nationalities as well as to others and included 'Swedes,' 'English,' 'Russians,' 'Spaniards,' 'Moldavians,' and so on, but scarcely one genuine Frenchwoman.

"Soon some dubious-looking beings of the male sex accosted us and proposed that we do a certain 'Grand Duke' with them.

"At first I did not understand what 'Grand Duke' meant, but after various inquiries it became clear that this odd expression had acquired a definite meaning there during the time when the now defunct 'monarchic Russia' still flourished.

"In that period, it seemed, the beings belonging to the ruling class of the now dead Russia were very fond of the 'capital of the world' and often went there, and almost every one of them, just to swagger, passed himself off as a titled personage such as a 'count,' a 'baron,' or a 'duke,' but most frequently as a 'grand duke ' And, since all of them unfailingly made the rounds of all the dubious places of 'foreign Paris,' this tour was called by the professional guides the 'Grand Duke's tour.

"Taking one of these guides, we went on to see the nocturnal sights of that 'contemporary Koorkala.'

"We visited various of these 'haunts'—the Café of the 'homosexuals,' the club of the 'lesbians,' and many other 'dens of iniquity,' where one can see all sorts of abnormalities such as recur from time to time in all the chief 'centers of culture' of these unfortunates.

"Going from one of these disreputable places to another we eventually reached the famous streets of 'Montmartre,' which are not strictly speaking on Montmartre itself but on the lower slope of the district of that name, which abounds in every kind of disreputable 'nightclub,' intended however not for the beings of the community of France but exclusively for 'foreigners.'

"Aside from these dubious establishments there are many restaurants there, also designed for foreigners, that stay open until dawn.

"This whole district in general comes to life only at night, by day it is almost 'dead,' as they express it, and not one foreign visitor ever goes there.

"All these restaurants have what are called open 'stages.' on which are presented various 'amazing things' that supposedly take place among beings similar to themselves existing on other parts of the surface of their planet.

"They show the 'belly dance' of the African beings, Caucasians with their 'dagger dances,' and mulattoes with their 'snakes'—in a word, whatever is considered that season to be a 'fashionable novelty'!

"But what they show in the 'Montmartre theaters' as supposedly proceeding among the beings similar to them breeding on other continents of their planet has nothing in common with what I, who had existed everywhere and had observed and studied all the specific manifestations of the beings of each locality, had seen with my own eyes in those very places.

"Recently in this Montmartre many 'special Russian restaurants' have been opened, and in these Russian restaurants, as well as in others, the so-called 'artists' or 'actors' are beings of the great community of Russia, chiefly from the former 'ruling class.'

"Here I may as well tell you that only a short time ago the fathers and grandfathers of these 'artists' or 'actors' of the contemporary 'theater restaurants,' when they frequented the same Montmartre establishments—at the expense, of course, of the sweat of their peasants—ridiculed and insulted the individual dignity of beings of other communities, but today, their children and grandchildren have to humble themselves and serve as objects for the satisfaction of the 'hasnamussian caprices' of newcomers from other communities whose pockets 'bulge with money.'

"As regards such a state of affairs, our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin has another very wise saying:

"'If a father likes to ride, even on a child's sled, his son will have to drag the big village sleigh up the mountain.'

"While we were sitting in one of those restaurants, my new Persian friend was called away by some other Persian acquaintances of his, and I remained alone at the table with the champagne that one is always obliged to order at night in these restaurants of Montmartre."

At this point in his tale Beelzebub sighed deeply, and then continued: "Just now, while I was telling you about that evening spent in a restaurant in Montmartre among the contemporary three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth, the 'being-sarpitimnian sensation' I experienced at that time has involuntarily been revived in me, and at this moment the memory of everything I experienced is so intensely and repeatedly associated in all three spiritualized parts of my common presence that it compels me to digress from the theme I began, in order to share with you the sad and distressing reflections induced in me by my solitude in those dreadful surroundings in Montmartre after my young Persian cicerone had left me.

"The fact is that for the second time in the whole of my existence, the process took place in my being of this same 'being-sarpitimnian' sensation, which once before had engendered in my common presence a feeling of 'revolt' on account of the 'lack of foresight' of various kinds on the part of our Most High, Most Saintly Cosmic Individuals, whereby all these objective misfortunes arose, and will perhaps go on arising on the planet Earth and even in all our Great Universe.

"And this time my being-mentation began to associate in the following sequence:

"How was it possible not to have foreseen, in their calculations of the harmonious movement of cosmic concentrations, that the comet Kondoor would collide with this ill-fated planet Earth?


"If those who should have done so had foreseen this, none of the misfortunes issuing one from another would have happened, and there would have been no need to implant in the presence of the first three-brained beings of this ill-fated planet that organ kundabuffer, so maleficent for them, which was the cause of all the subsequent distressing and terrifying results.

"It is true that later when this maleficent organ was no longer necessary it was destroyed, yet again they did not foresee that by the destruction of the organ itself the possibility was not destroyed that in the future, owing to the peculiar manner of existence of these beings, the consequences of its properties would be crystallized in the presence of their descendants.

"In other words, this time also they did not foresee that even though it was possible to destroy that organ, the fundamental cosmic law of Heptaparaparshinokh with its 'mdnel-ins' nevertheless remains the same as regards the evolutionary process for the three-brained beings of the planet Earth as it is for everything existing in the whole Universe.

"It was thanks particularly to the second almost criminal lack of foresight that this most terrible situation has come about for the three-brained beings there, that is to say, although on the one hand, all the possibilities for coating the 'higher being-bodies' exist in their common presence as in the presence of all three-brained beings of our Great Universe, on the other hand, due to the crystallization in them of the various consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, it is almost impossible for them to bring the perfecting of the higher sacred parts coated in them up to the required degree And since, in accordance with the fundamental cosmic laws, such formations as the 'higher being-parts' coated in the common presence of three-brained beings are not subject to decomposition on planets, and since their planetary bodies cannot exist endlessly and must inevitably undergo the process of the sacred 'rascooarno' at the proper time, the unfortunate 'higher being-bodies' arising in these terrestrial three-brained beings must inevitably languish forever in all kinds of exterior planetary forms.

"So, my boy, sitting alone in that restaurant in Montmartre, watching those contemporary favorites of yours, I continued to reflect.

"How many centuries have passed since I began to observe the existence of the three-brained beings of this ill-fated planet!

"In the course of these long centuries many Sacred Individuals have been sent from Above with the special aim of helping them to deliver themselves from the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, yet nothing has changed here and the whole process of ordinary being-existence goes on just as before...

"During all this time, I have observed no difference whatever between the three-brained beings of this planet who existed nearly a hundred of their centuries ago and the contemporary ones.

"Are not the beings sitting here in this restaurant the same, and do they not behave just as unbecomingly as the beings of the city of Samlios on the continent of Atlantis, which in its day was considered 'the source and the place of concentration of the results attained in the sense of the perfecting of their Reason'—or as contemporary beings would say, their chief 'center of culture'—and where I also went sometimes to sit in their 'sakroopiaks,' as they called such restaurants.

"After Atlantis perished, many, many centuries passed...

"The three-brained beings increased considerably and their chief 'center of culture' was established on the continent of Grabontzi, which today is called 'Africa.'

"Again many centuries passed, and their principal center of culture became the city of Koorkalai on the continent of Asia in the ancient community called 'Tikliamish.'

"In those days, too, I used to sit among them in their 'kaltaani,' which were like contemporary restaurants Was I not a witness of similar scenes there also? "There in front of me, that stout gentleman with an enormous growth on his neck, sitting with two young street girls dress him in the costume of a 'Kafirian'—would he not look exactly like that type I once saw sitting in a 'kaltaan' in the city of Koorkalai?

"Or over there, on the left, at that other table, the young man holding forth in a squeaky voice with such conviction to his 'bottle companions' about the causes of the disorders in some community... put a 'chambardakh' on his head and would he not be exactly like a real 'Khan of the mountains,' as they were then called?

"And that tall man, alone in the corner, putting on airs and making eyes at a lady sitting with her husband at a nearby table . . . is he not a genuine 'Veroonkietz'?

"And these waiters, exactly like dogs with their tails between their legs, serving the people sitting there . . . are they not 'Asklay slaves'?

"After Tikliamish several more centuries passed, and I happened to be in the majestic city of Babylon. Was it not the same there too? Were not the three-brained beings of that city these same Asklays, Kafirians, Veroonkietzes, Klians, and so on?

"Only their clothing and the names of their nationalities have changed "In Babylonian times they were called 'Assyrians,' 'Persians,' 'Sikitians,' 'Aravians,' and various other names ending in 'ian.'

"Yes . . . and now, after so many centuries I am here again in their contemporary 'center of culture,' this time in the city of Paris.

"And again it is the same . . . shouting, uproar, laughter, invective . . . just as it was in the city of Babylon, in Koorkalai, and even in Samlios, their first center of culture.

"Do not these contemporary beings gather to pass the time in a way unbecoming to three-brained beings, as did the beings of all former periods of existence on that ill-fated planet?

"During all the time I have been observing these unfortunates, not only have whole peoples and many of their centers of culture disappeared without a trace but even the very terra firma on which they existed has completely changed or disappeared from the face of the planet, as happened for example to the continent of Atlantis.

"After Samlios, their next center was established on the continent of Grabontzi. Have not the peoples inhabiting it also disappeared in the same way? And if the continent itself has not vanished, at least the place where its center lay is now so completely covered with sands that nothing remains but the desert known as the 'Sahara.'

"Again many centuries passed. Their new center was established in Tikliamish. What is left of it but a desert, called the 'Black Sands'?

"If, by chance, some once famous nation has been spared to the thousandth generation, it is now vegetating in complete nothingness, somewhere not far from the place where it formerly existed.

"Centuries have succeeded centuries...

"I saw their center of culture, the city of Babylon. What has remained of this truly great city? A few stones of the city itself, and a few remnants of formerly great peoples who, though they still exist, are looked down upon by their contemporaries as utterly insignificant.

"And what will become of their present center of culture, the city of Paris, and the peoples, so powerful today, who surround it the French, Germans, English, Dutch, Italians, Americans, and so forth—future centuries will show. "Meanwhile, one thing only is certain those unfortunate germs of 'higher being-bodies,' which arose and continue to arise in some of the three-brained beings here, are condemned, as I have already told you, to 'languish' in the presences of abnormal forms of all kinds—forms which it has become proper to this ill-starred planet Earth to actualize, owing to the nonlawful consequences arising from the lack of foresight of certain of our Most High, Most Sacred Common-Cosmic Individuals.

"I was still absorbed in such thoughts, so sorrowful for my essence, when my new friend, the young Persian, returned.

"After a while, as this restaurant became extremely noisy and stifling, we decided to go on to another place also in Montmartre.

"But when we got up to leave, a group of beings sitting at the next table, who had overheard us talking about the place we intended to go to, invited us to join them for a while at their table and then go on together They asked us to wait until a friend of theirs arrived.

"These new acquaintances, as it turned out, were beings from the continent of America.

"Although it was growing more and more unpleasant in that restaurant and the din of drunken voices was increasing, we agreed at first to wait for their friend, but when a row suddenly broke out in a far corner of the room we left without waiting for these Americans.

"And the row had started, as it transpired, because one being struck a drinking companion on the head with a champagne bottle, simply because the latter refused to drink to the health of the prime minister of some government or other, but insisted on drinking to the health of the 'Sultan of Toogoort.'

"One of the Americans who did not want to wait any longer for his friend went with us to the other restaurant.



+ Note:"On closer acquaintance, this American three-brained being proved to be observant, jolly, and talkative."

"All the way there, and at the new place we went to, he talked all the time and made us laugh, chiefly because of his clever and apt comments on the comic aspects of the passers-by and the other customers in the restaurant.

"Upon questioning him, we learned that this American was the proprietor of a large, fashionable dancing school in Paris.

"From all that he told us about his business, I understood that the pupils of his school consisted entirely of American beings who came there especially to learn a favorite American dance, the 'fox trot.'

"I also learned that this 'fox trot' was purely American in origin and that it was all the rage, especially in America.

"So when we had chosen a new brand of champagne, and this jolly American had stopped his chatter for a moment, I asked him:

"'Tell me please, my dear sir, if this is the case, why do you not have your school at home in America instead of here in the city of Paris, so far from your own country and from the source of this beneficial "fox trot"?'

"'What on earth do you mean?' he exclaimed in a tone of sincere surprise 'But I have a large family.'

"'If I had my school in my native country, not only would my family starve to death, but I should not even be able to rent a damp basement in New York to shelter us in bad weather from the freezing north winds there.

'But here in Paris, thank the Lord, there are plenty of people who want to learn the "fox trot," and will pay whatever you ask for it.

'I don't understand,' I interrupted 'You tell me that all your pupils here are from your own country, and in the same breath you say that over there nobody would attend your school How do you explain that?'

"'That's the whole trick,' answered this honorable American.

"'The cause of this is a very little "psychological kink" from among the number of other specific kinks that all together make up the "stupidity" of my compatriots.

"'The point is that my school is in Paris or, as the "cognoscenti" at home in America say, in the "contemporary Babylon."

"'And this contemporary Babylon is so popular with our Americans that every one of them considers it an obligation to visit this world capital.

"'Every American who has managed to save up even a few dollars simply has to come here.

"'And, by the way, do you know it is not so easy for us to save money in America It is only here in Europe that they think that in America the streets are paved with dollars Let me tell you, for the people who live there, those American dollars are really not at all easy to come by Every cent must be earned by the sweat of one's brow.

"'In America we do not pay, as they do in certain European countries, for such ephemeral values as "fame," "renown," "talent," and so forth.

'For example, here in Europe, if some painter or other once happens to paint a good picture and becomes famous, then forever afterward, no matter what trash he may produce, the public will always pay a high price for it, simply because it is said to be the work of that famous painter 'At home in America, however, it is a different story. Everything is done for cash, and every product is valued by its weight and measure "Name," "talent," "genius," and all that sort of merchandise is cheap with us and you can only get dollars there with hard work.

'But fortunately for me, our Americans have many weaknesses, and among them is the passion for "seeing Europe."

"'To satisfy that passion, every American tries hard, even at times depriving himself of necessities, to save up little by little his hard-earned dollars, to be able to go to Europe and of course to the "capital of the world" Paris.

"'That is why there are always so many of my compatriots here that the streets of Paris, as is said, are "paved with Americans " And as our Americans have still another highly developed weakness, namely "vanity," they are flat­tered if people find out that they have learned the fox trot not merely in Philadelphia or Boston, but in Paris itself, where all the fashionable "novelties" of the Earth originate And as the fox trot is a fashionable novelty, the "Paris fox trot" is for them the last word in civilization.

"'And so, thanks to these two "ferments" in my compatriots, I, who am only a poor dancing teacher, always have plenty of Americans here who pay me well.

"'True, they pay me in francs and not in dollars, but of course, the money- changers must also earn something— they also have families.'


"After this explanation of his, I asked him:

"'Please tell me, my dear sir, is it possible that your compatriots come to Paris and stay here so long just to learn this "fox trot" of yours?'

'Why only the fox trot?' he replied 'While they are here they also visit the city and its outskirts, and sometimes they even travel quite a distance In short, during this time they also "study" Europe. 'They "visit" and "study" Europe in order, as they say at home, to "complete their education and schooling", but between ourselves, this is merely one of the parrotlike phrases of those of us who pretend to be real Englishmen. Actually my compatriots come to see Paris, as well as Europe, solely to satisfy their vanity.

'They travel not to become more learned or well informed but simply to be able to boast afterward to their acquaintances at home that they have been to Europe and have seen this, that, and the othe.r'

'But do you know how my dear compatriots visit and study Europe? You don't? Then listen to this:

'Here in Europe every large town has a branch of an establishment named "Book and Son" well suited to this particular need, and of course there is one of these branches in Paris.

"'Well then, these dear compatriots of mine gather together like a flock of sheep, in groups of several dozen, and a whole party of "tourists" are seated in an enormous "Book's bus" and go wherever they are taken.

"'On that Book's bus, beside the driver there is another person, referred to as a "Book's sleepy-type."

"'During the tour of that famous Book's bus, this "sleepy-type" calls out from time to time in a weak voice the names of the places and the various historical and non-historical sights of Paris and its environs, which he has learned by rote from the itinerary mapped out by Mr Book himself.

"'These "sleepy-types" have very weak voices and look half-consumptive because they are usually very tired and don't get enough sleep, and this is probably because many of them work hard somewhere else at night in order to eke out their tiny earnings from Book and Son, which are not enough for them to live on, since it is no easy task to support a family, especially in Paris.

"'And if my dear compatriots hear little of what these "sleepy-types" say with their feeble voices, what difference does it make? Isn't it all the same to them what that sleepy creature is mumbling, or in what voice? They really don't need to know any details of what they are seeing. Why should they care what they see and what it all means? All they need is the "fact" that they were in such and such a place and, in general, "saw everything."

"'They are fully satisfied with this, for afterward in conversation they can say with a clear conscience that they were here, there, and everywhere, and all the other Americans will think that they are not just the "tail of a donkey," but have been to Europe and visited everything and seen all the sights that every "cultivated" person must see.'

"'Ah, my good Sir! Do you think I am the only one who lives off the stupidities of my compatriots? Who am I, after all? I am a little man, just a "dancing teacher."

Laughing Fatman

'But did you notice the fat man who was sitting with me in the first restaurant? Well... he is a real shark. And incidentally, this species has been breeding in great numbers in America, especially in recent times.'

"'That fat man, an Americanized English Jew, is the principal partner in a well-established American firm. This firm has branches in many American and European cities, and he is the man who performs the functions of director of the Paris branch. This firm not only fills its coffers by exploiting the stupidity of my compatriots, but unfortunately adds its share of sharp practices. And this is how they cook up their shady deals:

"'The Paris branch of the firm, using American methods of advertising, is already widely known in America, and many of my compatriots, impelled by that same "vanity" and other weaknesses proper to them, regularly order their fashionable wardrobes from the branch here, and this branch sends them "genuine French models" from the "capital of the world."

'All this is done quite honorably, according to the rules of modern business, and on the basis of "triple-entry bookkeeping" and "schachermacher accounting."

'As for the intimate side of the business of this "reputable firm," founded by various American "sharks," let me tell you how these "sharks" skin everyone to fill their own bottomless pockets.

'Well, when the Paris branch receives a mail order from one of its American customers, this is forwarded di-rect-ly to the branch in Germany, where materials and labor are much cheaper than here And the German branch slow-ly and lei-sure-ly fulfills this American mail order, following all the dictates of "Paris fashions," whereupon it calmly sticks a "Paris label" on its product and, again di-rect-ly, ships it by steamer from Hamburg to its New York branch, and there the client receives her order, happy and proud that tomorrow she will wear "not just anything" but a real Paris "creation" made in Paris itself, according to the "latest fashion."

"'What is most interesting in all this is that nobody loses out through the "commission business" of this "respectable firm", on the contrary it is convenient and profitable for everyone Even the French, who are hosts in the "capital of the world," gain something from this commerce of theirs —although, it is true, only insofar as they make a profit from the postage stamps that the Paris branch sticks on its correspondence.

"'As you see, everyone is satisfied and everyone is pleased, and even benefited, and what is more, the whole transaction justifies an axiom of political economy—not universally accepted, by the way—that without an international exchange of goods nations cannot possibly exist.

"'But what am I? . . . I am only a poor little dancing teacher!'

"This jolly American was going to say something more, but at that moment we heard a great hubbub in the next room and desperate cries of both men and women We got up to leave the restaurant, and it was only when we were in the street that we found out that a being of the female sex from the community of Spam had flung vitriol in the face of another female being from the community of Belgium, because she had given a present of a cigar case engraved with the inscription, 'Always at your service,' to a being of the male sex from the community called 'Georgia,' whose existence in Paris had been supported until that day by the first woman.

"When we got into the street it was very late, day was beginning to break. So we took leave of that amusing American and went to our hotels.

"On the way home, while pondering over everything I had seen and heard in that famous Montmartre, I understood quite well why and how an opinion so contrary to reality had been formed in the beings belonging to other communities about those beings of the community of France.

"Thanks to everything I had seen and heard that night, it became clear to me that the beings of there communities, on arriving in France, go first of all to this part of Paris and to similar places where everything without exception has been organized and arranged especially for them by foreigners like themselves, but who came there long before and therefore speak the local language much better than they.

"And as the capacity for being-discernment is generally atrophied in contemporary beings, and they lack what is called a 'wide being-horizon,' they take all this as French, and afterward, when they return to their respective communities, they tell their compatriots about everything they have seen, heard, and experienced in that part of Paris as if it were purely of French origin and only the French had a hand in it.

"In this way, an opinion about the French is gradually formed in other beings that is not at all corresponding to reality.

"Moreover, there is still another and deeper cause for this opinion about the beings of France formed in the strange consciousness of the beings of other communities, and it also is based on one of the peculiarities of their common psyche This peculiarity is due once again to that maleficent practice invented by themselves which they call 'education.'

"The point is that from the very first day of a child's appearance on 'God's earth,' as they express it, while Nature herself is still developing this prime conception of a future three-brained responsible being, your favorites begin to hinder this development by this same maleficent 'education' of theirs.

"And that is not all by their pernicious practice of 'educating,' they stuff and hammer into the 'spetsitooalitivian concentrations' or, as they would say, the 'brains' of these newly born beings, all kinds of ephemeral and fantastic ideas These brains are in general localized in beings for the perception and accumulation of all kinds of impressions and of the results of conscious being-awareness, and among the newly born they are still quite pure and receptive to the highest degree.

"The greatest misfortune for your favorites is that this maleficent process continues for most of them almost up to the age when they should already be responsible beings.

"And the result of all this produces that peculiarity of their common psyche I mentioned, which consists in the following first, almost all of their functions intended for active being-manifestation adapt themselves little by little to responding only to the sum of these false and fantastic ideas, and second, the whole presence of each of them gradually becomes accustomed to perceiving all new impressions without the least participation of the being-factors that Nature puts into beings for new perceptions—in other words, to perceiving new impressions only according to the false and fantastic notions that have previously been inculcated in them.

"The contemporary three-brained beings there ultimately lose even the very need for grasping in its entirety everything they see or hear for the first time, so that what is newly seen and newly heard merely serves as a shock, arousing associations based on information previously implanted in them and corresponding to these new impressions.

"Thus, when these favorites of yours become responsible beings, everything they see or hear for the first time is perceived automatically without any effort whatsoever on the part of their essence-functions, and without evoking in them, as I have already said, the slightest being-need to sense and understand whatever is going on inside or outside of them.

"In a word, they are satisfied merely with what someone else at one time or another, consciously or unconsciously, has put into them.

"I hope, my dear boy, that after all I have just told you, it will become clear to you why, among the three-brained beings of the other groups on your planet, data for an opinion so uncorresponding to reality have been crystallized re­ garding the beings of that separate community known as 'France.'

"Be that as it may, it is a great misfortune for the ordinary beings of France that the contemporary three-brained beings of other groups have selected the capital of this community for their so-called 'cultural manifestations.'

"At any rate, I personally pity the ordinary beings of this community with all my essence, now that their capital, even though only a certain part of it, has come to be considered the 'center of culture' of the whole planet.

"It is even astonishing that most of the beings of the community of France, in spite of the quite abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence, due to their capital having unfortunately become the chief 'center of culture' for the whole of that ill-fated planet, were able to preserve in their presences, however unconsciously, those data for the two being-impulses on which, above all, objective morality is based, and which are called 'patriarchality' or 'love of family,' and 'organic shame.'

Hitlary-Satan 2016

'In the New Hampshire debate, Clinton thought to close her argument that she is the true progressive with this: “I was very flattered when Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department better than anybody from Harvard™ had run it in a very long time...”

'Let’s consider some of Kissinger’s achievements during his tenure as Richard Nixon’s top foreign policy–maker: again, the "gristle in the mill..."®. He (1) prolonged the Vietnam War for five pointless years of horrific State terrorism, actually escalating the billing after "withdrawal" was announced using mafia tactics, organized ethnic cleansing, systemic ritual corruption, and officially cultivated brutal war crimes worse than Blitzkrieg or Israeli tactics historically, i.e. WWIII level military hostilities on the budgetary & propaganda accounts; (2) illegally!!!! {& 'secretly with "black-out" collusion'®} bombed Cambodia and Laos with over 100 Hiroshima/Nagasaki events in ordinance by tonnage diluted & delivered "scientifically" in pre-packaged Dole™ Pineapple cans over 10-12 years (after the Malaya "emergency") by "public" dump trucks and 'Drag-racers'™, including Napalm™ from Dow Chemical™, Agent Orange™ from Monsanto™, pixel perfect "carpet" bombs {"on-sale &..."} guided by IBM™, "boots on the ground" with Jeeps™ and State Department management by Ford™, the Boeing™ Stratocaster Pentagon the #1 client for Standard Oil and Gas™, Rockefeller Capital™ and the entire 'merc-y animal farm billed to Fortune 500™ in account ledger ponzinomics. Note: illegal, undeclared wars with casualties worse than the 6 million of Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen - i.e., completely innocent and ethnically targeted for 'official extermination' (politicide people), completely 'off the books' but legal profit for reinvestment; (3) goaded Nixon to wiretap staffers and journalists, 'broke into a broom closet' - Wall St. corporate media psi-op of 'controlled or compromîsed' deep State media channels of the Politburo, i.e. Kissinger stage-2 whipping-boy scapegoat for full war crimes of military-industrial complex on steroids, bigotry, rock n roll, and crimes against humanity, like "Watergate Sex"™ was manufactured to cover up the Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam (+MLK) evidence; (4) bore responsibility for three genocides in Cambodia, East Timor, and Bangladesh = managed the international weapons trade - manufacture, financing, training, + wages for political violence, "State"-currency ponzis operating through legal fiction, blackmail, industrial murder syndicates, diplomatic strong-arm tactics, and media cover-up of the evidence and "opposition" internationally through covert-ops like the Khmer Rouge/Kent State--} : {--MOVE Bombings/ISIS playing both sides undercover through corrupt ponzi entrapment, manipulation, exploitation, lies, shills, stooges, and other "Grand Wizard" type (British Secret Service in "murky) methods stage-managed in corrupt organizations (i.e. Fordistan industrial parks, slave pits, and plantations or Her Majesty's shipyards) through Time-Life™, CNN™, NBC™, CBS™, ABC™, Microsoft™, Google™, AoL™, Twitter™, Yahoo™, etc. for the marks. (See: The Klan, Angkar: "the Organization", MI-5, Murdoch, H.M.S. Pinafore, Pvt. Ltd., "Opera Narratives," Pavlov, etc.); (5) urged Nixon to go after Daniel Ellsberg for having released the Pentagon Papers, which set off a chain of events that brought down the Nixon White House, in fairy tale world of NFL™ giants and WaPo™-Langley, J Edgar Hoover White House side of Cheney-Rumsfeld-Scalia; (6) pumped up Pakistan’s ISI with Steroids, Amphetamines, & Viagra™, while encouraging the Abbottabad-network to use political Islam according to "West Point" mafia goals to destabilize traditional Afghanistan, including transfer of Her Majesty's royal opium fields and black money trade/leverage to new slave and human trafficking operating territories in what remained of the Russo-'Soviet' Tulip Bulb fields vs. Gulf-Oil™ industry corruption [-$$$-]; (7) began the US’s arms-for-petrodollars dependency with Saudi Arabia, exchanging worthless Pentagon "military script," circus tickets, & poker chips for gold, calories, and pre-revolutionary Iranian mining "rights" (See: legal fiction, the Atomic Canopy, & India Treaties in the Indira era of the Tehran-Russia alliance and the French in Moscow re:Romanov in "Belgian" Congo, i.e. "America, the Sports Team Identity" vs. Freud/Fraud in "Eros & Civilization" Part II); (8) accelerated needle-less civil wars with AIDS as a depopulating agent and "crack" inhalation as ghetto-side whip in southern Africa and American cities that, in the name of supporting white supremacy, left millions dead, imprisoned, and destroyed economically in their family lives (See: Cuba); (9) supported coups and death squads throughout Latin America, including the Guatemalan Maya holocaust, and war crimes/crimes against humanity in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Panama, Mexico, etc.; and (10) ingratiated himself with the first-generation neocons, such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Al Haig, Colin Powell, and Paul Wolfowitz, who would take American militarism to its next calamitous level. Read all about it in 'The Kissinger Sideshow!'™ A full tally hasn’t been done, but a back-of-the-envelope count would attribute 30, maybe 40 million deaths +/- one irrelevant life (de-commodified) due to the "Black Cobra"™ stiletto in Kissinger’s right hand alone on the battlefield, not even including his "soft kills" due to poverty, but that number probably undercounts his victims in southern Africa. Pull but one string from the current tangle of today’s multiple foreign policy crises, and odds are it will lead back to something Nixon and Kissinger did between 1968 and 1977 disregarding women & blacks. Over-reliance on Saudi oil? That’s the Jewish lawyer Kissinger's fault, no one else is responsible or in control in the doll set of shills known to you by the Hasbro™ Federal Reserve and Time-Life™ narrative. Blowback from the instrumental use of radical Islam to destabilize Soviet allies? False flag at the WTC for Harpo, I and II. Again, Kissinger and the Jews only of the Judaeo-Christian alliance are responsible for genocide, ethnic cleanse, holocaust denial, and bigotry - And "it" is anti-semite, Levant! An unstable arms race in the Middle East & "undeclared" nuclear Israel? Check, Kissinger and Nixon alone, not a Judaeo-Christian alliance with Islamophobia, err KKK-"communist hysteria". Sunni-Shia rivalry? Yup, Kissinger and Nixon alone understood Vietnamese, Khmer, & Laos Buddhism during the war crimes by the sea, air, and land 'forces' of Mother Nature, Hellfire™, and Divine Justice. The impasse in Israel-Palestine? Kissinger alone butt-fucking Nixon with J. Edgar getting a "jolly" kicking. Radicalization of Iran? “An act of folly” was how veteran diplomat George Ball described Kissinger’s relationship to the Shah. Militarization of the Persian Gulf? Kissinger, Kissinger, Kissinger and sometimes a Nixon fingerprint or two according to CSI Reports™, who never leave a stone or petal leaf unturned {"Micky & Mallory did it..."®}. And yet "Hoss" Clinton continues to call his bitch names in public, as if she had no heart, soul, feelings for other living beings, or ability to understand anything but profit off of Mother Earth's family and Disney™'s "Tree of Life" down Walmart™ Law, Madagascar©, all the while still blaming everything on the Essex Estate down South of London and self sexual-objectification, "Whistlin' Dixie"™ cups & "Pot"-Pies™ with Herr Creosote™ instead of KISS™ at the State Department's Hmong perimeter around Thailand.'
+ Hitlary-Satan™ 2016: 'Beelzebub's Tales to His $100k Slaughterhouse Wizard...'® (G.I. Gurdjieff, 1924) | TypeHost :
+ "Siege Tactics: Anti-Crop, Poverty, Healthcare, & Ethnic Cleanse"® [email:]:
+ The 'Jewish Lawyer'™ {'Hidden, cut-off disassociated, manipulated "groupthink"'} Strategy - ("Warran't me..."®):

"Since this contemporary 'center of culture' has long been the gathering place for beings from all over the planet who have completely given themselves up to the 'evil god' holding absolute dominion in each of them, namely, to the 'evil god' that has become their ideal and is very well described in the words—'to attain a complete absence of the need for being-effort and for any essence-anxiety about anything whatever'—these beings must of course, consciously or unconsciously, have a harmful influence on the beings of the whole community of France.

"You will understand very well, my boy, what a misfortune it is for the ordinary beings of France that the present-day center of culture lies within their community if I tell you about one of the consequences of this I learned about it from information communicated to me in one of the latest etherograms concerning the three-centered beings of your planet.

"I must tell you that when these beings, who have completely given themselves up to their 'inner evil god,' flock to one of these 'centers of culture,' they occupy themselves—among their other harmful actions, simply out of idleness and to satisfy their whims—with devising new forms of manifesting their hasnamussian properties or, as is said there, with new 'fashions,' which they then spread all over the planet.

"This hasnamussian practice of 'devising new fashions' existed in former civilizations also, during the Tikliamishian civilization it nourished under the name of 'adiat,' and in the Babylonian period, under the name of 'haidia.'

"'Adiat,' 'haidia,' or 'fashion' consists in devising new means of being- manifestation for ordinary existence, and various methods of changing and disguising the reality of one's presence.'Adiat,' 'haidia,' or 'fashion' play the same role in their daily being- existence as those customs of ours which are established to alleviate the inevitable external conditions independent of beings, customs that gradually enter into use everywhere as an essential need These contemporary customs or 'fashions' of theirs, on the other hand, are first merely temporary and serve only for the satisfaction of the insignificant personal aims of these present and future hasnamusses, which have become utterly abnormal and trivially egoistic, and second, they are neither more nor less than the results of automatic reasoning based on relative notions flowing from the abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence there.

"And so about half a century ago, in this city of Paris, certain candidates for hasnamuss invented the fashion for beings of the female sex to wear their hair short, and this maleficent invention of theirs spread like wildfire by the usual well-proven ways and means.

"However, as at that period the feelings of 'morality' and 'patriarchality' were still very strong in the beings of the female sex of the community of France, they did not adopt this harmful invention, it was the beings of the female sex of England and America who adopted it, and began cutting their hair.

"Moreover, as the beings of the female sex of both these communities thus deliberately deprived themselves of that part of their presence which is adapted for certain exchanges of cosmic substances, Great Nature did not fail to react and began to produce corresponding results, which will assuredly take such forms as have already arisen twice on this planet the first time, in the country of 'Uneano,' now 'Kafiristan,' where what are called 'Amazons' appeared, and the second time in ancient Greece, where the 'religion of the poetess Sappho' was founded.

"Meanwhile, in these two contemporary communities of England and America, the cutting of women's hair has already produced in the first case 'suffragettes,' and in the second, what are called 'Christian Scientists' and 'theosophists ' Moreover, when this hasnamussian fashion of cutting the hair of female beings became widespread, a proportionate increase was observed everywhere—as I was informed by the etherogram I received—in what they call 'women's diseases,' that is, various sorts of inflammation of the sexual organs, such as 'vaginitis,' 'uteritis,' 'ovaritis,' as well as 'fibrous tumors' and 'cancer.'

"And so, my boy, although this 'fashion' of cutting the hair of beings of the female sex, invented in Paris by beings with hasnamussian properties, did not at first catch on in the community of France, yet, since their capital had be- come the general rendezvous of beings with such properties, who went on spreading this harmful invention, these latter have ultimately succeeded in implanting it there And so the beings of the female sex in France have likewise begun to cut their hair, and at the present time this haircutting is in full swing for nearly all of them At the hairdressers in Paris, as I was informed in this etherogram, they have to wait their turn exactly as people did not long ago in the community of Russia to receive 'American flour ' And this contagious rush of women to the hairdressers to get their hair cut has already given rise to court actions between these hairdressers and the fathers, husbands, and brothers of these 'shorn lambs,' and even to many 'divorces,' as they are called. "It is interesting to note that the judges there, as was also communicated in that etherogram, in each case acquitted the hairdressers, on the ground that the beings of the female sex who had gone to them were over sixteen years of age, and therefore, under the laws of that country, had reached their majority and were free to do as they pleased.

"But, of course, if these French judges, and in general the judges of the whole planet, knew that there exists in the Universe a definite law regarding all formations, without exception, which serve the great Trogoautoegocrat for the transformation of cosmic substances, they would undoubtedly have a completely different understanding of the concept expressed by the word 'majority.'

"The point is that, according to that definite cosmic law, during the transformation of cosmic substances all such individuals, among whom are the keschapmartnian beings of the female sex, are the sources of all those active elements which by their fusion in subsequent cosmic formations must serve in the process of the great holy law of Triamazikamno as its second holy force, in other words, these beings are always the 'negative' or 'passive principle.'

"And so, owing to this cosmic law, these sources transforming the active elements that serve as the passive principle can never be free to have any independent manifestations Only those sources can have this independence which transform the active elements that should serve as the 'Holy Affirming' or 'active principle' of the holy Triamazikamno.

"That is why the sources that serve as the passive principle cannot be responsible for their manifestations, that is, they cannot be, as they say, 'major.'

"Speaking of these French beings, I must also tell you, in order to characterize them more fully, that the members of the 'ruling class' there invented a very good means for 'calming' the minds of the ordinary beings of that community, which they employ just as the power-possessing beings of the large community of Russia employ their means of encouraging the use of the famous 'vodka,' and as do the power-possessing beings of present-day England with their no less famous 'sport.'

"However, although the power-possessing beings of the community of France also successfully apply these 'good means' for the attainment of their egoistic aims, it must be admitted—no offense to the power-possessing beings of England and Russia—that these means of theirs do scarcely any harm to the planetary bodies of the ordinary beings.

"Nor is this all with these means they unconsciously bring a certain benefit to the ordinary beings of their community, by diverting them and giving them temporary relief from the ill effects of their obsession with 'fashion,' which was invented, as I already told you, by the present and future hasnamusses gathered in their capital from various countries, and which now enslave the ordinary beings of France even more than the beings of all other communities. "These 'good means' are called 'fairs,' and at the present time these fairs are held in the principal squares of all their towns and villages in turn, in just those squares where, about two centuries ago, the three-brained beings used to meet for discussions of what they call 'religious and moral topics.'

"In all justice it must be said, my boy, that these French 'fairs' are very, very amusing places.

"I confess that even I liked to visit them and pass an hour or two there, thinking about nothing.

"At these French fairs everything is cheap, everything is marvelous.

"For instance, for a trifling fifty centimes, everyone can 'whirl' himself giddy on what are called 'pigs,' 'chameleons,' 'whales,' and so forth, and on various new American and non-American inventions designed for producing stupor.

"And if a being recovers too quickly from all these 'stupefactions' he can then, for only a few more centimes, treat himself to something very tasty, often prepared right on the spot.

"It is true that after these dainties, the beings, as far as their stomachs are concerned, often become . . . h'm h'm . . . but what is this compared to the pleasure they had in eating them?

"And in case one of the ordinary beings there wishes to 'try his luck,' as they say, then for another few centimes he can satisfy this desire in a thousand ways, for these famous French 'fairs' offer every attraction known on the planet Earth for gambling or for fun—in a word, everything from the 'roulette of Monte Carlo' to the game of 'snipsnapsnorum.'


+ G. I. Gurdjieff - "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson or An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man" (1924-27):



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'Many believe the classical tradition is a source of what is right with society: Western civilization began in Athens. But others would say the Greeks enshrined the inequality of men and women, making the classical tradition a source of what is wrong with society. In his new book, The Locrian Maidens: Love and Death in Greek Italy, James Redfield challenges both of these views. Greeks outside of Athens, he said, knew other ways to reconcile the differences between the sexes. Thus, Redfield may have discovered a different classical tradition. Redfield said a fixation on Athens has distorted society’s understanding of the classical tradition. If Athens celebrated the individual—at least in contrast to the conformist Sparta—it also was warlike, embraced power, and was based in part on the repression and political disenfranchisement of women, for which Athenians were not without anxiety. In fact, the Athenians may have invented the Woman Question, Redfield said. It was when Redfield came across the Greek colony of Locri in Italy that he found a different point of view on how Greeks handled sex differences. When Redfield, the Edward Olson Distinguished Service Professor in Classical Languages & Literatures and the College, first realized there was something special about the Locrians, it was not from some social theory but from being spellbound by the beauty of their art. Coming across the bronzes and terra cottas in the National Museum in Reggio Calabria, Redfield said the figures radiated what he would describe as “disciplined sensuality,” deeply unlike other Greek art. These people, he thought, must have had something special, and he spent the next 25 years looking for it. He cautioned that the Locrians hardly viewed men and women as equals. “The ancients, so far as we can tell, rejoiced in sex differences, whereas we tend to see them as an unfortunate fact, something as far as possible to be overcome by technology and social practice.” We think of sex differences as something socially constructed, as “gender,” and “for some reason, it tends in our time also to be assumed that anything socially constructed is somehow illegitimate and oppressive,” said Redfield. One reason it may be hard to think like the Locrians today is that we tend to be obsessed with overcoming difference. “Difference,” Redfield has written, “the manner in which persons and groups define themselves in contrast to some defining ‘other,’ has become in our time a leading historical topic, and gender has become the leading instance of difference. By historicizing these differences, we can then distance ourselves from tradition. No longer do we have to take it for granted that men and women must have radically different life chances, since we now know that those differences are not dictated by nature, but are culturally and historically conditioned. From this point of view, our classic tradition is one source of what is wrong with us.” But such “liberation” from the past also cuts off resources from the past, Redfield warned. If the Greeks invented democracy, can we understand why they enshrined gender inequality as a principle of their politics? Redfield said it might have taken so long to see the inequality of the sexes as a problem, and change it, precisely because it is so deep-seated. Despite their questioning of other forms of inequality, the Greeks recognized differences in the biological natures of men and women as a norm. But if the Greeks accepted sex difference as natural, they also recognized it as a problem. And the Locrians solved the problem in an unusual way, he explained. Women held special religious rights, which men could gain access to only by marrying them. They thus became the vehicles for the transmission of status, and marriage maintained the social order of a traditional oligarchy. Marriage was seen as the perfection of a woman, and the married state as prefiguring the joys of the afterlife. “The mediation of the difference between male and female therefore became a model for the mediation of the difference between life and death.” In their inward focus and emphasis on the joy and status of married life, the Locrians seem to have rejected power in favor of happiness. It is in this way that they offer a challenge to the view modern-day society inherited from the Greeks, good or bad. “After all,” Redfield wrote, “sex differences do still exist, and we still have to find some way to live with them. Possibly putting them to use is not the worst of all solutions.”'
+ What did the Locrian maidens know about sex differences?:


+ New Dancehall Mix (nov 2015)Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Mavado, Beenie Man [Dj rizzzle]:

'The national hero of the Locrians was Ajax the Locrian, who led the 40 Locrian ships to Troy, to take part in the Trojan War. Locrians respected him so much, that after his death they kept a place for him in their phalanx, thinking that he will always fight with them. On the other side, Ajax's actions resulted in his death according to Greek mythology, while the Locrian tribe suffered from the anger of the gods. After the fall of Troy, he raped Cassandra in the temple of Athena, where she had taken refuge as a supplicant. For this crime, Poseidon wrecked the ship of Ajax on the coast of Euboea and Ajax was killed by a lightning bolt. According to Lycophron, in his work Alexandra, for this crime of their national hero, the Locrians had to send two unmarried maidens to the temple of Athena at Ilion of Athens for 1,000 years, where they should live until they died. After their death, they would not be given a decent burial, while for each maiden who died, another one must be sent into the temple by night, and she would be stoned to death if seen. The goddess is referred to as "Athena Ilias", a name not necessarily derived from Ilion, but maybe from the family deity Oileus, the father of Ajax and the ancestral hero of the Locrians. She could have protected the maidens during their period of initiation. Callimachus mentions that the curse fell upon Locris three years after the Trojan war, which led to the beginning of the tribute at the command of the Delphic oracle. According to Apollodorus, after the command of the Delphic oracle, two maidens were sent to Ilion, and their duty was to clean the temple. After their death, they were replaced, while the tribute ended after a thousand years with the end of the Phocian War, which destroyed Naryca, the town that supplied the maidens. Aelian says that the plague, fell upon Locris after the Locrians failed to send the yearly tribute that the oracle demanded. Demetrius of Scepsis knows that the maidens were sent for the first time "when the Persians were already in control", so after 547 BC. Locrian maidens had the appearance of a Greek mourner, as they went to Ilion barefoot, wearing only one garment and their hair was loose or cut. Cut hair symbolizes maturity for both sexes and plays a part in marriage rituals, while loosened or cut hair are required in other cults such as to Demeter and Dionysus, and bare feet in other as well. In addition to these, loosened hair and bare feet are signs of a witch. These maidens were not given proper burials, as most of them were burnt on a pyre of barren branches and the ashes were thrown to the sea. This kind of pyre was used in Greece to burn criminals and the barren trees were used to burn portents and prodigies, while criminals were hanged from these trees. Locrian maidens were seen as marginal beings and scapegoats, separated from normal life, a feature of rites of passage. The three stages of rites of passage are separation, marginalization and reincorporation, and according to this, the maidens left for Ilion, spent a year there and returned home. In Epizephyrian Locri, maidens were prostituted as a reminder and punishment for a certain act. Ancient basis for prostitution was that girls would marry earlier than their coevals and foreigners would complete the rites. The completion of the rites enhances the status of girls. In the middle of the 6th century, this cult became more epic focused and centered on the expiation for the crimes of Ajax. As a result, later generations forgot its significance and put an end to this tribute; but a Greek inscription, discovered in Locris at the end of the nineteenth century, proves that the Locrians continued to send out pairs of maidens until the 3rd century BC.'
+ The Locrians (Greek: Λοκροί, Locri):


"Every field of research raises certain problems that are debated vigorously for a while, often because their relevance to some other matter, and are then left in peace, without anyone in fact having arrived at a satisfactory solution."

I. Literary Sources

A. Lycophron

i. In Alexandra Cassandra foretells the consequences of the crime (the rape of Cassandra on the alter of Athena) of the lesser Ajax, which affect his descendants, the Locrians.

ii. For 1,000 years the Locrians must send unmarried maidens to the temple of Athena at Ilion where they will stay until they die. When they die they will not be given a decent burial.

iii. For each maiden that dies, another must be sent into the temple by night, and will be stoned to death if seen.

B. Callimachus

i. A plague fell upon Locris three years after the Trojan war, which led to the beginning of the tribute at the command of the Delphic oracle.

C. Apollodorus

i. Ajax's crime brings the plague to Locris and leads to the Delphic oracle commanding a tribute of maidens. Two were sent to Ilion, and their duty was to clean the temple. After their death, they were replaced.

ii. After a thousand years the tribute ends with the end of the Phocian War, which destroyed the city Naryca, which supplied the maidens.

D. Aelian

i. The oracle demands a yearly tribute that the Locrians failed to send, and then the plague came on Locris.

II. Problems and Contradictions

A. Discrepancy between sources that say the maidens had to remain at Ilion until they died and those that speak of annual tributes.

i. Ilion's temple of Athena could not hold a large group of maidens.

ii. The Locrian inscription calls for a return of two maidens.

iii. Perhaps the original arrangement called for the maidens to stay in Ilion until their death, and then the requirement was relaxed, although this is contradicted by Aelian, Strabo, and Servius. Also it is contradicted by the fact that the god of Delphi was upset with the Locrians.

iv. Lycophron and Apollodorus were writing at the same time, possibly drawing on an earlier source in myth. Callimachus and Aelian were drawing on local traditions.

B. The events in Ilion immediately after the arrival of the maidens

i. Could have been waylaid and killed when they were caught or were left unharmed.

ii. The more gruesome version of events is probably based on myth or a local epic related to the Epic Cycle.

III. Appearance

A. Locrian maidens went barefoot, had only one garment, and their hair was loose or cut.

i. This is the same appearance Greek mourners take.

ii. Hair is loosened or cut in other cults such as to Demeter and Dionysus. Witches wear their hair loose. Cut hair symbolizes maturity for both sexes and plays a part in marriage rituals. Other certain mystery cults require bare feet, and bare feet are also a sign of a witch.

IV. Marginal Beings

A. Locrian maidens were not given proper burials.

i. Most were burnt on a pyre of barren branches and the ashes thrown to the sea.

ii. A pyre of barren branches was used in Greece to burn monstrosities, such as criminals.

iii. Barren wood or trees (arbor infelix) was used to burn portents and prodigies and guilty criminals were hanged from these trees.

B. Locrian maidens were seen as marginal beings, separated from normal life.

i. Marginalization is a feature of rites of passage

ii. Three stages of rites of passage are separation, marginalization, and reincorporation. Maidens leave for Ilion, spend a year there, and are returned home.

iii. Puberty rites such as other rites elsewhere in Greece.

V. Locrian Maidens as Scapegoats

A. Greeks saw the ritual as expiation for the outrage committed by Ajax.

i. The maidens are associated with the pharmakos ritual, in which scapegoats are driven out of the community.

ii. Maidens in Epizephyrian Locri were prostituted as a reminder and punishment for a certain act. Ancient basis for prostitution: girls would marry earlier than their coevals and foreigners would complete the rites. The completion of the rites enhances the status of girls

VI. Time Period

A. The tribute must occur later than the Trojan war.

i. Troy VII was destroyed after the Bronze Age and remained fairly unpopulated until the eighth century when an Aeolian colony settled there.

ii. Demetrius of Scepsis knows that the maidens were sent for the first time "when the Persians were already in control" i.e. after 547 BCE.

B. Athena Ilias

i. The recipient of the tribute, receiving maidens into her sanctuary at Ilion.

ii. Ilias is not necessarily derived from Ilion. It also comes from the family deity Oileus, the father of Ajax and the ancestral hero of the Locrians.

iii. The goddess could have protected the maidens during their period of initiation.

VII. End of the Tribute

A. Middle of the sixth century the cult became more epic focused

B. Became more centered on the expiation for the crimes of Ajax.

C. Later generations forgot the significance of the cult and put an end to the tribute that seemed increasingly foreign.

+ Locrian Maidens - CLST 4003H. Colloquium on Greek Religion:


"The Aianteioi and the city of Naryx accepted [the sending of] the girls on these conditions: [the Aianteioi shall be inviolable] and unseizable in war and in peacetime; they shall not be obstructed on a charge of murder, and priority in receiving justice [shall be granted to them, if they suffer any wrong], and to the city. If any one of them comes for hospitality, he shall not fail to receive gifts of hospitality from the public treasury [of Naryx; if he does not receive hospitality], then the archon shall pay a fine of [fifteen] drachmas; if the archon is convicted in court, [he shall pay a fine] of thirty drachmas; anyone who brings [an accusation] about hospitality shall be protected from punishment. If anyone knowingly seizes the property of the Aianteioi, [he shall pay a fine] of thirty [staters; the] archons shall recover what has been seized, and return it on the same day or the following day; if [they do not recover it or do not return it], they shall pay double the fine. If anyone unjustly binds up or imprisons one of the Aianteioi, [he shall pay] a hundred staters [for each day] and the same again for each night, until the prisoner is released."

Maintenance money... "[shall be given] to the parents of each of the girls. 10 Fifteen minas shall be provided to each of the pairs of girls for adornment and food, until . . . [any of the Aianteioi] who have been held by the enemy [shall be released]. Buildings of Thēmon that have been burnt down, whichever in the city . . . [shall be rebuilt] publicly by the Locrians. If any one of the Aianteioi wishes to dwell among the Locrians, the shall have freedom from taxes in the same way as . . . the Aianteioi shall all [share in] the feasts, and they shall hand over the skins and the [legs and the other portions of honour] to the priest. All the Locrians of Aiantian Locris [shall hold a festival] in Naryx, and the agonothetes shall be Narykans . . . [The Aianteioi] shall not unwillingly give their children as hostages [in war]. As compensation for the girls, the Narykans shall have freedom from [rearing horses] for [war and from emergency contributions]; if any one of them is forced to rear horses or to give his children as hostages, the Locrians [shall give money to the Narykans] for their expenses. [The city] of Naryx shall not send any of the Aianteioi as hostages. The archon shall give justice [to any one of the Aianteioi who brings an accusation] within three days, and shall complete the proceedings for a foreigner within ten days; the archon shall not reject the case, if a suitable witness is provided. [If anyone disputes the decision] in a previous case, it shall be reheard before the same judges; if anyone is convicted of providing [false] evidence, [the decision shall be nullified and the witness] 20 shall be charged with perjury and shall pay double the fine. If the archon does not exact payment of the fine, [the Aianteioi] shall proclaim [that the person who obtained the conviction should exact it] from whoever he can take hold of, from the inhabitants of the city, out of which the charge arose. [Jurors shall be chosen] for the case . . . of thirty drachmas, eleven men. In Naryx out of all the men . . . to give judgement on the pairs of girls, and to render justice to the previous girls as far as possible . . . [the archons] of Naryx shall give justice according to this and shall exact payment."

Oath: "on these conditions... [in the] agreement and in the oaths. If we keep the oath, may we receive many [blessings, but if we break the oath]... Fifty men, chosen by wealth, shall swear [the prescribed oath] ... the girl who has been sent..."
+ Other Inscriptions: AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE LOCRIAN MAIDENS (280-240 B.C.):
+ Shameless: The Canine and the Feminine in Ancient Greece:


"But shameless Hybris, flourishing with shifty greed and lawless empty-headedness, who will swiftly bestow on a man someone else's wealth and power, and then send him into deep ruin—Hybris destroyed the arrogant sons of the Earth, the Giants." (Bacchylides, Odes 15.57).

"I am glancing around everywhere. See the battle of the giants, on the stone walls."
"I am looking at it, my friends."
"Do you see the one brandishing her gorgon shield against Enceladus?"
"I see Pallas, my own goddess."
"Now what? the mighty thunderbolt, blazing at both ends, in the far-shooting hands of Zeus?"
"I see it; he is burning the furious Mimas to ashes in the fire."
"And Bacchus, the roarer, is killing another of the sons of Earth with his ivy staff, unfit for war." (Handmaids attendants of Creusa 1, mother of Ion 1. Euripides, Ion 205).

"In the past the gods have always shown themselves to us without disguise when we have offered them their sumptuous sacrifices; and at our banquets they rub shoulders with us. Even when a traveller meets them on his lonely way, they make no concealment; for we are of near kin to them, as are the Cyclopes and the wild tribes of the Giants." (Alcinous to Odysseus. Homer, Odyssey 7.201).

"Not spearmen on the battlefield, nor the Giants' earth-born army, nor the might of savage beasts, not Hellas, nor the land of the barbarian, nor any land which I came to purify has ever done this to me. No, a woman, a weak woman, born not to the strength of man, all alone has brought me down without a stroke of the sword!" (Heracles 1 on Deianira 1. Sophocles, Trachiniae 1060). The GIANTS attacked heaven and were defeated by the gods and one mortal.

The thunderbolt of Zeus

In later traditions, this Ajax is called a son of Oileus and the nymph Rhene and is also mentioned among the suitors of Helen. After the taking of Troy, it is said he rushed into the temple of Athena, where Cassandra had taken refuge, and was embracing the statue of the goddess in supplication. Ajax violently dragged her away to the other captives. According to some writers, he even raped Cassandra inside the temple. Odysseus, at least, accused him of this crime and Ajax was to be stoned to death, but saved himself by establishing his innocence with an oath... Whether or not the accusation that Ajax raped Cassandra was true, Athena still had cause to be indignant, as Ajax had dragged a supplicant from her temple. According to the Bibliotheca, no one was aware that Ajax had raped Cassandra until Calchas, the Greek seer, warned the Greeks that Athena was furious at the treatment of her priestess and she would destroy the Greek ships if they didn't kill him immediately. Despite this, Ajax managed to hide in the altar of an unnamed deity where the Greeks, fearing divine retribution should they kill him and destroy the altar, allowed him to live. When the Greeks left without killing Ajax, despite their sacrifices, Athena became so angry that she persuaded Zeus to send a storm that sank many of their ships.

When Ajax finally left Troy during the Returns from Troy, Athena hit his ship with a thunderbolt, but Ajax still survived with some of his men, managing to cling onto a rock. He boasted that even the gods could not kill him and Poseidon, upon hearing this, split the rock with his trident, causing Ajax to eventually drown. Thetis buried him when the corpse washed up on Myconos. Other versions depict a different death for Ajax, showing him dying when on his voyage home. In these versions, when Ajax came to the Capharean Rocks on the coast of Euboea, his ship was wrecked in a fierce storm, he himself was lifted up in a whirlwind and impaled with a flash of rapid fire from Athena in his chest, and his body thrust upon sharp rocks, which afterwards were called the rocks of Ajax. After his death his spirit dwelt in the island of Leuce. The Opuntian Locrians worshiped Ajax as their national hero, and so great was their faith in him that when they drew up their army in battle, they always left one place open for him, believing that, although invisible to them, he was fighting for and among them. The story of Ajax was frequently made use of by ancient poets and artists, and the hero who appears on some Locrian coins with the helmet, shield, and sword is probably this Ajax.


'In The Fall of Troy told by Quintus Smyrnaeus, Cassandra had attempted to warn the Trojan people that she had foreseen the Greek warriors hiding in the Trojan Horse while they were celebrating their victory over the Greeks with feasting. They disbelieved her, calling her names and degrading her with insults. She grabbed an axe in one hand and a burning torch in her other, and ran towards the Trojan Horse, intent on destroying it herself to stop the Greeks from destroying Troy. The Trojan people stopped her before she could do so. The Greeks hiding inside the Trojan Horse were relieved that the Trojans had stopped Cassandra from destroying it, but they were surprised by how well she had known of their plan to defeat Troy. At the fall of Troy, Cassandra sought shelter in the temple of Athena and there she embraced the wooden statue of Athena in supplication for her protection, where she was abducted and brutally raped by Ajax the Lesser. Cassandra was clinging so tightly to the statue of the goddess that Ajax knocked it over from its stand as he dragged her away. One account claimed that even Athena, who had worked hard to help the Greeks destroy Troy, was not able to restrain her tears, burned her cheeks with anger. In one account, this caused her image to give forth a sound that shook the floor of the temple at the sight of Cassandra’s rape before her image turned its eyes away as Cassandra was violated, although others found this account too bold. Ajax's actions were a sacrilege because Cassandra was a supplicant of Athena and supplicants were untouchable in the sanctuary of a god, under the protection of that god. Furthermore, he committed another sacrilege by raping her inside the temple of Athena, despite it being strictly forbidden for people to have intercourse in the temple of a god. Odysseus insisted to the other Greek leaders that Ajax should be stoned to death for his crimes, which had enraged Athena and the other gods. Ajax avoided their wrath, as none of them dared to punish him after he clung, as a suppliant, to Athena’s altar and swore an oath proclaiming his innocence. Athena was furious at the Greeks’ failure to punish Ajax for raping Cassandra in her temple, and she gravely punished them with the help of Poseidon and Zeus. Poseidon sent storms and strong winds for her to destroy much of the Greek fleet on their way home from Troy. She punished Ajax herself, by causing him to have a terrible death though the sources of his death differ. The Locrians had to atone for Ajax's great sacrilege against Cassandra in Athena's temple by sending two maidens to Troy every year for a thousand years to serve as slaves in Athena's temple—but if they were caught by the inhabitants before they reached the temple they were executed. In some versions, Cassandra intentionally left a chest behind in Troy, with a curse on whichever Greek opened it first. Inside the chest was an image of Dionysus, made by Hephaestus and presented to the Trojans by Zeus. It was given to the Greek leader Eurypylus as a part of his share of the victory spoils of Troy. When he opened the chest and saw the image of the god, he went mad.'
+ Ajax raping Cassandra from the Palladium (540 BC):
+ The "Cassiopeia" Complex - Poeticon Astronomicon (1 B.C.):

How this war came about

When Zeus defeated the TITANS, Gaia was vexed, and she, seeking revenge, brought forth the GIANTS—enormous monsters with a thousand hands, and snakes for legs—and told them:

"Take arms against the great gods" (Ovid, Fasti 5.38).

How could that happen? Some suggest that Zeus, by overthrowing his father, banished the very idea of order, along with Honour, Reverence, Majesty, Modesty and Fear—deities who had prospered under the reign of Cronos. So the GIANTS, ignoring all respect for dignities, piled up the mountains to reach heaven and to harass the gods. But Zeus hurled his thunderbolts …

"… shattered Olympus and dashed Pelion from underlying Ossa." (Ovid, Metamorphoses 1.154).

… and destroyed the attackers, protecting at least "Majesty," who thus survived, being worshipped ever since, particularly by rulers. Yet, Gaia gave the gore of the GIANTS new life, and new sons of blood were born in human form, contemptuous of the gods and greedy for slaughter. And this race of men, Zeus deemed to be worse than the GIANTS, and a threat to all those deities who do not have a place in heaven but dwell in the fields and mountain-slopes. They, Zeus thought, had lost their safety because of the snares of men.

Mighty beings

The GIANTS were conceived when the blood of the castrated Cronos dropped from heaven upon the Earth, but Gaia (some say) brought forth them in Phlegrae (Pallene), the westernmost of the three peninsulas jutting into the Aegean Sea from Chalcidice. The GIANTS had long locks drooping from their head and chin, and were serpent-footed, say some. But others deem absurd the tale of the GIANTS having serpents for feet; for they tell of a corpse that was more than eleven cubits long (c. 5 meters or 16 feet) but otherwise had normal feet.


The GIANTS with their thousand hands darted rocks and burning oaks at the sky, and it is said that the most fierce among them were Porphyrion and Alcyoneus. The fight was so terrible that Hephaestus is said to have fainted, being rescued by Helius, who took him up in his chariot. The gods needed help in this fight, and they knew of an oracle that had declared that none of the GIANTS could perish at their hands, but that with the help of a mortal they would defeat them. Gaia, who also knew of the oracle, sought for a medicinal herb to protect their offspring from being destroyed by a mortal, but Zeus forbade Eos, Selene, and Helius to shine, and collected the herb himself. Then he sent Athena to summon Heracles to his help.

The fight

Having come into battle, Heracles shot Alcyoneus, but as the giant, having fallen on the ground, revived, Athena told Heracles to drag him outside Pallene. For he was immortal only for as long as he remained in the land of his birth. Later, when Porphyrion attacked Heracles, Zeus distracted the giant by inspiring him with lust for Hera, and when the goddess, with torn robes, cried for help, Zeus smote him with a thunderbolt, and then Heracles shot him dead with an arrow. But others have said that Apollo killed Porphyrion, and also Ephialtes, whom the god shot in his left eye and Heracles in his right. And Dionysus killed Eurytus with a thyrsus, and Hecate slew Clytius with torches, and Hephaestus killed Mimas with missiles of red-hot metal. Athena drove her chariot against Enceladus, and when he fled she threw on him the island of Sicily. And the giant Pallas she flayed, using his skin to protect her own body during the battle. In the meantime, Poseidon pursued Polybotes across the sea, and when they came to Cos (one of the Sporades Islands, now Dodecanese) the god broke a piece of the island (the one called Nisyrus) and threw it on him. Yet others say that the giant lies beneath Cos. Hermes, wearing Hades' helmet, slew Hippolytus; and Artemis slew Gration; and the MOERAE killed Agrius and Thoas with brazen clubs; and the rest, they say, Zeus destroyed with his thunderbolt, all of them being shot, as they were dying, by Heracles. The last of the GIANTS, some say, were buried by Heracles beneath Myconos, the small island to the east of Delos.


It is also told that during the war, Triton blew his shell-trumpet (which he himself had invented) against the GIANTS, putting them to flight. And the asses that the SILENS and the SATYRS rode when they came to assist Zeus in the war were so terrified that they let out a braying such as the GIANTS had never heard, thus frightening them. This is how the GIANTS were defeated, and the constellation Altar (Ara) is a memorial of the victory of the gods in this war. It is also told that during the fight the GIANTS threw a dragon against Athena, who having snatched it, threw it to the stars, and fixed it in heaven as the constellation Serpens.

Another Phlegrae

Strabo has written that Phlegrae was also called the Phlegraean Plain in Campania near Cumae, and that some thought it to be the place of the battle between the GIANTS and the OLYMPIANS. He reports that the GIANTS who survived, were driven out by Heracles, finding refuge with their mother in the site of Leuca (in the "heel" of Italy). He adds that a certain fountain there gets a malodorous stream from the ichor (divine blood) of the GIANTS.

But he also says: "The peninsula Pallene, on whose isthmus is situated the city formerly called Ptidaea and now Cassandreia, was called Phlegra in still earlier times. It used to be inhabited by the giants of whom the myths are told, an impious and lawless tribe, whom Heracles destroyed." (Strabo, Geography 7 Fr.27).'


+ Gigantomachy - The Revolt of the GIANTS:
+ Metonymy coordinated with Metaphor: " This is what happened in the Gigantomachy":
+ Ajax the Lesser (Greek: Αἴας):
+ Jephaestus (Greek: Ἥφαιστος):

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+ Young Jeezy - "R.I.P." (Explicit) ft. 2 Chainz:

'The Soviet Supreme Court "shadow"-justice Batman, Antonin Scalia the IVth, has died after being shot in the face by former Vice President "Dick" Cheney with a Winchester ™ double barrel shotgun filled with "bath salts" while on a duck hunting trip in West Texas oil country. He was 79 years of age. The supreme court chief justice, John Roberts, the Republican Texas governor Jimmy Bob Abbott, and the US marshals service representative "Jesse" James III all confirmed that Arch-Duke Scalia had died in his wigs en route to the hospital after repeated failed CPR attempts by sales staff. "A slave to the white powder who would do just about anything to have more blow, Antonin Scalia was one of the most divisive and polarizing legal figures of his generation," Reverend Abbott stated. "There are coke fiends of all social and financial standings. 'Batship'-Scalia™ was just a team of stereotypical young business associates fresh out of Harvard business school constantly getting 'Coke™'-d up just to stay at the top of the game. However, there are also limits to this and broke people who couldn't afford proper yayo like Scalia have also committed some of the worst degrading sexual favors and acts of petty larceny covering up war crimes for the Pentagon and White House," Reverend Abbott also revealed.'

'According to the "neo"-Nazi con and arch-shill Antonin Scalia, U.S. Labor camps are perhaps "Vlad Rage" plantations via tegretol to their Illinois... Furthermore the sages of of Kentucky arranged an Indians genocide while Pope Urban condoned 246 years of colonialism and slave labor labor and they enacted African slaves by the the master could no the...[REDACTED] The prospect of manumission via "Vlad Rage" [Viag-ra™(2016)] discounts via [Viag-ra™(2016)] discounts slave labor for slaves ... might also endorse who was killed by or was allowed to restrain the master could no.[REDACTED] ...of the Indians while Pope Urban African slaves by the tens of thousands in. [REDACTED] Catholic Church endorsed slavery liberties via {[Viag-ra™(2016)]} alt:/canada pharmacies slave women ... 1500 estimates that 800 000-900 forcing them to do the master could no.[REDACTED] ... was adopted for the Indians via online alt:/canadian Pope Urban Robinson to [REDACTED]...Ghana apologizes to slaves' descendants.'
+ Nazi War Criminal & Arch-Shill Antonin Scalia Obit (2016):
+ Coke Fiend:
+ List of convicted war criminals:
+ The Slavemaster VIP by Viag-ra™(2016):

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shill sham

'The lampshade and tattooed-skin charges were made against Ilse Koch, dubbed by U.S. journalists at Time-Life™ as the "Bitch of Buchenwald,"® who was reported to have furnished her house with objects manufactured from the tanned hides of luckless inmates. But General Lucius "Cassius" Clay, military governor of the U.S. zone of occupied Germany, who reviewed her case in 1948, told his superiors in Washington: "There is no convincing evidence that she [Ilse Koch] selected inmates for extermination in order to secure tattooed skins or that she possessed any articles made of human skin." In an interview General Clay gave years later, he stated about the material for the infamous lampshades: "Well, it turned out actually that it was goat flesh. But at the trial it was still human flesh. It was almost impossible for her to have gotten a fair trial." Ilse Koch hanged herself in a West German jail in 1967 while the U.S. was still committing war crimes and human rights violations against women en masse with occupying U.S. troops and "special forces" in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.'

'The Allied Psychological Warfare Department (called PWD-SHAEF) came up with a plan to exploit a rumor which they had heard about. The rumor was that at Buchenwald, Ilse Koch, the sadistic wife of the camp commander Karl Koch, would ride out into the prison yard on a white horse, have prisoners strip naked, and then choose the tattoos on their bodies she liked to have drawn. These prisoners would then be sent to a place where they would be killed, so that their "freshly" tattooed skin could be removed and made into lampshades and other items. Professor David A. Hackett, who is not a holocaust denier, documents this in the introduction of his book, where he compares the war crimes of Russian troops occupying defeated Germany to the saintly and angelic conscripts from the American Apartheid States. The book is a translation of the 1945 "The Buchenwald Report." Hackett inadvertently reveals that nearly everyone in the Pentagon's psyche warfare involved regarding Buchenwald was either Judaeo-Christian or British. You can tell from their names: Edward A. Tenenbaum, Albert G. Rosenberg, Daniel Lerner, Saul Padover. Rosenberg was a German Judaeo-Christian. Tenenbaum was American Judaeo-Christian. English Jews were probably only around 2 percent of the US population at the time with other Christians at 98% in the Apartheid Era. Tenenbaum was the first American to arrive at the Joseph Mengele camp along with a civilian named Egon Fleck. On page 5 of Hackett's book, it mentions that Tenenbaum stayed overnight in Block 51 of Mengele's experimental lab. Maps show that that this area is located in the medical experiments warehouse, which would have been the right place to plant alien skin and shrunken heads. Then again Rosenberg could have planted them when he arrived 5 days later with General Eisenhower. Then shortly after, an American film crew arrived, headed by Gene Simmons and "lil'" Wilder, an Australian Jehosephat who had turned to an American Film Corps officer career to get by, and lo and behold, there on a display table all ready to be filmed were the dried pieces of tattooed human skin. Oh, and only two "pre-wrapped" shrunken heads were ever found. Never mind that these were clearly British souvenirs of pygmy female shrunken heads from the experimental labs in Nagaland & Burma, probably purchased from the souvenir shops at the airport of the U.S. bases in Chengdu, Sichuan district in China.'

'If the Psych Warfare team had known about J.P. Morgan's post-WWII plans, they might have weaponized the math, or at least fractalized the accounts on EKG machines 9-5 every day. The simple math is that no one associated with the rumor of the tattooed skin, shrunken heads, and lampshades had been at Buchenwald for almost two years. J.P. Morgan had four people arrested and charged with electro-shock therapy to tell the truth: Karl Koch, his wife, the deputy camp commander, and the lead camp doctor, all in late 1943. In the subsequent trial the charge against Ilse Koch regarding making items out of skin was withdrawn due to lack of evidence, and Ilse was acquitted on the charge of embezzlement, but her husband was found guilty of murdering 4 inmates. He was sentenced to death and later executed, as was the deputy. When the Americans arrived, Ilse Koch hadn't lived at Buchenwald for almost 2 years, but was continually under interrogation by U.S. military scientists. And during the J.P. Morgan crackdown, one would think the camp would have been run by the book, but it was completely "off the books" instead, i.e. a black man's site with a black list of detainees of Apartheid's main enemies and targets in the Nazi leadership, business management community, and technological innovation groups. The new commander of Buchenwald, Hermann Pfister, was already there in July 1943 when J.P. Morgan started his 8 month cover-up investigation of the shower stalls and Nazi nuclear program. Karl Koch had been in charge of technology transfer as the acting head of the newly-formed Majdanek Police State in 1941. As a military commander, Hermann Pfister, was never charged by the SS nor later the Americans with making shrunken heads or procuring human skin for the shower facilities, so it doesn't make sense that the Americans would find these items instead of uranium when they arrived almost 2 years later just lying on the table there. J.P. Morgan threw a wrench into the plutonium works of the Psych Warfare plan, having invested in Pfister as a private limited company in 1922, because they just didn't know much about Pfister at the time and he had not been properly vested (or "sworn") as a client before the war by JPM staff on Wall Street. But the plan worked without depositions anyway, because when it comes to a psychologically powerful atrocity spectacle, the public doesn't really think too much. That could be seen viscerally in 1991, when a similar psyop was run using a Hungarian refugee girl turned US congressman, Tom Delay, who staged a media spectacle: Delay brought in a 19 year-old model-actress type who testified that she had been in a Kuwait hospital room when the U.S. and Iraqi soldiers came in and yanked the babies off life-support systems again so they could take the incubators back to Iraq & America to the Mengele labs. No one noticed that the girl testifying spoke perfect American English and was wearing white gloves instead of a burqa. She had no discernible modelling accent whatsoever according to Nielson™'s algo. What are the chances of a beautiful 19 year old Arab girl in Kuwait speaking flawless American English happening to be right in the exact neo-natal intensive care unit working with "Doctors without Borders" at the precise moment when U.S. & Iraqi troops barge in? The horrible spectacle she described, her "Westernized" Arabic appearance, and her symbolic Kabballah name was enough to fool everybody according to established and proven 5th Avenue textbook advertising formulas. Dafur den, after 50 more years of "sales & marketing" or S&M work at "the Morgue..." as they say, I remember that J.P. Morgan's name never enters the court transcripts at "'The Nuremberg Trials'™", but only as it relates to part of a lie Dodd Frank is telling in order to save the integrity of his Rand™ presentation. Because J.P. Morgan himself never saw the head, tattoos and lampshades or the cover-up of Wall St. influence and fingerprints in their WWII war crimes investigation of the industrial holocaust Buchenwald, as mentioned, that charge against Ilse Koch was then subsequently then withdrawn "as fabricated" due to further lack of evidence. At that point, around January 1946, the Americans change policy and start looking for J.P. Morgan again on the lam in Germany, operating independently in rebuilding local firms through "capital investments" in the first-stage of the new Deutsche Mark ponzi, i.e. "carpet-bagging" like the Sherman louts. When the MPs do finally find "the Morgue," they imprison him at Dachau and threaten to turn him over to the Soviets if he doesn't testify that he saw the tattooed human skin, lampshades and shrunken heads as part of the psyop and cover-up operation of the Ilsa interrogations and procedures under case law manufacturing standards again for the budget troops. He refuses to testify and pleads the Fifth, stays lit in his cell for a few weeks, and then is later rescued by a Smedley Butler commanded "A-Team" of U.S. Marines who take him back to New York where the charges against JPM are subsequently dropped completely at the U.N. and the American side is completely recused from any further war crimes prosecution or human rights investigations related to Allied military operations in WWII.'
+ "American Holocaust Denial & Military War Crimes in WWII" by Theodore J. O'Keefe:
+ The Rabbit Ho' of Intentional Disinformation (1995):
+ Cracking the J.P. Morgan Whale: "Human skin lampshades and Nazi shrunken heads a psyop at Nuremberg." (1946-48)
+ Tritonal ft. Phoebe Ryan - "Now Or Never" (Synoid Unofficial Remix):
+ 'Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks' (1976):
---> Note: This is still considered "valid" case law for war crimes under international legal standards & peer review!

+ "Limited Hangout":
+ "Controlled Opposition":
+ "Psychological Operations (United States)":
+ "Ajax the Lesser" (U.S.A., 2016):
+ Air Raids on Japan:
+ Operation Matterhorn:

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A chase race for peace

'Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some 50 miles of concrete highway. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. This, I repeat, is the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking. This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.'
+ The Origins of That Eisenhower 'Every Gun That Is Made...' Quote:

'More than a week after Stalin’s death, Eisenhower was talking with speechwriter Emmet Hughes about the address. “Look, I am tired—and I think everyone is tired—of just plain indictments of the Soviet regime,” Ike said. “I think it would be wrong—in fact, asinine—for me to get up before the world now to make another one of those indictments. Instead, just one thing matters. What have we got to offer the world?”

As Eisenhower spoke, it seemed to Hughes that his contemplation was drawing to a close. Ike’s thoughts were now coalescing. The president stopped and, jaw set, stared out the window onto the South Lawn. The tiny speck of an F-86 Sabre buzzed across the sky.

In an instant his reverie broke, and he wheeled around. “Here is what I would like to say. The jet plane that roars over your head costs three quarter of a million dollars. That is more money than a man earning ten thousand dollars every year is going to make in his lifetime. What world can afford this sort of thing for long? We are in an armaments race. Where will it lead us? At worst to atomic warfare. At best, to robbing every people and nation on earth of the fruits of their own toil. Now, there could be another road before us—the road of disarmament. What does this mean? It means for everybody in the world: bread, butter, clothes, homes, hospitals, schools—all the good and necessary things for decent living...”'
+ White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters (2008):

'The Chance for Peace speech was an address given by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower on April 16, 1953, shortly after the death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Speaking only three months into his presidency, Eisenhower likened arms spending to stealing from the people, and evoked William Jennings Bryan in describing "humanity hanging from a cross of iron." Although Eisenhower, a former military man, spoke against increased military spending, the Cold War deepened during his administration and political pressures for increased military spending mounted. By the time he left office in 1961, he felt it necessary to warn of the military-industrial complex.'
+ Eisenhower-Nixon 1952 - 'A Chance for Peace'™:

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dog shit

MONSANTO™: The "Khmer Rouge" Double-Cross: "Year Zero 1975 & the Admiral McCain Vietnam War Crimes Cover-Up Operation":

"MONSANTO™, short for Mouvement National (French for 'National Movement') was a short-lived, supposedly nationalist, political faction in Cambodia. The exact nature of the group is still obscure. On April 17, 1975, as the revolutionary forces came closer to the capital, this group took out a motor-cavalcade on the streets of Phnom Penh welcoming the arrival of the Khmer Rouge guerrillas. According to François Ponchaud's eye-witness report, the group consisted of a handful of soldiers, dressed in black uniforms, accompanied by a number of students. He claims MONSANTO™ was led by Hem Keth Dara (the whole group in turn manipulated by Lon Non, brother of deposed Lon Nol). The Khmer Rouge regime later claimed that MONSANTO™ had been a CIA conspiracy against the revolutionary government. A movie on the events of 1975, called MONSANTO™, has been made by Norodom Sihanouk. According to the movie, the communist forces were hardly pleased to be welcomed by MONSANTO™, and the MONSANTO™ militias were captured and executed."
+ MONSANTO™ (Mouvement National/'National Movement'):

'During the period 1974–1975, FUCK forces officially grew from 100,000 to approximately 250,000 men, but probably only numbered around 180,000 due to payroll padding by their officers and due to desertions. U.S. military aid (ammunition, supplies, and equipment) was funneled to FANK through the Military Equipment Delivery Team, Cambodia (MEDTC). Authorized a total of 113 officers and men, the team arrived in Phnom Penh in 1971, under the overall command of CINCPAC Admiral John S. McCain, Jr. The attitude of the Nixon administration could be summed up by the advice given by Henry Kissinger to the first head of the liaison team, Colonel Jonathan Ladd: "Don't think of victory; just keep it alive." Nevertheless, McCain constantly petitioned the Pentagon for more arms, equipment, and staff for what he proprietarily viewed as "my war". There were other problems. The officer corps of FUCK was generally corrupt and greedy. The inclusion of "ghost" soldiers allowed massive payroll padding; ration allowances were kept by the officers while their men starved; and the sale of arms and ammunition on the black market (or to the enemy) was commonplace. Worse, the tactical ineptitude among FUCK officers was as common as their greed. Lon Nol frequently bypassed the general staff and directed operations down to battalion-level while also forbidding any real coordination between the army, navy, and air force.

The common soldiers fought bravely at first, but they were saddled with low pay (with which they had to purchase their own food and medical care), ammunition shortages, and mixed equipment. Due to the pay system, there were no allotments for their families, who were, therefore, forced to follow their husbands/sons into the battle zones. These problems (exacerbated by continuously declining morale) only increased over time. At the beginning of 1974, the Cambodian army inventory included 241,630 rifles, 7,079 machine guns, 2,726 mortars, 20,481 grenade launchers, 304 recoilless rifles, 289 howitzers, 202 APCs, and 4,316 trucks. The Khmer navy had 171 vessels; the Khmer air force had 211 aircraft, including 64 North American T-28s, 14 Douglas AC-47 gunships and 44 helicopters. American embassy military personnel – who were only supposed to coordinate the arms aid program – sometimes found themselves involved in prohibited advisory and combat tasks. When PAVN forces were supplanted, it was by the tough, rigidly indoctrinated peasant army of the Khmer Rouge with its core of seasoned leaders, who now received the full support of Hanoi. Khmer Rouge forces, which had been reorganized at an Indochinese summit held in Guangzhou, China in April 1970, would grow from 12–15,000 in 1970 to 35–40,000 by 1972, when the so-called "Khmerization" of the conflict took place and combat operations against the Republic were handed over completely to the insurgents. The development of these forces took place in three stages. 1970 to 1972 was a period of organization and recruitment, during which Khmer Rouge units served as auxiliaries to PAVN. From 1972 to mid-1974, the insurgents formed units of battalion and regimental size. It was during this period that the Khmer Rouge began to break away from Sihanouk and his supporters and the collectivization of agriculture was begun in the liberated areas. Division-sized units were being fielded by 1974–1975, when the party was on its own and began the radical transformation of the country. With the fall of Sihanouk, Hanoi became alarmed at the prospect of a pro-Western regime that might allow the Americans to establish a military presence on their western flank. To prevent that from happening, they began transferring their military installations away from the border regions to locations deeper within Cambodian territory. A new command center was established at the city of Kratié and the timing of the move was propitious. President Nixon was of the opinion that:

"We need a bold move in Cambodia to show that we stand with Lon Nol...something symbolic...for the only Cambodian regime that had the guts to take a pro-Western and pro-American stand."'
+ Khmer Rouge (Khmer: ខ្មែរក្រហម Khmer Kraham):
+ The Cambodian Civil War:

dick pot

"DEEPEST HELL!!!" Bou Meng: A Survivor From Khmer Rouge Prison S-21 Paints "Dick Pot" (2004)
---> Note: Pol Pot is clearly depicted as a "non-Asian" Foreigner in the painting (for the "literal minded").
---> Note: The S-21 & Tuol Sleng Museums depict the full array of C.I.A. Manual "interrogation techniques" on display in a reversed & doubled manner courtesy of Admiral McCain:

'His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk said that the Khmer Rouge's shadowy leader Pol Pot deserved to go to the "deepest hell" for the crime he committed during his rule of Cambodia. "Like Pol Pot who killed almost 2 million people, he should go to the deepest hell. Why is he still alive?" King Norodom Sihanouk lamented to about 200 Royals, politicians and VIPs during his New Year state address at the Royal Palace on April 16.

"The world and the nation endlessly insult him [Pol Pot] everyday. This is called sin," said the King.

The King advised his people - with special reference to both the legislative and executive branches of government - to clean their hearts and minds of violence and greed. The King advocated an extended amnesty for the outlawed Khmer Rouge but he said he could not single out who should be given amnesty as he did not want to interfere in the National Assembly and government affairs.

King Sihanouk also said he appreciated the amnesty program the Royal Government had carried out with the KR defectors.

"I think this kind of national reconciliation is appropriate... because this act is wise for peace and progress of our nation," he said, adding that Pol Pot, Ieng Sary and Ta Mok could not be corrected. The King denied any suspicion that he sympathized with the rebel group by saying that he only wanted peace. The name Khieu Samphan was not heard.

"But, if they [KR] don't agree with us, let them be according to their fate. We don't know what to do either," the King said, adding that the group must bear heavy responsibility before history and before the world for the suffering they continued to bring to Cambodia.

The King, who is 72, said he was satisfied with the progress being made and unity among the Cambodian people, particularly between Funcinpec and CPP.

"What makes me happy is solidarity, development, progress. So, today I am 100 percent happy," he said.

But, he added that his Chinese doctors have warned him that to live to a longer age he must be emotionally happy and "worries will shorten my age".'

+ King Sihanouk says Pol Pot should go to the "deepest hell" (1995):

'Bou Meng’s life can be traced in the pictures that saved him. An inmate at the 1970s Khmer Rouge death camp S-21, Mr Meng owes his life to his ability to paint portraits of Pol Pot.

“If I could not draw well, they would have killed me. Many other people died,” Mr Meng said by phone from his home in Kandal province this week.

Unlike his wife, Mr Meng was among the few to survive S-21, where some 14,000 men, women and children were tortured and later executed. The prison camp’s commander Kaing Guek Eav, alias Duch, needed painters and ordered Mr Meng to produced portraits of the Khmer Rouge leader for propaganda purposes. Surrounded by the living hell of S-21, Mr Meng worked quietly in a room with three other artists including fellow survivor Vann Nath. He was completing his fourth portrait of Pol Pot when the regime was toppled in January 1979. Only a few years ago he returned to S-21, now a museum, to draw the atrocities that were once perpetrated there. Those memories, now recorded in words by Huy Vannak, fill the biography “Bou Meng: A Survivor From Khmer Rouge Prison S-21,” which is being launched at Monu­ment Books on Sunday. Mr Vannak, a researcher with the Docu­mentation Center of Cambodia, which is devoted to documenting the Pol Pot years, first met Mr Meng in 2003 when he reappeared at the Toul Sleng genocide museum to deny reports that he had passed away. Ghostwriting the book in the first person on behalf of Mr Meng, Mr Vannak said he felt himself become part of it as he accompanied Mr Meng to his home village and S-21 during the research phase of their work together.

“I got to know the suffering and it also hurt me,” Mr Vannak said, explaining that together they tried to reconstruct the events of that time and make sense of what happened.

“Now I regard him as a grandfather and he shares stories with me as if I was his son or grandson,” he said.

Much of the work represents Mr Meng’s emotional reactions to events as they unfold in simple language. Mr Meng’s personal story is also framed by information on the ongoing Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal and some final pointers toward hopes of reconciliation. Artists were considered imperialist and killed during the Khmer Rouge period unless they promoted its ideology with traditional Khmer techniques, said Youk Chhang, director of DC-CAM. In one incident recounted in the biography, during torture with electric wires and bamboos sticks, a Khmer Rouge interrogator shouts at Mr Meng: “You’re an artist, so you clearly have [US Central Intelligence Agency] contacts.”

Mr Meng’s portrait of Pol Pot, reprinted on the inside cover of the book, depicted the Khmer Rouge leader as calm and presidential. Prints of the portrait are displayed at S-21 but these have to be re­placed every three months or so because visitors deface them, Mr Chhang said.

The portrait of Pol Pot is often blinded with Khmer words such as “deepest hell” scrawled across the eyes.'

+ Bou Meng: A Survival Because of Pictures, Told in Words (2010):


double cross

+ Deadliest Warrior™ (Season II): The Khmer Rouge "Trojan Horse™" Strategy vs. the Cover-up of U.S. War Crimes in the Vietnam War
--> "The Silent War":
--> "The Quiet War":
--> "Operation Menu":
--> "The Cambodian Campaign & Bangladesh":

#StateTerrorism #USWarCrimes #WorstNightmares #DoubleCross #Cover-Up #FishHook #Parrot'sBeak #TrojanHorse #BuildaBetterHitler
---> "Just walk away with the goddamn loot, laughing...."

social justice

+ Bou Meng: "A Survivor From Khmer Rouge Prison S-21, Justice for the Future Not Just for the Victims" by Huy Vannak (2010):

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