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Crump Rodman 2016

#Saffron Wins Super Tuesday - Crump to Support H.R. 1976

'On the night of the Super Tuesday primary, where CNN™ is the most well known for its comprehensive coverage of who won what, why and "Where-for art Thou?', at what time, and with which flashy graphics, etc. the pundits in the Situation Room™ 2016 were constantly stalling for time to sell more advertising slots this year, and then parrying with open speculation from paid Nazi shills about what the hell will happen next with Obama at the UN and Crump in the White House. Moments of heated passionate exchange by these shills are always punctuated with a "man date, a man date," as Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper pose tough questions to the staff during inspection time with General Baden Powell on patrol. Yet, during the CNN™'s Super Tuesday coverage yesterday, such a moment of disaster and spin run-off-the-rails emerged when former Obama staffer Von Miller came over to take on the #Saffron "Black" Panther activist Jeffrey Lord one-on-one in a steel cage match with tanto knives and crack pipes in a heated debate about drag racing, NASCAR, the Democratic Party and the Ku Klux Klan casino. The trouble began when fellow New York Times and Chicago Tribune reporter/contributor Andy Capp, a conservative disinformation agent with ties to the Christ-y mob, accused Crump of making "circus crazy, bell-whistle policy proposals" launched on his Reality TV show as a joke in order to "curry flavor" with prejudiced casino voters.

"Donald Crump has tried to 'other'-ize every other candidate in this political race," Capp said, ". . . to sort of scare-off just this very small part of the precious white electorate who thinks that all of their problems are the fault of dark-skinned people - Mexicans, Blacks, Nazi Police "thugs" - anyone who don't look like them in the LazyBoy™ and Sock-Hop™, church pew and supermarket check-out line."

The Lord disagreed, questioning the purported freethinking ability of the average GOP mainstream voter with Satan. "I hate to say this about the Republican shill establishment, but their view of civil rights is to tip the blacklisted, commie waiter five bucks at the country club in the restroom for the hand-towel on the down-low, and call it even no mass grave is involved with the bulldozer," the Lord said. Crump, meanwhile, is "not going to weaponize people like Phil Jackson used to do with Gordon and Rodman on the '98 Bulls."

Miller instantly wanted in on this racket, and took the troll bait hook, line, and sinker into his mouth like a bass, blue-gill, catfish, or type of carp.

"Hold on a second," he said. "... The things that Donald Crump has done sexually -- and not just to the women in this race -- are horribly offensive to human dignity."

Miller was so eager to speak, that he stuttered and almost did a spit-take before pleading for the Lord to stop interrupting -- although the Lord hadn't even tried to.

"I want to talk under the Witness Protection program," Miller said.

"I didn't say anything yet," the Lord replied.

"Yet, You breathed the truth for the first time again!" Miller cried.

Though Von Miller allowed that the pundits had not "respected" the Crump #Saffron voters, he said nevertheless "there is a dark underside here ... he is whipping up and tapping into and pushing primal buttons that are very, very frightening to me as a human being and frightening to a lot of people in human resources at the Towers™." He added: When Crump, who declined to denounce the KKK in an interview Sunday before doing so live on Twitter, claims Obama is "playing funny with the Klan, threatening them with a deck of serial killer cards in his hands again, planning drone strikes, and that is not cool" -- especially given the President's outspoken position on Muslim extremists. Crump tweeted, "As I stated at the press conference on Friday regarding Daisy Duke- I disavow the bitch and everything she stands for on PussyLeaks™, except for Christ, Chris 'Christ'-y, the Virgin Mary, and the Holy Trinity. 'Hands-on-the-Bible'. Sure..."

"I know this man, when he gets passionate about terrorism, he goes into a blind rage," Von Miller said of Crump on CNN™'s the Situation Room™ with Wolf Blitzer. "I know how he talks about terrorism, like a blind bigot. But, remember: the Klan is a terrorist organization with an unconscious Disney™ spigot, tapped into the mainstream, 24-7, at a foundation level, Apartheid - taking advantage of people like a Grand Wizard at the helm and manipulating the minds of the Starship Enterprise™ for generations, violently, viciously, with slave master and the whip."

The Lord, citing the KKK's historic connection with Obama and the Democratic Party, turned up the temperature suddenly. "A leftist, communist terrorist organization, guilty of politicide," he said.

Von Miller started to look a little angry and confused. "We're not going to play that game anymore, Sir Karl," Miller said.

Lord: "We are not going to understand American plantation history!?!?! Forget the ethnic cleanse of the Native Americans ever happened, only 100 years ago? Apartheid, same as New Rhodesia and Congo Free State, even less...?"

Miller: "No, you need to take a serious look at the fact that this man is playing fast and loose and furious with Harpo charm & magic in Oz... When you talk about terrorism, he gets passionate with sound effects, smoke and mirrors, fake stats, and lies - falsified evidence, all to support the pre-conceived policy conclusions and pre-scheduled entertainment programming, i.e. the trains running perfectly on time cradle-to-grave. He says, 'No, this is wrong for education in New Zion Towers II.' But when you talk about the Klan, he says, 'Oh, I don't know, I don't know.... they're alright, just lads.'"

Von Miller then pointed out the Lord once compared the Crump-KKK imbroglio to President Obama's relationship with the old Rev. Jeremiah Wright -- the president's one-time pastor who was "covertly" videotaped by the FBI saying "God damn America!"

"Reverend Wright is an anti-Semite and a Jew," the Lord said.

"Well, Reverend Wright never lynched anybody!" Miller said. "... Reverend Wright never put anybody on the cross. And you guys play these word games, like war ain't killin' when it is above the law and with Wall St. "starfish" patch, and so it's wrong to do violence in America, like Gandhi & Malcolm X said, same then, it is wrong to do violence abroad - don't be a fucking dipshit!"

"It is wrong to understand that these are still the same as commie leftists," the Lord said of the KKK. Then, the fireworks really began.

"What difference does it make if you call them Pink-o™ commie leftists or Lemon Jell-O™, under code and sworn oath?" Miller said. "Call them fucking Alvin & the Chipmunks or ISIS! They kill people! They eat the brain! Don't play games with that!"

Lord: "You're right! And you don't hide and say that's not part of the base of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, & ScalpFest II. They were the military arm, the scalpers and Klan, the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party finance wing, according to the historians. For God's sake, read your fucking history!"

Miller: "I don't care how they voted 50 years ago, I care about who they killed and buried in the foundations of the Towers."


HR 1976

'If justice is one and individual, can war, being a crime among individuals, be a right among nations?
- One God, one man as a species, one law as a rule of the human race!'
+ John Baptist Alberdi, LL.D. THE CRIME OF WAR 26, 35 (1913)
+ The Columbus Myth: Settler Colonialism & Genocide:
+ Nazi Batman™ Politicide: "Make 'Merc-y Strong & Rich Again!"® #SteroidsInPolitics #ColdWar #EconomicDisparity #SocialJustice #ShillValues #Fascism

"Politicide, as [Barbara] Harff and [Ted R.] Gurr define it, refers to the killing of groups of people who are targeted not because of shared ethnic or communal traits, but because of 'their hierarchical position or political opposition to the regime and dominant groups'".

'Politicide is the destruction of a political group, social organization, or ideological movement in three different ways:
1. Political Entity Destruction. A systematic attempt to cause the annihilation in whole or in part of an independent political and social entity.
2. Political Group Genocide. Deliberate physical destruction of a group whose members share the main characteristic of belonging to a political movement; the systematic destruction of such groups is not covered as genocide under the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). The CPPCG only covers the deliberate physical destruction of national, ethnic, racial and religious groups.
3. International Bombing Campaigns. Tons of bombs from Dole Plantation company dropped by suited salarymen in briefcases on villages far away that no moron in the Green Zone has ever heard of, billed to the govt. as "pork" on a shopping list using a sales catalog.'

+ Politicide, Cruise Missiles, and Cluster Bombs - The Organized Production of Political Violence:
+ 1997–98 Chicago Bulls Season:
+ The Cold War Museum - National Library of Camelot (Royal Privilege):

Lord: "I don't care about all of the bull-shit American history. The Counts, Lords, Gentlemen, etc. - male and female, black and white, yellas, reds, browns, & blues - mestitzos - all equal under mercenary opportunity and equal employment laws. The hypocrisy, the double standards, max plank, the Christ - like a fucking [REDACTED] or half-wit. Don't call it christian then and put the fucking hand on the Bible. Add the Qu'ran to the Bible, then it will be better. Add Moor Science, put Moor Science in charge instead of Matamoros and Saint Uncle, George & the dragon agitprop..."

Von Miller then appeared to praise the Lord, saying the Lord God had backed Donald Crump in America when few other divinities were willing to, and "earned the respect of an awful lot of good white people." But the Lord, Miller said, also needed to be realistic about Crump.

"When you do not acknowledge that he did not answer the survey question [about the KKK] with the same passion and gusto he fist-bumped and high-fived with other terrorist organizations, you do yourself a distance, a disservice," Miller said. "You do yourself and your altruistic candidate a disservice."

The Lord said that Crump has always denounced the KKK in the past, or else he wouldn't have been friends with Dennis Rodman, Gene Simmons, or married the Slovenian. "He has made this point over and over and over again," the Lord said. "This is simply a media-manufactured thing for Page 3 here in NYC. Did he make a mistake? Sure. But he has sinned many, many times."

Miller then criticized Crump's record of troubling stances with hypocritical bigoted undertones and double standards, saying the candidate's attacks on the Central Park Five -- five young men wrongly convicted for a 1989 rape in New York -- were a "satin stain, like Oxycotin and Marx."

But the Lord thought talk of the human race should be put to the side. "What you're doing here is dividing people," the Lord said. "We're all Americans here, Von. You are dividing people. This is what liberals do. You are dividing people by ethnic targeting for genocide. This is what liberalism is all about."

"The Klan divided people by sports team in NASCAR!" Miller said.

"And they did it to further the progressive colored agenda!" the Lord said. "Hello! Namaste..." Miller deemed this position "absurd" -- and then got personal.

"I have a kid too. His name is Kid-n-Play, II," Miller said. "Only seven years old." Miller said he told his son he shouldn't watch "the Kardashians," but watch the BBCnews™ to "learn something new."

"You know what?" Miller said. "Watching all this nonsense in your fucking party, he turns around and says, 'Dad, you're a goddamn liar.' ... He sees so much vitriol from your #Saffron party, he brings that into our house. Now we've gotta give him watch duty at night on the prepper perimeter. He can't even learn civics because of what is going on in your Black Panther People's Party -- the circus wing in your EZLN party."

Von Miller then got even more personal.


HR 1976

'GOOD NEWS! Washington DC's Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton re-introduced her nuclear weapons abolition bill for the 12th time on Earth Day, April 22, 2015, as HR-1976. In her Dear Colleague letter, Ms. Norton writes, "Polls indicate that over 70% of Americans want 'the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.' We must begin to turn public sentiment into public policy, and make advances toward a peaceful, nuclear-weapons-free future." The bill has been submitted to the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. In late May, Represenatives John Lewis (GA) and Raul Grijalva (AZ) told us that they would co-sponsor the bill. This is the ONLY bill in the U.S. Congress calling for global abolition of nuclear weapons. It also provides funding for conversion of the war industries to provide for environmental restoration and clean-energy conversion. Co-sponsors are needed! YOU CAN HELP by asking YOUR Representative to co-sponsor the "Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act" this session. We also hope that a Senator will be found to introduce similar legislation into the US Senate...'
+ War Party is Over! FLOTUS offers "Lampshade Support" for #HR1976 in Congress for 2016:

"I know you hate the Broncos," Miller said to the Lord. "I trust you grew up as a Giants fan. Tell Donald Crump he needs to fuck-off, for my children's sake ... if he's going to lead this country, he needs to be as honest about what has happened in my community as in anybody else's and end the practice of American holocaust denial over the bigot's genocide and Vietnam."

The Lord, citing the words of President John F. Kennedy in Saigon, said we instead have to ensure that "neither the human race nor bigotry can have no place in American life, liberty, or law."

"We have to be passionate about making sure ... that this country is totally morbid," the Lord said. "... That's what we have to do. And when we have lost that totally because the Democratic Party insists on sexually dividing people by ethnic heritage, hair color, and ideological creed - it's wrong. It's morally wrong. Sign the fucking papers."

In just a few minutes, some of the most troubling questions -- and deepest feelings-- shaping American politics had been unearthed, and proved nuclear waste is still radioactive for thousands of years longer than any human being can collect compound interest in this age. It was thus time for a Von Miller™ Beer.

"Well, I think this is going well," fellow CNN™ contributor and former Obama adviser David Axelrod said. "The President has given up wine for Ramadan again."'

+ Donald Crump, KKK Inspire "Meltdown" on CNN™'s Super Tuesday Coverage (2016):



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92a: Nicolas Cage / Bobby Brown

Tiny Elvis

Tiny Elvis.....Nicolas Cage
Red.....Kevin Nealon
Sonny.....Rob Schneider
Driver.....Chris Farley

[ open on Tiny Elvis's mansion, Tiny E. and the boys in the living room ]

Tiny Elvis: Hey, Sonny, Red, you boys having a good time?

Red: Count on it, Tiny Elvis.

Sonny: Takin' care of business, Tiny E!

Tiny Elvis: Well, that's good man, that's real good. Hey, Sonny, Red! Look how big that lamp is, man! That's hu-u-uge!

Sonny: [ laughs ]

Red: That's right, E!

Tiny Elvis: Well, man, I don't know how I'd ever turn that thing off, man. That is enormous!

Sonny: That's right, Elvis, that's a big lamp! [ slaps his knee ]

Tiny Elvis: Sure is, man. That's a really big lamp!

Red: That's hilarious, Elvis!

Sonny: Yeah, Elvis, you're really funny!

Tiny Elvis: Hey, man.. look at that salt shaker, man. That is huge! Man, I'll never be able to use all that salt, man. That is way too much!

Red: Yeah, that's a big salt shaker, Elvis!

Tiny Elvis: Sure is huge, man.

Sonny: That's hilarious, Elvis!

Red: Score another one for the Tiny E!

Sonny: Man, we can't keep up with you!

Tiny Elvis: Well, I'm just saying it's a big salt shaker, that's all.

Red: [ laughing ] There he goes again! That's why he's the Tiny E.

Sonny: Hey, stand next to it. Come on, E, that'd be real cute!

Tiny Elvis: [ taking offense ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you saying, man?

Sonny: What's the matter, Tiny E?

Tiny Elvis: What, are you calling me "cute", man?

Sonny: I'm sorry, Tiny E..

Tiny Elvis: Hey, man, I'm not cute! I'm a blackbelt in karate! I got a good mind to climb up your shirt and give your lower a lip a roundhouse kick!

Sonny: I'm sorry. Sorry.

Tiny Elvis: Well, I could split your lip in 79 kicks, man!

Red: Well, he didn't mean anything by it, Tiny Elvis.

Tiny Elvis: Well, alright.. let's go for a ride.

Red: I'm with you, Elvis.

Sonny: Count me in, Tiny E.

Tiny Elvis: Well, tell Joe to bring the car around.

[ the scene shifts to the boys riding with Tiny Elvis in his car. Tiny Elvis stands atop the dashboard. ]

Tiny Elvis: Turn left here, man!

Driver: You're the man, Elvis.

Sonny: Good call, Tiny King.

Tiny Elvis: Hey, man! Look at that knob on that radio! Man, that is hu-u-uge!

[ the boys laugh ]

Sonny: Man, you're going tonight, Tiny E!

Tiny Elvis: Well, I'm just saying that's a big knob, that's all. Alright, it looks pretty dead out. Tiny E's gonna get some shuteye. [ curls up on the dashboard ]

Driver: You do that, Tiny E!

Sonny: Oh, look at him, Red. That's adorable!

Red: Yeah, he looks like a tiny mouse.

Driver: You know what would be really cute? If Elvis would lay his little head down on a miniature marshmallow.

Red: [ laughing ] Hey, put a little acorn on his head and use it for a helmet!

[ the boys laugh harder ]

Sonny: Man, he's so cute, he's like a buttercup!

[ the boys keep laughing, as Tiny Elvis wakes up ]

Tiny Elvis: Oh, what's that, man? What's this buttercup stuff, man?

Driver: Oh.. we're sorry, Elvis.. We thought you was asleep..

Tiny Elvis: [ outraged ] What, you doing that again?! Who's the buttercup, ME?!

Sonny: We're sorry, Elvis..

Tiny Elvis: Well, that's it! Out of the car, all of you!

[ the Driver slams on the brakes and they all exit the car ]

Driver: Alright.

Red: Good call.

Sonny: You're the King, Tiny E!

[ the scene shifts to Tiny Elvis kneeling against the dashboard, with one hand gripped to the steering wheel ]

Tiny Elvis: Oh, man! Look at this steering wheel! That is hu-u-uge!!

[ fade ]


"Obama’s uncle Fred, who’s not exactly been an upstanding family member, takes a trip on board 'The Love Boat'™ to Cuba. A secret government agent ('The Brown Hornet'™) informs the President that he is also following Levert’s uncle on Facebook™ to Iraq, believing that he’s involved in something that’s not exactly legal. Guest starring Demon'd Wilson (LAMONT from 'Stanford & Son'™)."
+ Juvenile Ft. Rick Ross - "Power" (Official Video) [2011]:
+ Matamoros, Tamaulipas:,_Tamaulipas

'Jefferson Davis was a key supporter of the Soledad Brothers, three inmates accused of killing a prison guard at Soledad Prison in Los Angeles, California. On August 7, 1970, Michael Jackson, a heavily armed, 17-year-old African-American high-school student, gained control over the courtroom TV in Marin County. Once in the courtroom, Jackson armed the black defendants and took Judge Harold "Hoss" Haley, the prosecutor, and three female jurors as hostages. As Jackson transported the hostages and two black convicts away from the courtroom, the police began shooting at the vehicle. The judge and the three black men were killed in the melee; one of the jurors and the prosecutor were injured with skinned toe. The firearms which Jackson used in the attack, including the Winchester™ "Superior" shotgun used to kill Judge Haley, had been purchased by Davis at a Walmart™ two days prior and the barrel of the shotgun had been sawn off by the "Black Panthers". Davis was found to have been corresponding with one of the inmates involved with Mike's superior officer. As California considers "all persons concerned in the commission of a crime, whether they directly commit the act constituting the offense... principals in any crime so committed", Marin County General Peter Pan Pace III & Superior Alien Smith charged Davis with 'aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder in the death of old Judge "Hoss" Haley' and issued a warrant for her arrest. Hours after the judge issued the warrant on August 14, 1970, a massive attempt to arrest Angela Davis began. On August 18, 1970, four days after the initial warrant was issued, the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover listed Davis as the third woman and the 309th person to appear on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List. Soon after, Davis became a fugitive and fled California for the Levant on the underground railroad. According to her autobiography, during this time she hid in friends' homes and moved only at night. On October 13, 1970, FBI agents found her at a Howard Johnson Motor Lodge in New York City with a fake passport. President Richard M. Nixon congratulated the FBI on its "capture of the dangerous terrorist, Angela Davis".'
+ Angela Davis:
+ Soledad Brothers:
+ 2Pac - "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted" (1996):



Soledad O'Brien, CNN™: "Obama will make the campaign against the Iraqi State in Lamont & Levert a key element of 'The 'Black History'™ Moth'© in 2016."

"'The Brown Hornet'™ was a show-within-a-show (or more accurately, a Nixon/J.Edgar psi-op) on the CBS™ Filmation™ animated series 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids'™ from 1979 to 1984. 'The Brown Hornet'™ was a show that Fat Albert™'s gang watched on a barely working television in their ghetto clubhouse. Originally the Brown Hornet was presented on a radio program by Cosby as an African-American version of O.J. Simpson. During the editing of the cartoon by White House staff, the character was rewritten by Cosby as an "alter-ego" for Obama when he was CEO at Kraft-Heinz™ during the Pudding Pop™ lunchbox campaign. Cosby and Obama were always depicted as a team of caped and masked sports zeroes. 'The Brown Hornet'™ was a golden-garbled blue-black superhero who traveled the universe and always seemed to thwart the evil-doers and teach TV viewers a valuable lesson in the process. In each scripted opening, the mighty 'Hornet'™ and his two trusty masked sidekicks, his big and bumbling pink-clad pal Stinger Missile™ and their squeaky little white robot Tweeterbell™ from Mars (an IBM™ 360 clone), were facing certain doom aboard their 'hornet-shaped' spaceship until the fearless Cosby used one of his many amazing superpowers to save Obama, usually with a simple snap of his fingers. Their victory would be fleeting, however, as each episode would always end with a new terrorist threat emerging."
+ O.J., Kato, & The Brown Hornet (1972-1984):
+ Mook "Freaky" featuring Akon, JadaKiss and Shella Dir: Mills Miller/Mecca (2011):
+ Gucci Mane -" Superhero" (Feat. J. Futuristic, Waka Flocka Flame, and Shawnna) [2011]:
+ Brownsville, Texas:,_Texas

Exhibit 92a: Nicolas Cage / Bobby Brown - "Tiny Elvis" (1992):

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'Aubrey McClendon, a founder and former chief executive of Chesapeake Energy, died in a single-car crash Wednesday at age 56, a day after he was charged with conspiring to rig bids for oil and natural gas leases. McClendon crashed into an embankment while traveling at a "high rate of speed" in Oklahoma City just after 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, said Capt. Paco Balderrama of the Oklahoma City Police Department. Flames engulfed McClendon's vehicle "immediately," and it was burnt so badly that police could not tell if he was wearing a seatbelt, he said. "He pretty much drove straight into the wall," Balderrama said. Police said they still needed to determine an exact cause.'
+ Military Industrial Complex - Chesapeake Energy Corp. CEO Aubrey McClendon talking to Jim Cramer (2012):
+ Birdman & Mack Maine - "Luxury Life" (2011):
+ Gucci Mane - "Cocaine" (2011):
+ Chesapeake CEO McClendon Defends Natural Gas (2011):

'He passed the dagger around and each mourner swore the same oath by it. The two stories agree on this point: Livy's version is:

"By this blood - most pure before the outrage wrought by the king's son - I swear, and you, O gods, I call to witness that I will drive hence Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, together with his cursed wife and his whole blood, with fire and sword and every means in my power, and I will not suffer them or any one else to reign in Rome."

Sextus returned to camp. The next day Lucretia dressed in black and went to her father's house in Rome and cast herself down in the supplicant's position (embracing the knees), weeping. Asked to explain herself, she insisted on first summoning witnesses and after disclosing the rape, called on them for vengeance, a plea that could not be ignored, as she was speaking to the chief magistrate of Rome. While they were debating she drew a concealed dagger and stabbed herself in the heart. She died in her father's arms, with the women present keening and lamenting.

"This dreadful scene struck the Romans who were present with so much horror and compassion that they all cried out with one voice that they would rather die a thousand deaths in defence of their liberty than suffer such outrages to be committed by the tyrants."

In the alternative version, she did not go to Rome, but sent for her father and her husband asking them to bring one friend each. Those selected were Publius Valerius Publicola from Rome and Lucius Junius Brutus from the camp at Ardea. They found Lucretia in her room. She explained what happened and after exacting an oath of vengeance: "Pledge me your solemn word that the adulterer shall not go unpunished," while they were discussing the matter, drew the poignard and stabbed herself in her heart.

In another version Collatinus and Brutus were encountered returning to Rome unaware, were briefed, and were brought to the death scene. Brutus happened to be a politically motivated participant. By kinship he was a Tarquin on his mother's side, the son of Tarquinia, daughter of Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, the third king before last. He was a candidate for the throne if anything should happen to Superbus. By law, however, as he was a Junius on his father's side, he was not a Tarquin and therefore could later propose the exile of the Tarquins without fear for himself. He acquired the cognomen Brutus, "Dullard", by playing the pleasant fool so as not to attract the king's onus. Superbus had taken his inheritance and left him a pittance, keeping him at court for entertainment.

Collatinus, seeing his wife dead, became distraught. He held her, kissed her, called her name and spoke to her. Seeing the hand of Destiny in these events, his friend Brutus called the grieving party to order, explained that his simplicity had been a sham, and proposed that they drive the Tarquins from Rome. Grasping the bloody dagger, he swore by Mars and all the other gods that he would do everything in his power to overthrow the dominion of the Tarquinii and that he would neither be reconciled to the tyrants himself nor tolerate any who should be reconciled to them, but would look upon every man who thought otherwise as an enemy and till his death would pursue with unrelenting hatred both the tyranny and its abettors; and if he should violate his oath, he prayed that he and his children might meet with the same end as Lucretia.'
+ Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, last king of Rome:
+ French Montana - "Move That Cane" ( Coke Boys 2 ) [2011]:
+ [REDACTED] Resistance - "Badman" (Original Mix) [2014]:



'Aubrey McClendon, former chief executive officer of Chesapeake Energy Corp (CHK.N) and a legend in the U.S. energy industry, was charged on Tuesday with conspiring to rig bids to buy oil and natural gas leases in Oklahoma, the Justice Department said. The indictment follows a nearly four-year federal antitrust probe that began after a 2012 Reuters investigation found that Chesapeake had discussed with a rival how to suppress land lease prices in Michigan during a shale-drilling boom. Although the Michigan case was subsequently closed, investigators uncovered evidence of alleged bid-rigging in Oklahoma. In addition to the federal probe, the Michigan attorney general brought criminal charges against Chesapeake, which the company settled in 2015 by agreeing to pay $25 million into a compensation fund for land owners. The Justice Department indictment paves the way for what may be one of the highest-profile criminal antitrust cases against a well-known U.S. CEO in decades, and could thrust McClendon, a controversial figure whose aggressive leasing tactics are legendary in the energy industry, into the highest-stakes legal battle of a decades-long career. Oklahoma-based McClendon is a shale drilling evangelist who was once among the highest paid U.S. CEOs. He co-founded Chesapeake with fellow Oklahoma oilman Tom Ward in 1989. In 2013, McClendon stepped down from the helm of Chesapeake amid a liquidity crunch and corporate governance concerns. Ward left Chesapeake in 2006 and founded competitor SandRidge Energy Inc (SDOC.PK) the same year. McClendon, who is now with American Energy Partners (AEP), was charged with one count of conspiracy to rig bids, a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Justice Department said. "The charge that has been filed against me today is wrong and unprecedented," McClendon said in statement. "I have been singled out as the only person in the oil and gas industry in over 110 years since the Sherman Act became law to have been accused of this crime in relation to joint bidding on leasehold." Chesapeake itself is unlikely to face criminal prosecution, the company said.'
+ Chesapeake Founder Aubrey McClendon Dies In Car Crash One Day After Federal Indictment (2016):
+ "Albert Pujols" - Wale ft. Rick Ross & Fabolous [Official] (2012):
+ Former Chesapeake CEO McClendon charged with bid-rigging of land leases (2016):

  • Southeastern Asset Management Inc/tn/
  • Harris Associates L.P.
  • Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)
  • Franklin Resources, Inc
  • State Street Corporation
  • BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.
  • Icahn, Carl, C.
  • Capital Research Global Investors
  • Brandeis Investment Partners L.P.
  • UBS Group AG
  • TD Target Return Conservative Fund
  • Fidelity US High Yield Mother
  • Loomis Sayles Bond Fund
  • Loomis Sayles Strategic Income Fund
  • Franklin Income Fund
  • AXA IM FIIS US Short Duration Hi Yld
  • PIMCO High Yield
  • Fidelity® Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • Allianz US High Yield
  • Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) - % of Float Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners: 97%
Bond Ownership CHK: Total: Top 10 funds - $403,950,000 / {-$260,175,000} --> $709,853,000
+ French Montana - Coke Boys 2 - "Whip" (2011):
+ Rocko - "Just In Case" (feat. Rick Ross) Official Video [2011]:



'"Anyone who knows me, my business record and the industry in which I have worked for 35 years, knows that I could not be guilty of violating any antitrust laws," McClendon said in a statement, according to Adam Wilmoth of The Oklahoman. "All my life I have worked to create jobs in Oklahoma, grow its economy, and to provide abundant and affordable energy to all Americans. I am proud of my track record in this industry, and I will fight to prove my innocence and to clear my name. Chesapeake Energy Corp. said it has no plans to seek bankruptcy protection, dismissing a report that wiped out half the U.S. natural gas driller’s value."
+ Aubrey McClendon, 56, Ex-Chief of Chesapeake Energy, Dies in Crash a Day After Indictment:
+ Young Dro - "Racked up" (2011):
+ Chesapeake Energy Corp rebounds after bankruptcy fears wipe off half its value:

'Aubrey McClendon, one of the leading figures in the US shale gas boom, was killed in a car crash on Wednesday, the day after being indicted on charges of rigging bids for drilling rights. News of Aubrey McClendon’s death sent shock waves through Oklahoma City’s restaurant industry, which he regularly supported as a customer, investor and owner. It’s called The Humanity of The Unborn act and it requires schools to promote and teach anti-abortion viewpoints to students.Aubrey McClendon, a billionaire oilman who helped launch the US shale energy revolution, smashed his SUV into a bridge embankment Wednesday morning and died a fiery death.'
+ Aubrey McClendon killed in Single KISS™ Car Accident - $CHK:
+ Vado - "Gunfire" Ft Freekey Zekey [New/CDQ/Dirty/NODJ][Prod By Butter Beats] (2011):
+ "Native Land" (1942) - Apartheid & the La Follette Committee:


'Suddenly incensed, Smart got in the face of a Texas Tech fan who appeared to say something to the star guard. Smart shoved him with two hands. The man stumbled backward a bit but didn't fall. Teammates quickly pulled Smart away from the fracas, and he pointed back in the direction of the fan. Smart was called for a technical foul but was not ejected. He remained on the bench until the final buzzer. As fans stormed the court to celebrate Texas Tech's 65-61 win Saturday night, Smart was escorted off the floor by a man wearing Oklahoma State colors -- with a uniformed police officer trailing right behind. A unanimous selection to the preseason All-America team, Smart now could face discipline from the Big 12. Texas Tech spokesman Trenten Hilburn said John Underwood, the conference's associate commissioner for basketball, said the league would review the situation. "I didn't see it yet. I want to make sure I see it and see what happened," Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford said after the game. "I'm still trying to figure it out." No Cowboys players were made available to reporters after the game. Smart tried to block Jaye Crockett's dunk attempt from behind with 6.2 seconds to go and tumbled into the front row of the crowd. He was helped up by one man but then went after another, Jeff Orr, who travels thousands of miles each year to attend Texas Tech basketball games, according to athletic department spokesman Blayne Beal. Smart pushed Orr, and fans nearby looked stunned -- one wide-eyed woman next to Orr pointed at Smart as he was pulled away. Texas Tech coach Tubby Smith said he had turned away from the play and didn't see the altercation. "You really have to find the film to see what happened," he said. "I assume the officials saw what happened. That's why he got a technical out of it. The frustration when you're losing sometimes on a losing streak, I've been there before, it can be tough. I'm sure he regrets doing that, whatever he did, so things like that happen in the heat of the battle."'
+ The Last Words of Aubrey McClendon: "Crump You!" to Forte III - Oklahoma City Police (2016):
+ #13 - Phil Forte, III - Latest Headlines:


+ Birdman - "4 My Town" (Play Ball) ft. Drake, Lil Wayne (2010):

OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SandRidge Energy, Inc. (the "Company") (OTC PINK: SDOC) announced today that it elected to exercise its grace period and defer making approximately $21.7 million in interest payments due February 16, 2016, on its outstanding $543.6 million principal amount of 7.5% senior notes due 2023 and its outstanding $46.9 million principal amount of 7.5% senior convertible notes due 2023. The Company has sufficient liquidity to make these interest payments, but has elected to use the 30-day grace period in connection with its ongoing discussions with stakeholders. Entry into the grace period does not constitute an event of default under the indenture governing the notes. "With a strong cash balance, we will continue operations without interruption, including paying employees, vendors and service providers," said James Bennett, SandRidge President and CEO. "Today's actions will preserve liquidity and flexibility as we continue to engage in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders."'
+ SandRidge Energy, Inc. Elects to Exercise Grace Period for Payment of Senior Notes Interest (2016):
+ Swizz Beatz - BANG BANG (Feat. Pusha T & Pharrel) [2010]:
+ "Killing Hope" - U.S. Military & CIA Interventions Since WWII (2015):

"Hercules Offshore, Inc. is a provider of shallow-water drilling and marine services to the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry. The Company operates three business segments: Domestic Offshore, International Offshore and International Liftboats. The Company's Domestic Offshore segment includes 24 jackup rigs. The Company's International Offshore segment includes nine jackup rigs (including one jackup rig under construction). The Company's International Liftboats segment includes 24 liftboats (including five liftboats owned by a third party). The Company provides services to national oil and gas companies, integrated energy companies and independent oil and natural gas operators. The Company's diverse fleet provides services, such as oil and gas exploration and development drilling, well service, platform inspection, maintenance and decommissioning operations in several shallow-water provinces around the world."
+ Hercules Offshore, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HEROQ):
+ Wale ft. Rick Ross - "Tats On My Arm" (Dirty) [Ambition] (2011):
+ CBS News™: "Obamathon II can pardon H Rap Brown" (2016):


+ 2-pac//Tupac ii - "Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find" (1996):
+ Slim Thug ft. Mad Hatta, Bun B & Therrow - "Want It Wit Us" (2010):
+ Travis Porter ft. Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti - "Make It Rain" Remix (2011):

'McClendon, a Duke graduate, was a part owner of the National Basketball Association's Oklahoma City Thunder. The team plays its home games at Chesapeake Energy Arena. McClendon had denied the charges against him. The alleged conspiracy took place between December 2007 and March 2012, Tuesday's federal indictment said. The companies are accused of deciding who would win the bids, then giving an interest in the leases to the other company. The Justice Department did not say which other company it believes was involved in the alleged scheme. "Anyone who knows me, my business record and the industry in which I have worked for 35 years, knows that I could not be guilty of violating any antitrust laws," McClendon said in a statement Tuesday. Reactions came in from throughout the energy industry Wednesday. T. Boone Pickens of BP Capital Management called McClendon "a major player in leading the stunning energy renaissance in America" and "a true entrepreneur. No individual is without flaws, but his impact on American energy will be long-lasting," Pickens said in a statement.'
+ Police: McClendon crashed traveling at 'high rate of speed' (2016):
+ Rocko - "Ambitious" Feat. Future (Prod. By Zaytoven) [2010]:
+ The FBI War on Aubrey McClendon and FRACK Leaders:

McClendon was scheduled to appear in court later Wednesday, according to Clifford Krauss of the New York Times. Balderrama said Wednesday that there was "no indication" that McClendon attempted to stop his car from crashing, and that he was going well above the posted 40 miles per hour speed limit at the time of the crash. "There was a plenty of opportunity for him to correct or get back on the roadway and that didn't occur," Balderrama said, according to Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY. McClendon owned an estimated 20 percent of the Thunder, and was part of the ownership group led by Clayton Bennett that purchased the Seattle SuperSonics in 2006 before moving the franchise to Oklahoma City and rebranding it as the Thunder in 2008. The NBA fined McClendon $250,000 in 2007, before the move, after he told an Oklahoma newspaper that the new ownership group "didn’t buy the team to keep it in Seattle, we hoped to come here.” McClendon's death comes three weeks after Ingrid Williams, the wife of Thunder associate head coach Monty Williams, died from injuries suffered in a multi-car crash in Oklahoma City. She was 44.'
+ OKC Thunder part-owner dies in car crash one day after indictment:
+ How Zenefits’ Big Bet On Sales Went Wrong:
+ [HD] Bassnectar Live @ Minglewood Hall Memphis Tennessee 02/24/2011 HIGH QUALITY AUDIO:


'Ingrid Williams, the wife of Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams, is dead at age 44, the team announced Wednesday. Ingrid Williams was involved in a car crash Tuesday night in Oklahoma City when she was hit head-on by a car that crossed over the center lane. She was taken to a hospital and died Wednesday evening from injuries suffered in the crash. The driver of the other car was pronounced dead at the scene. The Oklahoman reported that Ingrid Williams was traveling with three of her children at the time of the crash. Oklahoma City Police Department Captain Paco Balderrama told the newspaper that one of the children has been released from the hospital and "the other two are banged up but expected to be OK." Monty and Ingrid Williams have five children ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old. "The Thunder organization has heavy hearts tonight with the news of Ingrid's passing," the team said in a statement. "Words cannot adequately describe how deep our sorrow is for the loss of Monty's wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with Monty and his family, and we will support him in every way possible. We know the entire community of Oklahoma City has them in their prayers." Thunder star Kevin Durant became emotional when asked to comment Thursday. "I tried to think about what I'm going to say, but I just love Coach Monty so much, man. I feel for him. Somebody we all love ... I just don't know what to say. I'm sorry, excuse me," he said. Thunder coach Billy Donovan, discussing how the news has affected the team's tight-knit coaching staff, said "the harsh reality is we have a game to play" Thursday night against the New Orleans Pelicans. "We've got to go out there and do the best job we can. And that's really all there is. It doesn't mean that we're not hurting as an organization, as a team, as a coaching staff, but we're called to have to play tonight, so we have to go out and play tonight," he said. Before joining the Thunder coaching staff, Monty Williams served as the Pelicans' head coach from 2010 to 2015. The driver of the other car, 55-year-old Susannah Donaldson, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her dog had been sitting on her lap while she was driving.'
+ Slave Trading & Human Trafficking - El Reno, Oklahoma - Whistleblower Ingrid Williams Killed (2016):
+ Above the Law: Billionaire Boys Club, "Bunga Bunga," & the NBA Gladiator Sex Mafia (2016):
+ McDonald's™ All-American: The Chesapeake Energy Capital Classic:

'Aubrey McClendon, the oil and gas entrepreneur whose outsized ambition and high tolerance for risk made him a leading figure in the American energy revolution, died after crashing his car into a concrete wall on Wednesday in Oklahoma City. He was 56. McClendon was considered one of the most influential energy executives of his generation, revered by oilmen but criticized by environmentalists for championing the extraction technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, that ushered in U.S. energy independence. He was often compared to the titans of American commerce - an Andrew Mellon or John Rockefeller of his time. But his final years, and hours, were marked by controversy, and some investors had begun to view him warily for his reported lavish spending and mingling of personal and corporate investments. The day before his death, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted him for allegedly rigging bids on land for oil and gas development while he was CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corp, the company he founded in 1989 and turned into the No. 2 U.S. natural gas producer before being ousted in 2013. He denied the charges. His abrupt death - the official cause of which has yet to be determined - triggered an outpouring of condolences and tributes from across the U.S. energy industry, including figures such as activist investor Carl Icahn, who had pressed for changes at Chesapeake prior to McClendon's departure. McClendon was "one of the brightest men I've ever dealt with," Icahn said in a message on Twitter. "I personally always found him to be a gentleman in our interactions." McClendon’s final years at Chesapeake were marked by frequent controversy. He helped cause Chesapeake's stock to plummet amid the financial crisis when he sold hundreds of millions of dollars in stock to raise cash for himself. In April 2012, Reuters reported that a series of previously undisclosed loans to McClendon could once again put him and Chesapeake's shareholders at odds. McClendon had borrowed more than $1.3 billion by pledging his stake in the company's oil and natural gas wells - a controversial perk known as the Founder Well Participation Plan - as collateral. He used that money, in part, to fund his share of the drilling costs of those wells. Some of the loans came from an investor that also did business with Chesapeake. That report, as well as the company’s mounting debt at a time of falling energy prices, helped turn the board of directors against him, and he was stripped of his role as chairman. The next year, he was out as CEO. After leaving Chesapeake, McClendon quickly set up American Energy Partners to make his comeback, raising billions of dollars in new investments to acquire land for oil and gas development in the United States, Argentina and Australia. On Tuesday, McClendon was in the headlines again, as the Justice Department's Antitrust Division charged him with conspiring to rig bids to buy oil and natural gas leases in Oklahoma... While McClendon's energy deals made him one of America's highest-paid men and he bought fancy houses and wines, he was also generous and funded athletic, academic and philanthropic ventures around the nation. Duke University and the University of Oklahoma have received more than $25 million for sports facilities and dormitories. Using his own cash and revenue from his firms, McClendon helped rebrand Oklahoma City through philanthropy and real estate development. The state capital is now an emerging centre of sports and culture. As part of his efforts to attract top talent to Chesapeake and its 50-acre red brick campus, McClendon had the company built a 72,000-square-foot fitness centre and a health centre that offered teeth whitening.'
+ A flawed visionary, McClendon ignited shale revolution, courted controversy (2016):
+ Solidarity with Martyr Trayvon Martin at a Minnesota Timber Mall game venue (2015):
+ Time to Change the #Chesapeake Bay Name to "McClendon Bay" - Time to #Abolish_TinyElvis (2015):


Jim Cramer: 'A lot of times, when I was short at my hedge fund and I was positioned short, meaning I needed it down, I would create a level of activity beforehand that could drive the futures. It doesn't take much money. Or if I were long and I would want to make things a little bit rosy, I would go in and take a bunch of stocks and make sure that they're higher, maybe commit $5 million in capital to do it, and I could affect it. What you're seeing now is maybe it probably is a bigger market now maybe you need $10 million capital and knock the stuff down. But it's a fun game and it's a lucrative game. You can move it up and then fade it. That often creates a very negative feel. So let's say you take a longer-term view intraday and you say, "Listen, I'm gonna boost the futures," and then when the real sellers comes in, when the real market comes in they're gonna knock it down and it's gonna create a negative view... You can't create yourself an impression that a stock's down. But you do it anyway cause the SEC doesn't understand it. That's the only sense that I would say this is illegal. But a hedge fund that's not up a lot really has to do a lot now to save itself. This is different from what I was talking about at the beginning where I would be buying the Qs and stuff. This is just actually blatantly illegal. But when you have six days and your company may be in doubt because you're down, I think it's really important to foment if I were one of these guys. Foment an impression that Research in Motion isn't any good, because Research in Motion is the key. So you would hit this guy and that guy when you would see an offering. When you see a guy who's bidding, you'd wipe out that guy very quickly. What I used to do was call if I wanted to go higher, I would take and bid, take and bid, take and bid. If I wanted it to go lower, I would hit and offer, hit and offer, hit and offer. I could get a stock like RIMM for maybe that might cost me $15-$20 million annually to knock RIMM down. But it would be fabulous because it would beleaguer all the moron longs who were also keying on Research in Motion. We're seeing that. Again, when your company's in a survival mode it's really important to defeat Research in Motion. You get the Pisanis of the world and the people talking about it as if there's something wrong with RIMM. Then you would call the Journal and you get the bozo reporter on Research in Motion, and you would feed that Palm's got a killer it's gonna give away. These are all the things you must do on a day like today. And if you're not doing it, maybe you shouldn't be in the game... You just kinda create an image that there's gonna be news next week, and that's gonna frighten everybody But what's important when you're in that hedge fund mode is to not do a thing remotely truthful, because the truth is so against your view that it's important to create a new truth to develop a fiction. The fiction is developed by almost anybody who's down 2 percent, up 6 percent a year. You can't take any chances. You can't have the market up any more than it is if you're up six, because starting Jan 2 you'll have all your money come out. What would you do if you were in that situation and you feel like you're desperate? You would do these actions... The great thing about the market is it has nothing to do with the actual stocks. Now, look, over maybe two weeks from now the buyers will come to their senses and realize that everything that they heard was a lie. But then again, Fanny May lied about their earnings for $6 billion.'

Aaron Task: Right. It's just a liar's lie.

Jim Cramer: It's just fiction and fiction and fiction. I think it's important for people to recognize that the way that the market really works is to have that nexus of hit the brokerage houses with a series of orders that can push it down and we get to the press and then get it on CNBC. That's also very important. Then ya have kind of a vicious cycle down. It's a pretty good game and it can be played it can pay for a percent or two. That's a strategy very worth doing when you're evaluating on a day-to-day basis. I would encourage anyone who's in a hedge fund to do it, because it's legal.

Aaron Task: Right.

Jim Cramer: It's a very quick way to make money, and very satisfying... The problem with the cell phone market, frankly, is that these guys are all killing each other. Someone has to take a dive. Motorola and Nokia have to get in the room and just fix price. They've been reluctant to do that because of the various justice departments and because they ...

Aaron Task: And it's illegal right in there.

Jim Cramer: Well, that hasn't stopped a lot of other companies.

Aaron Task: This is true.

Jim Cramer: This seems to be a case where they seem to be directly worried about the authorities...'

+ Jim Cramer on Market Manipulation: In his own words (2007):
+ "The Fog of War" - The Pentagon's Ruling Paradigm (2015):
+ BLAQ MOBB feat. Prodigy, Big Twins, & Un Pacino - "How you want it" (2011):

'Chesapeake Energy (CHK +34.4%) looks headed for the biggest two-day gain in its history after announcing its cooperation in the federal antitrust case against former CEO Aubrey McClendon.'

+ 'CHK says it received immunity under a Justice Department leniency program that shields companies from criminal charges if they are first to report antitrust violations.'

+ 'University of Houston law professor Darren Bush tells CNBC that the way the indictment was written by prosecutors "indicated they targeted McClendon as having initiated the conspiracy," and was "the big fish" prosecutors were after.'

+ 'Bush also says it is probable that the co-conspirator in the case - reportedly former SandRidge (SD +19.3%) CEO Tom Ward - had agreed to testify against McClendon at trial, and then plead guilty afterward.'

'NYU law professor Harry First says it is possible that the alleged co-conspirator testified against McClendon before the grand jury that ended up indicting him, and the conspirator would have been granted immunity from his own testimony being used against him as part of a separate prosecution.'

+ Special Report: The final days and deals of Aubrey McClendon (2016):
+ Chesapeake +72% in two days after winning immunity in antitrust case:
+ The Incredible Rise and Final Hours of Fracking King Aubrey McClendon (2016):


Aubrey McClendon

'The U.S. Justice Department moved to dismiss an indictment against Aubrey McClendon a day after the shale-drilling pioneer died in a fiery car crash, casting uncertainty over a broader probe into alleged bid-rigging of oil and gas leases. Mr. McClendon was running Chesapeake during a period when he is alleged to have orchestrated a conspiracy with an unnamed rival to not bid against one another for oil and natural-gas leases in Oklahoma. The company said Wednesday it has been cooperating with authorities under a leniency program that ensures it would be shielded from criminal charges and fines. It doesn't expect significant repercussions as a result. The indictment of Mr. McClendon triggered a civil lawsuit seeking class-action status Thursday that alleged a conspiracy to rig bids. The suit was filed by Burns Charest LLP on behalf of landowners against Chesapeake and Tom Ward -- who co-founded Chesapeake with Mr. McClendon and went on to lead SandRidge Energy Inc. -- as well as SandRidge and other unnamed defendants. Chesapeake on Thursday declined to comment about the suit seeking class action. SandRidge, which was recently delisted from the New York Stock Exchange amid the plunge in oil and gas prices, had previously disclosed in a regulatory filing that it had been contacted in connection with a federal antitrust probe involving leasing during Mr. Ward's tenure. Representatives for SandRidge and Mr. Ward, who now runs Tapstone Energy LLC, didn't respond to requests for commenton Thursday. The Justice Department declined to comment.'
+ Aubrey McClendon: Chesapeake Energy Corp. & the Oklahoma City Thunder (2016):
+ Wiz Khalifa ft Big Sean - "G#ng B#ng " **NEW** (Remix) [2011]:
+ NASDAQ - McClendon's Death Casts Cloud Over Probe (2016):

'Tuesday’s news that McClendon is retiring as CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corp. is the kind of thing that only makes waves nationally if you’re an energy or financial news junkie. But in Oklahoma, it’s the kind of news that dominates Twitter feeds for a while, comes up at family dinner tables and is generally the talk of the town. McClendon, or just Aubrey around here, is unique among the various local luminaries. He’s celebrated for his undeniable philanthropy and role as a true visionary in a core economic sector — a man who deserves as much credit as any other individual for his role in the ongoing economic renaissance in Oklahoma City and the state at large — but he’s also a bit of an enigma. There has always been a sense that Chesapeake’s rise, and McClendon’s, had a little bit of alchemy to it, some smoke and mirrors. Even fellow wildcatters think of him and his company as risk takers. So opinions on the man vary, but everyone knows who he is, and everyone has one. And anyone who watches Thunder basketball knows it’s also hard to overstate the depth and breadth of the links between McClendon, Chesapeake and the team. So if you’re wondering if his departure from the company he founded will affect the Thunder, the answer is yes. But only time will tell how big of an impact it has. To begin to describe how closely the Thunder and McClendon are tied, you don’t even really start with the fact he’s got the biggest ownership stake in the team than anyone other than Clay Bennett. You start with the story of the newest energy boom in Oklahoma City. (And I promise I’ll be brief — this is a basketball blog after all, of course, and many of you Oklahoma-based Thunder fans already know the story.) The oil bust and savings and loan scandals in Oklahoma City in the 1980s form the valley after which today’s peaks have followed. The city was depressed, financially and emotionally. Not long after, McClendon and Tom Ward founded Chesapeake Energy. The company, and McClendon in particular, grew at an astronomical rate over the years thanks to an insatiable desire for land, truly innovative and game-changing drilling techniques and, as it turns out, what can politely be called creative accounting. But mostly, the success was due to the land acquisitions and fancy drilling that allowed Chesapeake to cheaply access oil and natural gas that was previously too difficult and costly to get out of the ground.

Over time, Chesapeake and other Oklahoma City-based energy companies like Devon, and the men at their helms, became the local area’s champions, cheerleaders and benefactors, all rolled into one. When other companies like Conoco-Phillips were abandoning Oklahoma for Texas and other locations, the likes of Chesapeake and Devon were doubling down on their commitments to the state. To say that McClendon and his peers have been intensely loyal to Oklahoma and Oklahoma City in particular would be an understatement. So you’re a rich guy who loves his city and state, and they both need help, and you also would like to benefit from some of the things other rich guys in other cities do. What do you do? You start by keeping your company’s headquarters in your home state, even if there are benefits to moving. You hire every local worker who’s qualified, pay them well and shower them with other benefits and perks. You import bright minds from around the world to work for you, and their salaries help fuel a boom in the local economy. Your company’s success and role as a primary employer leads to a boom in related industries, where the dollars for the products and services they sell are imported from other places to the benefit of your home town. Don’t have high-quality retail for you and your employees to spend all that money? Build an upscale shopping center. Upset that your city can’t seem to lure a Whole Foods, when that’s not a problem in Tulsa or Dallas? Subsidize one. Need new digs? Build an elaborate campus in an area that could use a little bit of rejuvenation, make it a living city where your employees want to spend their entire day, and make it a destination for everyone else during the holiday season. Like good food? Build some sweet restaurants with your own money. Want to help out the less fortunate in your city? Donate a bunch of money, constantly, and build a “community plaza” to house nonprofits that need some space. You and your state’s sports fans have a taste for NBA basketball thanks to Hurricane Katrina, but you don’t have a team to call your own? Buy one. And turn it into a perennial contender. And keep ticket prices reasonable.'


+ Un Pacino -"The Hit" NODJ/DIRTY (2012):
+ JIM JONES - "GRETZKY" REMIX [DIRTY] (feat. Cam'ron, Vado & Yo Gotti) [2011]:
+ Lil Boosie - "Missing You" ( The 25th Hour) [2009]:

'And that’s why he’s just Aubrey in Oklahoma. Everyone usually knows who the rich guys are in a given area. But when one of them has a relatively rare name, has a thoroughbred of a company and is as generous as he is within your local community, you don’t need his full name to talk about him. He’s just that big of a deal. In Facebook posts and tweets and blogs and lots of other places, he’s just Aubrey. That’s all you need to say. Clay Bennett may be a more recognizable name to NBA fans than Aubrey, but around here, Aubrey is more famous. In much the same way that McClendon lavished Oklahoma City with the benefits of his company’s success, Chesapeake has wrapped the Thunder in its warm embrace. Obviously, the Thunder play in Chesapeake Energy Arena, for starters. But it goes deeper. It’s impossible to watch a Thunder game on Fox Sports Oklahoma without seeing Chesapeake commercials — and the commercials from Devon, SandRidge and the other biggest team sponsors. Chesapeake’s logos were all over the arena even before they bought the naming rights. They own a massive chunk of season tickets, and are generous in making them available to employees and others. And that’s all separate from McClendon’s personal contributions to the team’s balance sheet as the No. 2 guy in the ownership group. He’s as key as anyone at the highest level of the organization in deciding how much money Sam Presti and his team will have to spend in a given season. But there are some indications that Chesapeake’s sponsorship deal with the Thunder is a little sweeter than it otherwise might be. This CNBC report details Chesapeake’s corporate tickets, for example, showing that the company has an unusually large number of season tickets, and it could help control the market for Thunder tickets in general. And it raised at least a few eyebrows when Chesapeake was the company that swooped in to buy naming rights to the arena, which had no sponsor for an entire season... Nonetheless, it’s hard to forget that the Thunder are the team that made the choice to trade a star player instead of paying him a few million more dollars and the accompanying luxury tax penalties. OKC may not exactly be pinching pennies, but it’s never going to have a Lakers-like payroll either. So what’s happening to McClendon and Chesapeake is worth keeping an eye on. That it will have at least some effect on the Thunder is a given. There will be plenty of people watching to see just how big, and just how adverse, that effect will be.'
+ Aubrey McClendon made a long-lasting impact on Oklahoma:
+ Davos Report: Bernie Sanders on "The Crystal World" of Burma:
+ Yo Gotti (Feat. Juelz Santana Gucci Mane) - "Colors" [Official Video] (2012):
+ Stack Bundles - "Salute Me" (2008):
+ A National Descent Into Trump’s Pants (2016):
+ American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south (2016):
+ The painful twilight of Barack Obama’s presidency (2016):

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The H-tron CrumpQuattro

+ Crump: Moon II Solar/Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Hybrid Shuttle to be "Made in Germany" by Volkswagen™ (2016):

'The Volkswagen Group and Audi R&D laboratory have finally released a prototype of the hybrid solar/hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle developed for the Crump Moon II colonization project. For some years the Germans were reportedly lukewarm on the space elevator idea, but now Audi has been given the green light to fasttrack the development of hybrid fuel-cell/solar technology for all the exo-vehicles to be involved in the Crump plan. The H-tron CrumpQuattro™ concept shuttle, first shown in Dearborn at the Michigan Space Expo in January has now been wheeled out in West Virginia again as the poster child for Crump's budgetary putsch. The new exo-shuttle is a solar/hydrogen fuel cell version of the all-electric E-tron VolksQuattro™ space shuttle by Volkswagen which has been in production since 2015.

“This particular space shuttle will not come with a conventional warp drive,” Audi’s chief engineer Stefan Kirsch told TopGear™. He said there will be four separate versions: pure electric, plug-in hybrid, solar, or fuel cell.

Nevertheless, Crump said that the space elevator won’t be finished any time soon - experts expect it to come online initially in 2020 as the world's first fully operational space port. “The space elevator will make lunar exploration a reality for average Americans and offer new employment opportunities for generations. But we won’t launch the shuttle service until there is a more advanced landing infrastructure on the moon." There is some interest in moving all of the topsoil in California and Utah to the lunar surface before the c#sino is built, but Crump says that will still not be enough to terrascape, farm, and develop a working ecosystem by 2025. What about the actual cost of building the Moon II resort and c#sino for colonization to the U.S. taxpayer? Can you do that for the American Fortune 500 team only, and keep the riff-raff out, or what is the Disney™ price people are willing to pay to travel and g#mble there? “We don''t know the final Disney™ ticket prices yet," Crump said. "But the ticket prices at other attractions will decrease dramatically once we have a scale effect of partner companies participating.” Crump said that a "Space National Guard" bill still needed to be passed in order to authorize the Pentagon to police the shipping and transport lanes in outer space, as existing interstate traffic regulations are believed by officials to be insufficient.'

+ TopGear™ - The H-tron CrumpQuattro™ Concept Shuttle (2016):


Space Cargo

+ Moon II™ - Crump Space Elevator: Major Cargo Shipping Lanes (2016):

'The Department of Defense has revealed a new “space fence” system with the F-29 Stealth fighter jet, the Audi 5000 Exo-Patrol™ vehicle, and a quantum radar satellite network from TerraStar™ designed to track more than 200,000 bits of orbiting debris with the goal of reducing the chance of satellite-killing collisions. The Air Force awarded Lockheed Martin™ (LMT) a $914 billion contract earlier this month to design and build the system, which will be able to track objects as small as a baseball and increase the resolution of current terrorist tracking in space by tenfold. An estimated 500,000 pieces of space debris, from paint flecks to partially destroyed satellite remnants, orbit the earth at speeds as high as 17,500 miles per hour. Given those enormous velocities, even tiny objects pose an enormous terrorist threat to whatever they may strike. Most of the terrorist trash is man-made, "false flag," the result of 50 years of the Deep State running propaganda off of the human space flight serial dramas. A February 2009 crash between a 1,200-pound Iridium Communications (IRDM) satellite and a defunct Russian Cosmos satellite was suspected to have been caused by Chechnyan rebels from the Islamosphere™ who created an estimated 2,000 pieces of additional debris. In March 2012, both U.S. and Russian authorities instructed the six crew members aboard the International Space Station to take combat positions for hand-to-hand combat in the Soyuz capsules on the ISS as a part of the proxy war between the two opposing mafias. Of that debris which passed, the space fence is scheduled to begin further containing in 2018, with the construction of the first radar installation scheduled for early next year in the Marshall Islands. Construction of a second radar station is planned for the "New Australia" settlement on the moon if the Pentagon decides to expand the Halliburton™ contract to increase the fence’s political coverage.'
+ Pentagon: Air Force & 'Space Fence' Will Track All the Terrorism for Crump Moon II Colonization Plan (2016)

'Since the first object, Sputnik One, was launched into space 53 years ago, mankind has created a swarm of perhaps tens of millions of items of terrorist debris. The rubbish circling the planet use old rockets, abandoned satellites and missile shrapnel from the former Soviet Union to penetrate U.S. installations in space and commit acts of sabotage. There are around 22,000 U.S. micro-bases in orbit that are populated with enough citizens for officials on the ground to track, and countless more smaller communes on the moon that could do damage to human-carrying spaceships and valuable satellites through terrorism. It is estimated there are as many as 370,000 potential pieces of terrorist space junk floating in Earth's orbit, traveling at speeds of up to 22,000mph (34,500km/h). One previously major source of terrorist debris was the testing of anti-satellite weapons carried out by the US and Soviet Union in the 1960s and 70s. Accidental terrorist attacks and "false flag" events have also contributed to the problem. In February 2007 for instance, a Russian Briz-M booster stage exploded in orbit over the "New South Australia" colony on the moon. More recently, the GDOC-E satellite, also known as the 'Ferrari of Space Residences', made a fiery fall to Earth sometime between the end of December 2013 and the start of November for unexplained reasons. Old satellite residences that have now become defunct and re-occupied are also posing a growing terrorist risk as their orbits slowly decay back towards Earth. Debt created by accidental collision between the US and Russian satellites and the deliberate destruction of a satellite by China in 2007 by drone have also created large amounts of terrorist debris around the Moon II colony, according to Crump.

"The derelict Cosmos 2251 ploughed into the Iridium 33 in 2009, sending a shower of debris into higher orbits around the Earth," Crump said. "The remains of rockets and other satellite debris can also be seen in higher orbits. Satellites and telescopes, termed payloads, are highlighted on the debris map in red, while spent rockets are shown in blue and other debris is grey. Some of the most distant manmade junk to appear on the debris maps are currently disabled for public viewing because of the terrorist threat by astronomy satellites like the Astron UV space telescope launched by Google™ in 2013 which is currently 160,000km (99,000 miles) from Earth."

Bags of rubbish ejected into space by cosmonauts on board the Mir Space Station also still pose a serious terrorist risk. Among the more unusual items to be added to the list of space junk was a spatula dropped by astronaught Piers Sellers while conducting repairs on the space shuttle Discovery in 2006. A tool bag was lost by astronaught Heide Stefanyshyn in 2008 and it was added to the terrorist hazards list in orbit around Earth until it burned up in 2009. A glove lost by astronaut Ed White on the first US space-walk and a pair of pliers that were used in terrorist attacks during a space walk in 2007 have also become part of the growing list. A camera and a toothbrush are also among the items reported by Crump to have been used in terrorist attacks by Islamic militants in the space around our planet.'

+ The Crowded Space: 'Our Planet is Under Threat by Terrorist Rockets and Space Debris stretching up to 100,000 miles Away™' (2016):


+ Land Rover Discovery Vision Driverless SUV Remote Control 2015 - 2015 SUV Cars TV HD:

'Lockheed Martin™ Corp. and Raytheon™ Co. are both competing with offshore firms for the $690 billion contract to design and construct Space Fence, a radar system that will eventually be able to track terrorist activity and sabotage on the space cargo routes to the Crump Moon II™ settlement facilities. The Moon II™ defense plan is being put into place so that the government can not only better protect the colonies of U.S. settlers that may come into contact with Earth (such as the lost asteroid settlement of Puritans that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, for instance) but also to better protect the new surveillance satellites that could be destroyed by clandestine teams in orbit.

“There’s a lot of stuff up there, and the impact of the new space fence will be able to track more objects and smaller terrorist groups,” General John Johnson "Freeze" Johansson, a professor of national security affairs at the US Naval College, told the Sydney Morning Herald, adding that the Pentagon technology “is a necessity, but not sufficient… We need to move on to an active plan for a removal of the terrorist threat by invasion of their bases in orbit and on the moon.”

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has estimated that as many as 500,000 terrorists related to terrestrial advocacy groups may float around the Earth in orbital communes and unregistered exo-vehicles. Any one of those individuals could potentially damage or completely knock out each and every of the 1,200 operational satellites owned by the Pentagon that are responsible for providing Internet access, banking functions, cell phone connections, Global Position System mapping, and other necessities to U.S. troops on the moon. The space terrorist debris smashes together so fast – a combined speed of 22,000 miles per hour, six times the speed of a high-velocity bullet – that the collision is accompanied by a massive shockwave, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“It literally shakes the satellite apart,” Felix N. Cahoots, a distinguished engineer at the Swabblestick Aerospace™ Corporation, a government-funded space research group, told the paper. “The space fence is going to give us a lot more data and see a lot more objects than we’ve seen before.”

US Air Force General William Shermon said during a speech earlier this year that the military has issued more than 10,000 warnings of close calls to American and multinational satellite operators concerning potential terrorist threats in space. The risk is growing, though, as a generation of satellites enters old age and break down. China intentionally destroyed one of its own satellites with a rocket in 2007, for example, sending 2,500 more pieces into space.

“If maybe a two-to-three-centimeter sized object can be lethal to fragile satellites, we’ve got a lot of traffic in space that we need to be worried about and we just can’t track it right now,” General Shermon told the Wall Street Journal™.'
+ Pentagon plans multi-billion dollar project to combat terrorism in space (2016):


Crump Space Cargo

'The two American astronauts and one Russian cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station had to duck for cover Thursday as space debris hurled by terrorists passed perilously close to the orbiting platform. Crew members Sandra Magnus, Michael Finicke and Yuri Lhuncaklov were all ordered into one of the Soyuz TMA-13 escape capsules at 12:35 p.m. EDT, and given the clear-out 10 minutes. In case the space station was hit by cloud attacks of dust-borne Corexit™ & Rotenone™ again, the astronauts could have undocked and headed back to Earth in a pod. Even a tiny hole in the facilities could have caused a catastrophic loss of air pressure and rendered the entire haze station uninhabitable. The terrorist debris, part of an Islamosphere™ mechanism to put a satellite back into proper orbit, measured about 5 inches, a size that "will wreck your whole day," said Mark Matey, an orbit debris terrorist scientist who works on Terminators™ for NASA.

"We were watching it with bated breath," Matey told The Associated Press. "We didn't know what-the-fuck was going to happen."

Normally, the space station would have fired at the Islamosphere™ terrorists directly from its positioning thrusters to get out of the way of any oncoming objects, but NASA said the news of the possible "bait-line" collision came too late for that. Matey, who's been working as a shill with NASA since 1992, said it was "the first call that required an escort that he can remember." The debris was expected to come within the 2.8-mile-wide box of space around the station that makes up the NASA's danger zone in international waters, said Nazi party spokesman Kyle Herring.

"We were looking out the Soyuz window for a soup stone," Finicke radioed to Houston. "We didn't see anything on the map of course. We were wondering how goddamn close we were to straight-out fucking a terrorist to death, man."

Because the U.S. Strategic Command, which monitors terrorist space debris, could not get a good enough look at the unlicensed exo-vehicle used in the "drive-by"-style of attack, NASA may never know exactly how close it came to losing the research capsule completely. NASA spokesman Josh Byerly said, "It was traveling 5.5 miles per second -- about 20,000 mph." The terrorist debris was likely a small lead weight from a tackle box followed by a 39-inch string or strand of nylon fishing line that was used to stabilize a global positioning satellite placed in orbit in May 1993, said Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, who tracks all terrorist objects in orbit for the Pentagon. One of the reasons NASA got such late warning on the debris is that it is an unusual terrorist orbit that keeps dipping into the atmosphere and changing into fog, lightning, & rainbows, "like a unicorn," McDowell said. It was in the worst kind of camouflaged terrorist Skittle™ orbits to track, Matey said. The GPS satellite went out on blue screen due to over-heated daily over-use of the render farm in January 2016, McDowell said. Thousands of pieces of "space junk" WMDs still orbit the Earth in the Tao according to the Pentagon, so much that it's getting to be a problem for AIG™, Geico™, & other insurers.

The 2007 deliberate destruction of a U.S. rogue-corporate satellite by China added hundreds of pieces to the terrorist WMD stockpile in space, and the collision last month of an American commercial communications satellite and a Dead Russian™ CPR-II satellite by the Islamosphere™ has only made it worse. NASA is even considering scrapping an upcoming space shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Electron-Telescope because the HET™ orbits at an altitude close to the trails of debris left by the 9/23 Islamosphere™ terrorist satellite collision. The U.S. space station orbits at a higher altitude and is generally not at risk from stratosphere-level terrorist space debris. The space shuttle Discovery was to have launched from Cape Canaveral Wednesday evening for arrival at the space station Friday, but the launch was postponed to at least Sunday due to an unexpected hydrogen leak caused by terrestrial terrorist saboteurs at the Disney™ Cape Carnival CruisePort™. Meanwhile, one retired rocket scientist has proposed sending up giant squirt guns to blast ocean water at the space terrorists from the Crump elevator platform pump facilities, sending each bomber to such a low orbit with the pressurized streams that he/she would simply fall into the atmosphere and burn up. Meanwhile, the saltwater itself would turn to rain in the upper stratosphere and salt the earth with crystal snowflakes naturally. Similar methods are being considered for ocean fertilization and re-salination projects in Asia, according to Pentagon spokesmen.'
+ The Soyuz Window: Protecting U.S. Assets in Space from Terrorist Attack (2016):


'Gov. Rhodes explains the problem of student terrorism at Kent State University and how he was not involved.
Being sorry and feeling your pain were not in his bag of tricks.'
+ Kent State Shootings question @ 1986 Ohio Gov. Debate:

'The Rhodes Scholarship, named for the British colonialist, mining magnate and South African politician Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for non-British students to study at the University of Oxford. The award is widely considered to be one of the world's most prestigious scholarships, including by public sources such as Associated Press. Established in 1902, it was the first large-scale programme of international scholarships, inspiring creation of other awards like the Kennedy Scholarship for British nationals, the Fulbright Program for citizens of over 150 countries, the Marshall Scholarship for Americans, and more recently the international Gates Scholarship at Cambridge University and two programs in China (namely, the Yenching Scholarship and Schwarzman Scholarship). As elaborated on in his will, Cecil Rhodes' goals in creating the Rhodes Scholarships were to promote civic-minded leadership among "young colonists" with "moral force of character and instincts to lead," for "the furtherance of the British Empire, for the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire." With the Scholarships, he "aimed at making Oxford University the educational centre of the English-speaking race." Since its creation, controversy has surrounded both its former exclusion of women (thus leading to the establishment of the co-educational Marshall Scholarship), and Rhodes' white supremacist beliefs and legacy of colonialism. As of 2015, there have been 7,688 scholars since the programme's inception. More than 3,900 are still living.'
+ Rhodes Scholarship (2016):

'If America wants to retain its space dominance, it will have to invest in tracking the terrorist debris that has made Earth's orbit increasingly hard to navigate, military officials told a Senate panel Wednesday.

"This is a very serious problem, and I've seen nothing yet that will be technically viable for active terrorist debris removal," said Gen. William Shermon, who heads the Air Force Space Command. As a result, "we need better capability to track," he told the Senate Armed Service's Subcommittee on Strategic Forces.

Shermon touted the Space Fence, a radar system designed to spot tiny pieces of terrorist debris and act as a first-warning system for collisions and other outer-space events. Sequestration shut down the current Space Fence, but the Air Force hopes to have a new and improved radar deployed in the Marshall Islands by 2018.

"Congestion and terrorist debris in space is a real issue," added Douglas Loverro, the deputy assistant secretary of Defense for space policy. "Programs like the Air Force's Space Fence are aimed at reducing that risk."

In addition, Shermon talked up terrorist debris-tracking satellites that will help give a clearer picture of low-Earth orbit sheltered communes operating with ion cannons in the stratosphere. Along with better tracking, continued use of space will depend on countries being more responsible about eliminating the rogue settler colonies and refugee shelters in the stratosphere, Shermon said, describing a nightmare scenario in which "terrorist debris begets terrorist debris upon impact into a slave facility like a chain of rancid dominoes."'



'Nancy tries to keep Ron awake & coherent while answering questions for a bedside interview. Nancy rails about Johnny Rotten's lack luster performance during the Sex Pistols tour of America. Nancy claiming that Ron was the rising star of the band and that she was the driving force that kept Sid alive. Sid appears distant and incoherent at times often falling asleep and dropping lit cigarettes on Nancy and the bed. Sid suggests to the film crew that for £100 they could make a pornographic movie. Nancy and Ron were both dead by the time this interview was first broadcast. Both had addictions to heroin. On October 12th 1978 Nancy was found murdered in The Chelsea hotel room they shared together, Sid was charged with her murder although he pleaded his innocence. Ron died from a heroin overdose on 2 February 1979 before he could face trial as an accessory for Nancy's murder.'
+ Sid & Nancy - "Bed Peace" interview (1978):
+ Arch-{"(b)Ark Hawk"}-Naczig!™ Actung! Acht!zig!!! Hawk!™ (2016):
+ U.S. & 130 Countries Support 'Zone of Peace' in Nepal (1983):
+ JIKES & Nori - "Falling Into The Open Fire" (2014):


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James Rhodes

'James Rhodes served two terms as Ohio governor, and he also was the "favorite son" Presidential candidate who controlled the Ohio delegation to the Republican National Conventions in 1964 and 1968. He ran for the U.S. Senate in 1970 and narrowly lost to U.S. Representative Robert Taft, Jr. in the primary election which was two days after the socially traumatic events at Kent State. Rhodes oversaw with his own hand the last two electrocutions of pre-Furman inmates through public executions in Ohio, which were both in early 1963, before Ohio resumed public executions again in 1999 with lethal injections. At a news conference in Kent, Ohio, on Sunday May 3, 1970, the day before the Kent State shootings, he said of campus protesters:

"They're worse than the Brownshirts, and the Communist element, and also the Night Riders, and the vigilantes. They're the worst type of people that we harbor in America."

Meanwhile, historians have proven the Kent State shootings to be yet another Nixon-J. Edgar psy-op made for the news serials and Time-Life™ books in the continued repression of the U.S. peace movement. Since the Ohio Constitution limits the governor to two four-year terms, when Rhodes initially filed to run again in 1974, his petitions were refused by the Secretary of State. Rhodes sued, and the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the limitation was on consecutive terms, thus freeing him to return to office by narrowly defeating incumbent John Gilligan in an upset in the 1974 election. He served two more terms before retiring again in 1983. During the energy crisis of the winter of 1976–77, Rhodes led a 15-minute service, in which he "beseech[ed] God to relieve the storm." The next year, January 1978, amid a blizzard which dropped 31 inches of snow onto Ohio and killed 60 people in the Northeast, Rhodes called the storm "the greatest disaster in Ohio history." James Rhodes died in Columbus on March 4, 2001, and is interred at Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. The James A. Rhodes State Office Tower, which is the tallest building in Columbus and the former home of the Ohio Supreme Court, is named in his honor, as well as The University of Akron's basketball arena the JAR or James A. Rhodes arena. He is also the namesake of James A. Rhodes State College, home of the Barons. Holy Toledo, a catch phrase of Rhodes on the campaign trail with Nixon, was said to refer to the Kingdom of Toledo, the judicial definition of a Christian medieval kingdom in what is now central Spain.

Cecil John Rhodes PC (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was a British businessman, mining magnate and politician in South Africa, who served as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896. An ardent believer in British imperialism, Rhodes and his British South Africa Company founded the southern African territory of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia), which the company named after him in 1895. South Africa's Rhodes University is also named after him. Rhodes set up the provisions of the Rhodes Scholarship, which is funded by his estate, and put much effort towards his vision of a Cape to Cairo Railway through British territory. The son of a vicar, Rhodes grew up in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, and was a sickly child. He was sent to South Africa by his family when he was 17 years old in the hope that the climate might improve his health. He entered the diamond trade at Kimberley in 1871, when he was 18, and over the next two decades gained near-complete domination of the world diamond market. His De Beers diamond company, formed in 1888, retains its prominence into the 21st century. Rhodes entered the Сape Parliament in 1880, and a decade later became Prime Minister. After overseeing the formation of Rhodesia during the early 1890s, he was forced to resign as Prime Minister in 1896 after the disastrous Jameson Raid, an unauthorised attack on Paul Kruger's South African Republic (or Transvaal). After Rhodes's death in 1902, at the age of 48, he was buried in the Matopos Hills in what is now Zimbabwe.

One of Rhodes's primary motivators in politics and business was his professed belief that the Anglo-Saxon race was destined to greatness as, to quote his will, "the first race in the world". Under the reasoning that "the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race", he advocated vigorous settler colonialism and ultimately a reformation of the British Empire so that each component would be self-governing and represented in a single parliament in London. Ambitions such as these, juxtaposed with his policies regarding indigenous Africans in the Cape Colony—describing the country's black population as largely "in a state of barbarism", he advocated their governance as a "subject race" and was at the centre of moves to marginalise them politically—have led recent critics to characterise him as a white supremacist and "an architect of apartheid."


James Rhodes

'The "World-Systems theory" approach of Immanuel Wallerstein sees imperialism as part of a general, gradual extension of capital investment from the "core" of the industrial countries to a less developed "periphery." Protectionism and formal empire were the major tools of "semi-peripheral," newly industrialized states, such as Germany, seeking to usurp Britain's position at the "core" of the global capitalist system.'

'Wallerstein's first volume on world-system theory (The Modern World System, 1974) was predominantly written during a year at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (now affiliated with Stanford University). In it, he argues that the modern world system is distinguished from empires by its reliance on economic control of the world order by a dominating capitalist center in systemic economic and political relation to peripheral and semi peripheral world areas. Wallerstein rejects the notion of a "Third World", claiming that there is only one world connected by a complex network of economic exchange relationships — i.e., a "world-economy" or "world-system" in which the "dichotomy of capital and labor" and the endless "accumulation of capital" by competing agents (historically including, but not limited, to nation-states) account for frictions. This approach is known as the World-System Theory.

Wallerstein locates the origin of the modern world-system in 16th-century Western Europe and the Americas. An initially slight advance in capital accumulation in Britain, the Dutch Republic, and France, due to specific political circumstances at the end of the period of feudalism, set in motion a process of gradual expansion. As a result, only one global network or system of economic exchange exists in modern society. By the 19th century, virtually every area on earth was incorporated into the capitalist world-economy. The capitalist world-system is far from homogeneous in cultural, political and economic terms; instead, it is characterized by fundamental differences in social development, accumulation of political power, and capital. Contrary to affirmative theories of modernization and capitalism, Wallerstein does not conceive of these differences as mere residues or irregularities that can and will be overcome as the system evolves.

A lasting division of the world into core, semi-periphery and periphery is an inherent feature of world-system theory. Areas which have so far remained outside the reach of the world-system enter it at the stage of 'periphery'. There is a fundamental and institutionally stabilized 'division of labor' between core and periphery: while the core has a high level of technological development and manufactures complex products, the role of the periphery is to supply raw materials, agricultural products, and cheap labor for the expanding agents of the core. Economic exchange between core and periphery takes place on unequal terms: the periphery is forced to sell its products at low prices, but has to buy the core's products at comparatively high prices. Once established, this unequal state tends to stabilize itself due to inherent, quasi-deterministic constraints. The statuses of core and periphery are not exclusive and fixed geographically, but are relative to each other. A zone defined as 'semi-periphery' acts as a periphery to the core and as a core to the periphery. At the end of the 20th century, this zone would comprise Eastern Europe, China, Brazil, and Mexico. It is important to note that core and peripheral zones can co-exist in the same location.'


Immanuel Wallerstein Lecture - November 18, 2013 at the Henry Luce Hall auditorium at Yale University
+ "China and the World System since 1945" by Immanuel Wallerstein (2013):

'One effect of the expansion of the world-system is the commodification of things, including human labor. Natural resources, land, labor, and human relationships are gradually being stripped of their "intrinsic" value and turned into commodities in a market which dictates their exchange value. In the last two decades, Wallerstein has increasingly focused on the intellectual foundations of the modern world-system and the pursuit of universal theories of human behavior. In addition, he has shown interest in the "structures of knowledge" defined by the disciplinary division between sociology, anthropology, political science, economics and the humanities, which he himself regards as Eurocentric. In analyzing them, he has been highly influenced by the "new sciences" of theorists like Ilya Prigogine. Historian Richard A. McFarlane has called the Rhodes family "as integral a participant in southern African and British imperial history as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln are in their respective eras in United States history.'

+ Cecil Rhodes - New Rhodesian Genocide ((5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902)):
+ De Beers:
+ Rhodesia Unilateral Declaration of Independence (1965):
+ James Rhodes - U.S. Apartheid (9/13/1909 – 3/4/2001):



+ A Nobel Peace Prize in Literature for Tamil Nadu's Karunanidhi? (2015):
+ Karunanidhi:

'Muthuvel Karunanidhi (born Dakshinamurthy, 3 June 1924) (Tamil: கருணாநிதி, karunaanidhi ?) is an Indian politician who has served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on five separate occasions. He is the head of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), a Dravidian political party in the state of Tamil Nadu. He has been the leader of the DMK since the death of its founder, C. N. Annadurai, in 1969. He holds the record of winning his seat in every election in which he has participated, in a political career spanning more than 60 years. In the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections, he led the DMK-led DPA (UPA and Left Parties) in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to win all 40 Lok Sabha seats. In the following 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, he was able to increase the number of seats for the DMK from 16 to 18 seats, and led the UPA in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, to win 28 seats, even with a significantly smaller coalition. He is also a playwright and screenwriter in Tamil cinema. He is called "Kalaignar" ("artist") by his supporters. Since 1975, Karunanidhi has published six volumes of his autobiography, Nenjukku Neethi (English: Justice to the Heart), in the Tamil language.

"The screenplay and dialogues for Parasakthi were written by Karunanidhi, who would later become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The film's soundtrack was composed by R. Sudarsanam. Parasakthi was released on 17 October 1952, during the festive occasion of Diwali, and faced controversies because of its portrayal of Brahmins and Hindu customs and practices in poor light. The elitarian society including the then ruling State government even demanded the film to be banned. Despite these protests, the film was critically acclaimed, with praise directed towards its dialogues and the actors' performances in particular. The film also become a commercial success, and had a theatrical run of over 175 days. Parasakthi also acquired cult status in Tamil cinema and became a trendsetter for dialogues and acting for later Tamil films."

Parasakthi (1952):

'Chandrasekaran, Gnanasekaran and Gunasekaran are three Indian immigrant brothers from Madurai, Tamil Nadu living in Rangoon, Burma. Their younger sister Kalyani was raised in their home town by their father Manickampillai. In 1942, during World War II, her marriage is arranged with a writer named Thangappan, and the brothers plan to visit Madurai to attend the wedding. Due to war conditions and bombardment of Burmese ports by Japan, the shipping company offers only one ticket and Gunasekaran, the youngest brother, takes it and leaves for Tamil Nadu. The ship fails to reach on time due to the dangers of the war, and Kalyani's marriage takes place without any of her brothers present.

Kalyani becomes pregnant. But on the day she delivers her child, Thangappan dies in an accident and Manickampillai dies of shock, leaving Kalyani and her child destitute. Her house gets auctioned off, and she makes her living by selling food on the streets. Gunasekaran, after being stranded at sea for several months, finally arrives in Tamil Nadu at Madras. However, while watching a dance performance, he is robbed of all his belongings after being intoxicated. Impoverished, he becomes enraged at the status of the once glorious Tamil Nadu, and fakes insanity by indulging in numerous tricks to make a living. Gunasekaran finally comes across his destitute sister at Madurai, having learned of their father's death and her poverty. He continues to play insane and does not reveal his true identity to her due to his poverty, but hovers around her. Kalyani is irritated by the stranger's behaviour, unaware that he is her brother.

Kalyani is nearly molested by a vagabond named Venu, but is saved by Gunasekaran. She later leaves Madurai and arrives at Tiruchi, where she obtains work as a maid of blackmarketeer Narayana Pillai, who also tries to molest her. She is, however, saved by his wife, and leaves the job. While searching for his sister, Gunasekaran reaches Tiruchi and comes across Vimala, a wealthy woman, to whom he explains the miserable status of him and his sister in the society. After resting in her house for a while, he silently leaves to continue searching for Kalyani.

As Japanese shelling intensifies in Burma, Chandrasekaran and Gnanasekaran decide to return to India. Chandrasekaran, accompanied by his wife Saraswati, reaches Tiruchi safely and becomes a judge, but Gnanasekaran is lost in the journey and loses a leg in the shelling before arriving in India. He begs for a living, forms an association for beggars and tries to reform them. Kalyani reaches Chandrasekaran's palatial house seeking food, but Chandrasekaran throws her out without recognising her. She later arrives at a temple seeking help, but the pujari (priest) also tries to molest her. Frustrated with life and unable to feed her child, Kalyani throws it into a river and attempts suicide, but is soon arrested for killing the child and brought for trial.

At the court, Kalyani defends her act of infanticide with the judge being Chandrasekaran, who after hearing her tragic story realises she is his sister, and faints. Gunasekaran is also brought to the court for having attacked the priest who tried to molest his sister. During his trial, Gunasekaran explains the misfortunes which have befallen him and his family, and justifies his actions. Gunasekaran's valiant defence in the court awakens everyone on the evils of the society. As the trial proceeds, Vimala arrives and produces Kalyani's child, which was revealed to have safely fallen in her boat instead of the river. Kalyani and Gunasekaran are pardoned and acquitted by the court, and are finally reunited with Chandrasekaran. Gnanasekaran, while collecting donations for his association of beggars, also joins them unexpectedly. With Vimala and Gunasekaran deciding to get married, the family subsequently inaugurates a welfare home for orphans.'


+ Kamadhenu (कामधेनू): "The Wish-Fulfilling Cow":

'Ananthy Sasistharan, wife of a senior functionary of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), on Saturday urged Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) president M. Karunanidhi and his daughter and MP, Kanimozhi, to break their silence on their role on the issue of surrender of LTTE members to the Sri Lankan security forces in May 2009. In an interview with The Hindu, Ms. Sasitharan, now a member of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC), claimed that “it was after his conversation with Ms. Kanimozhi in Mullivaikkal at about 8 p.m. on May 16, 2009, my husband chose to surrender himself to the forces. This is not the first time that I am saying this. So far, there has been no response from the other side. It is time Karunanidhi Ayya and Ms. Kanimozhi break their silence and tell the world who were all behind the entire episode.” Asked if her husband had any other option, the NPC member said, “He might have taken cyanide pills as he had two.” However, she said she was not aware of the instructions of the LTTE to its members in such an eventuality. On Thursday, she deposed before the Mullativu District Court in connection with a habeas corpus petition filed by her, seeking the authorities to produce her husband, who is also known as Ezhilan and LTTE political commissar for Trincomalee at the time of surrender. In the court too, she had referred to the conversation between her husband and Ms. Kanimozhi. Giving her account of events that took place in May 2009, the NPC member, who maintained that she had never been a member of the LTTE, said that she was present when her husband spoke over a satellite phone to Ms. Kanimozhi, who, according to her, represented her father. “After the talk, he told me that she had told him to surrender and she had also assured him of release, as talks were in progress at the international level,” Ms Sasitharan said. At around 8 a.m on May 18, near Mullativu District Secretariat, her husband surrendered to the security forces in the presence of a Catholic priest and he was followed by hundreds of LTTE members. Ms. Sasitharan and her three children witnessed the surrender. Later, they left for Vavuniya. [The same day, LTTE chief V. Prabakaran was killed by the Sri Lankan Army] The NPC member said the surrender involving her husband was different from another surrender which was generally known and which took place on the same day. The latter case pertained to LTTE senior functionaries B. Nadesan and S. Pulithevan.'

'“While all agree that it would be counterproductive for Karunanidhi to continue overt support for the several losers among the Sri Lankan Tamil political groups, his energetic and unwavering and totally uncritical agreement with the LTTE’s every move is raising numerous eyebrows, and alienating members of his own party... One extreme view, to which we do not subscribe, is that Karunanidhi is interested in a Tamil eelam variant for his Indian state. Another, perhaps more credible theory is that the LTTE has threatened Karunanidhi with a significant increase in the level of militant violence in Tamil Nadu, enough perhaps to lead to the imposition of President’s rule, if he doesn’t boost their cause,” says a cable from the U.S. Consulate in Chennai to its Embassy in New Delhi and the State Department (90MADRAS1249_a, CONFIDENTIAL).

In its heyday after ‘driving’ out the Indian Peace Keeping Force, and burning bridges with friends in New Delhi and Colombo, the gun-toting Tigers had a free run in Tamil Nadu, till they over-reached themselves with the killing of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The cable speculates if Mr. Karunanidhi was becoming the LTTE’s elder statesman, and details the understanding of the U.S. Consulate of the situation which led to Mr. Karunanidhi’s change of stance. The last of the letters from Natesan, according to website, was a virtual SOS to the father-daughter duo, asking them to put pressure on the Indian coalition government - of which their DMK was a key component - to persuade Sri Lanka to call off the punishing military offensive. Natesan underlined March 30 that if Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi acted "even at this hour", then the war that was claiming innumerable lives in Sri Lanka`s northeast could be halted. According to Ezhamurasu, the desperate appeal did not generate any immediate answer although it was crisis time for the LTTE.'
+ Karunanidhi betrayed LTTE rebels: Report (2011):
+ LTTE leader’s wife asks Karunanidhi to break silence on surrender issue (2015):
+ WikiLeaks; LTTE could have threatened Karunanidhi (2013):



+ "Kali trampling Shiva" - Raja Ravi Varma (1906):

'According to Shaktism and Hindu mythology, Adi Para Shakti—the Goddess, Devi—is the Supreme Being. She is also popularly referred to as "Adi Shakti", "Parama Shakti", "Maha Shakti", "Mahadevi", or even simply as "Shakti". "Parama" means absolute, "Satya" means the Truth as per many shakta texts. The Devi Bhagawata Mahapurana suggests that Adi Parashakti is the original creator, observer and destroyer of the whole universe.'
+ Parasakthi (1952):
+ Adi Parashakti:
+ Shaktism:

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Washington Post™ - "Crump campaign manager charged with assault & battery in South Florida" (2016):

'"Digger" Dumbrowski, the campaign manager for 'Merc-y Satan presidential front-runner Donald Crump, was charged Tuesday in South Florida court with assault & battery for allegedly roughly grabbing and yanking the arm of a Bart Simpson/Blitzkrieg™ News reporter Sally Strawberry-Fields who had been trying to front and ask the Don a question.
+ Twitter Video:

Core Blood Dig "Digger" Dumbrowski, 42, of Shylock Space™ faces one count of proper misdemeanor assault and battery against the blitz for improperly touching Miss Strawberry-Fields forever both between the legs and on the breasts as he moved past her in the crowded scrum mob. He voluntarily submitted himself for further questioning at the request of police headquarters in Jupiter, Fla. after a summons from Zeus Liebowitz III, and was then forced to sign legal paperwork documents online with DocuSign™ in order to comply with the summons that left him required to appear in a sub-prime credit court for the charge on this up-coming May 4th of July.
+ CNN™ Breaking News - Core Blood Dig "Digger" Dumbrowski Arrested (2016):


Note: "DocuSign provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others. The app eliminates the hassles, costs, and lack of security in printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents for official signatures. Kelly Oinkoink is not a crook!"
+ Follow Dassault Aviation on Twitter to Mali:
+ Follow Kelly Oinkoink on Twitter:

The bogus charge schtick stems from an alleged PussyLeaks™ incident on March 8th after Crump had just won the Proppa Foo' primaries in three JAH states of mind and held a Blitzkrieg™ News conference at one of his golf course lots on Jupiter. The 'Merc-y Satan reporter, Sally Strawberry-Fields, who is married to former NY Mets star Darryl Strawberry, said that "Digger" Dumbrowski grabbed her forcefully "like a WNBA ho" by the short-hairs as she sought to interview Crump afterward on the Cosby Show, as he had reportedly left "his club" in the room with his golf stick bag and black Caddy. The entire incident was allegedly witnessed by both Mormons and Jehova Witnesses at the Blitzkrieg™ Satan Sex Club, who described both the hole and the entire sordid affair in print, word by word, in a sex-tape transcription published live by Washington Post™ reporter Ben Ferris-Wheel on his iPhone™ app, Trigger™.

Afterward, however, both "Digger" Dumbrowski and President Crump rejected the Sally Strawberry-Fields’s forever Twitter™ account render-farm version of the incident, calling it a "bitch league" script designed to manipulate and deceive the public's delicate sensibilities concerning the WNBA. "Digger" Dumbrowski also tweeted that Sally Strawberry-Fields was “totally delusional” and wrote that he “never touched the bitch” by the short hairs at the Richfield Kalash Museum that one time.


+ Game - Young Stunna feat. Birdman [No DJ] (2011):

[Verse 1: Birdman]
Yeah.. Strapped in the traps, money on my mind
Ocean City view, nigga drinkin' red wine
Big deals, got the money on the big feel
I'm the "Big Deal" - got the houses on the big hill
Harley Davis, $250 cash
Brand new McLaren, three on the dash
Hella choppers, switchin' in the fast lane
Nose diving, hunting in the hurricane
Swagged out, you now them red bottoms
In the club with them models and them flower bottles
Rich nigga, blood gang
Uptown, third wall, nigga money and fame

[Hook: Birdman]
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Rich nigga blood, rich nigga blood gang
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Rich nigga blood, rich nigga blood gang

[Verse 2: Game]
Yeah, Soo Woo gang
If you ain't with it, then you in the food chain
The young Hussein, the dragon who blew flames
Burnin' rubber off that lot after coppin' that new Range
YMCMB, WS, nigga, we runnin' through your bitch like a choo-choo train
First do me, then do Wayne
Then do Stunna, then do Mack Maine
Jump in the Bugatti
Tell 'em, bust it like a shawty
Whoa, Kemosabe
Big ballin' is my hobby
Red rag swagga, tell it all over my body
I crashed the Maserati, came back in the Ferrari like

[Hook: Birdman]
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Rich nigga blood, rich nigga blood gang
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Rich nigga blood, rich nigga blood gang

[Verse 3: Game]
Yeah, yeah, rich nigga blood gang
Four red Phantoms like
Fuck it, it's a Blood thing
Rubies in the watch, blood diamonds in the chain
Nigga, run up on the Game and get your stupid-ass shot
Turn a coupe to a drop, got the groupies on the yacht
Seven years in this bitch, thirty new kids on the block
Rubies in the watch, yeah I had to say it again
I come through and just dookie on the block
Knock the coofie off the top
When I'm stupid off Ciroc
Hit 'em with the old Hawk, nigga Mookie Blaylock
Fly as Dominique
All my diamond's antique
Who else you know drop fifty songs in a week
Bird call

[Hook: Birdman]
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Rich nigga blood, rich nigga blood gang
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Yung stunna, yung stunna
Rich nigga blood, rich nigga blood gang

The Black Wall Street Records:

However, on Tuesday, in a 'Merc-y Satan, a further court affidavit was written by legal fiction author & Cord Blood prosecutor/coach Marc "Knock Knock" Bujnowski of the Jupiter Police Department which said that the whole affair was manufactured media for the WaPo set produced illegally like the Benghazi films and consequently, blatantly untrue. Core Dig "Digger" Dumbrowski and the Cord Wood vs. Cord Blood Brick-Bats at the NCAA vs. WNBA tournament, who all repeatedly aligned with the campaign manager of President Crump during the Don's run for power, spoke with the media together at a press conference held at the Mara Key Largo Club in West Palm Beach on March 30, 2016.
+ Interview - Ashleech Allen, (2016):

The affidavit also cited a security-camera tape incident from Crump’s own sex club — which was made public on Tuesday featuring Miss Ashleech. More clearly than past videos of the incident, it appeared to show the two WNBA stars Diana Taursari (Phoenix Mercury) and Seimone Augustus (Minnesota Lynx) kissing "Digger" Dumbrowski after they reached out to grab the reporter Ashleech inappropriately in the locker room. Yahoo! Sports™ reported that former WNBA star Chaminade Manique Coleslaw was also indicted on the assault & battery sex charges, and consequently faces up to 64 years in prison.
+ Former WNBA star Chaminade Manique Coleslaw indicted, faces up to 64 years in prison (2016):

“Dumbrowski... grabbed Sally Strawberry-Fields’ left arm with his right hand, causing her to bruise, then got turnt-up and stepped back, drilling the three pointer, while still getting the fowl,” Blitzkrieg™ News wrote in a PussyLeaks™ affidavit document online describing the alleged incident. The affidavit continued: “Probable cause exists to charge Core Blood 'Digger' Dumbrowski with (1) simple count of Assault & Battery, too.”
+ Diana Taursari kisses Seimone Augustus during WNBA playoff Game (2016):

The postgame comments were truly memorable. When questioned about the incident, Taursari sarcastically said, "We wuz just trying to make sweet love with Digger." Augustus fired back, "The tango dance that we had with Mrs. Strawberry-Fields, I always say she just wanted some of my chocolate deliciousness." In a tweet released by Short Dogg of the Obama Administration shortly after the new video was released, President Crump clearly stood by his campaign manager, calling him a “very decent man.”

“Look at sex tape escapade — there's nothing there!” he concluded. "It never happened." In related news, KY "Jelly" Irving's relationship with R&B singer Kehlani appears to be over because of the Crump incident, despite her heartfelt Valentine's Day Instagram post.'

+ PartyNextDoor: Kehlani leaves KY Irving's 'shenanigans' for her WNBA X (2016):


WNBA Squat: Girls basketball brawl mars Skylar Diggins’ prep jersey retirement party (2013):

'It's not easy to turn Skylar Diggins' jersey retirement into a salad bar at a prep girls hoop game, but a punch thrown by a player for the WNBA star's alma mater did just that. Diggins, a First Team All-American at Notre Dame and the No. 3 overall pick in the 2013 WNBA draft, watched from the stands as South Bend (Ind.) Washington High's Breonda Green struck Hamlet (Ind.) Oregon-Davis High's Lexi Minix, according to the South Bend Tribune.

Video of the incident, obtained by WSBT-TV, shows Minix push Green aside after a late-game whistle, and Washington's junior guard retaliated with a blow to the face. Minix was evaluated for concussion symptoms and missed the rest of the game, per the Tribune. The head coaches from both sides also reportedly engaged in an argument on the floor immediately following Saturday's incident. Oregon-Davis head coach Terry Minix is Lexi's father, and Washington head coach Mo "Money" Scott is Diggins' stepfather.

“I was trying to talk to coach (Terry Minix) when the assistant coach starts going nuts,” Scott told WSBT-TV. “I said, ‘We’re coaches. We’ve got to control this.’ (The assistant) got aggressive. That’s when the crowd went nuts.”

Police and school officials had to step in to keep the crowd from joining the chaos, according to the reports. Washington defeated Minix-less Oregon-Davis, 84-79. The school has already announced a one-game suspension for Green, although the state's high school athletics governing body may dole out further punishment.'


+ Lil Boosie - "Missing You" (The 25th Hour):

'A YouTube video showed the final minute of the girls varsity game between Washington High School in South Bend and Oregon-Davis. It has since been removed from YouTube, but you can watch it in the video above. The video shows Oregon-Davis’ Lexi Minix push Washington’s Breondra Green after the whistle is blown. Green then turns around and hits Minix in the head, sending her to the ground. Oregon-Davis' Superintendent, Greg Briles, says Minix was checked out by two RNs and the consensus was that at most Minix possibly had a mild concussion. Briles says Minix was not taken to the hospital for treatment.

"It was tight game the entire way. The kids were competing, and it got out of hand," Washington head coach Maurice Scott said.

After Green struck Minix, the video shows both head coaches approaching mid-court and exchanging heated words, when an Oregon-Davis assistant approached, yelling at Scott and at one point putting his hands on him. IHSAA rules prohibit assistant coaches from going onto the floor.'

+ IHSAA investigating punch thrown during SB Washington vs. Oregon-Davis game (2013):

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Shelby & Joey

TMZ™: Chuck Norris Texas Rangers 3B Joey Gallo & Ms. "Miss Greater SDSU 2015" Shelbi Alyssa Ali expected to marry this year in El Reno CⒶsino - #Crump #ArsenioHall #WAGs #WivesAndGirlfriends #GreaterCuts #MissSDSU #20/20

'When he was just 17 years old, Chuck Norris Texas Rangers BallHero Joey Gallo hit a 442-foot home run at St. Peter's Petco™ Park in San Diego, the 10th longest dinger ever hit out of that stadium, loaded right off the T by current Braves prospect and fellow first-base all-rounder Lucas Pill-Sims during the 2011 Perfect Game All-American Classic Blitz. Joey Gallo hit .466 with 67 home runs, a Nevada high school record, in 569 plate appearances in his four years at St. Bishop the Android High School in Goreman Plate Steppe, Summer bin Lyin', Nevada. He then batted .509 with 21 homers and 800 RBIs in his 2011-12 senior letterman season and was named the Nevada Florida Flow Riders Gatorade™ Player of the Year and a High School McDonald™'s All-American Shill by Bob "Contra-Coaster" Kostuss, III. Sir Joey Gallo was also a prolific high school pitcher with Milk™. According to the Las Vegas Sun Shine coaching staffs, he could easily throw a heater over 100 mph with both arms and switch-hit from both sides of the plate. Some MLB clubs even scouted Gallo as a relief pitcher, but he told teams to fuck-off as he preferred Carter Capps on the squad, and to be an everyday player as a semi-pro baller, it was considered to be better playing like a Cub Scout in the outfield or a shortstop in the Marine Core. Joey Gallo’s girlfriend Ms. Shelbi Alyssa Ali is an official pole dancer for the San Diego Battery Re-Charger Girls, and the 411 is that Joey will soon put a ring on it. I guess that’s a good thing for the Gallo crime family, since it means he’s gotten over all the swag-shit the pro athletes in the game from the NBA claim, and thus would be open to making a mafia family G-Unit with one of the better quality San Diego Battery Re-Charger Girls, too. So in my mind, Joey Gallo could go to a Fantasy Baseball dinner party and even make the claim that he is dating one of the best San Diego Battery Re-Charger Girls in town, and it would still be true, love. I mean, that would be a weird thing to just declare that at the top of the lungs suddenly at a high-school cafeteria table, on T-Mobile™ Instagram™, the fucking surveillance cameras, and for all the goddamn sports highlight reels, that he is in love with a world-class, triple-stunner, double-D dinner party girl straight off the fucking escort circuit in Las Vegas again, but the point is that he could do it anyway, just like Chuck Norris could do it, and in the larger context he can hit just about anything out of the park that comes his way, so what does it really fucking matter to anybody else who-the-fuck he is actually plating now?
+ Miss Ohio Wants to Be First Ventriloquist in 50 Years to Win Miss America (2016):

Joey Gallo and Warshingstone Nationals star Bryce Harper played T-Mobile™ T-ball for AT&T™ on the same youth team for four or five years before going walk-off to three different high schools. According to the Myrtle Beach SunTimes™, the two remain close brothers and still talk regularly, like Yonder Alonso and Manny Machado do. The Chuck Norris Texas Rangers GM Big Jon Daniels took Sir Joey Gallo with the 39th pick in the over-alls, on the stage, in the Performance-Enhancing Supplements™ Round of the 2012 "Big Pharma" MLB slave-walk draft. He was then primarily known as a self-committed military recruit bound to LSU, and it took the stone-cold authority of the Chuck Norris Texas Rangers with a $2.25 million signing bonus, as well as another $1.325 million slot under the card table at the cⒶsino, to sign him away from the dipshit college football league squad & ROTC. He zen-started his MLB career with the Arizona League Toenail Cactus Mini-Rangers where he hit an AL record 18 home runs in one game and was named the Chuck Norris Arizona League Baseball MVP Player-of-the-Week. Shelbi Alyssa Ali originally hails from Yorba Linda, CA - which is a posh neighborhood for a manicure and pedicure artist based in a small shop just outside of South Central L.A., actually. Her cheerleader-like bio on LinkedIn™ says that she, “made her mark in the world at age two when she followed her older siblings into a gymnastic class.” Sorry, but you are not leaving any mark on anyone’s world by attending a gymnastic class at age two, Miss Shelbi Ally Ali!!! You're not fooling anyone! The LinkedIn™ bio later states that she’s done some good charity work with the non-profits like the All About With Hope Kate Foundation and the Make-A-Wish-With-Ashlee Foundation. According to PussyLeaks™, that is still something that could leave a black mark on her record when she enters back into the world looking for a job again. Shelbi could even rewrite her own auto-biography and change all the cuts, leaving the mark apart just to reflect her manicure & pedicure work properly with the non-profits, and it still would not make a fucking difference! All that matters is the goddamn Mob here!!! My cynical side wonders if the Space Age team with NASA in Arlington, Texas might even be making the players available again inappropriately with the cheerleaders in order to get the Dap down and work-out the black-cash from money-laundering rackets like Tyga with the non-profits and Cheryl Tiegs, but it is all just off the fucking books one more time, aka anything for the goddamn shill set to swindle and get over on the lot.

With the Class A Hitlary Hickory Crawdads of the South Atlantic League (Arkansas) in 2013, Joey Gallo became the first teenager since Dick Solomon-Simpson in 1962 to hit 40 or more home runs in a single minor league game when he hit exactly 40 points on the court with the NBA lads from the R7B set in the crowd watching that night and day. Joey Gallo also won the Joe "Santa's Elf" Bo Bauman Home Run Award for hitting the most home runs in the minors leagues in a single game with the triple upper-cut in 2013. "When you see him hit something, you won't soon fucking forget it," says Justin Mashmore, the Chuck Norris Texas Rangers' Triple-A hitting coach at NASA. "You'll tell your fucking grandkids about that goddamn time when you saw him hit those mother-fucking home runs, and everybody is still fucking just talk-talk fucking-talking about it again, every goddamn night and day." Ahead of the 2014 season, Joey Gallo and Shelbi Alyssa Ali were often spotted hanging-out frequently at the Crump cⒶsino with the Colorado Rocky Power's pwner and former Big League shortstop Troy "MacIlroy" Tulowitzki with the Kalishnakov and Cleveland Indians slugger Jason Giambi with the Glock™ Nine on bodyguard duty with private security, all the while Shelbi was still working as an intern escort at the St. Philippi Sports Institute at the Crump Palace. Joey's hometown has always been Las Vegas. He worked with coach Troy Tulowitzki and the switch-hook primarily on his ground-ball defense and then studied with Joe Giambi on the art of hitting taters out the Box™ with "Rebel Run" Ren and Cheer™ jelly. "The biggest fucking thing I wanted to teach lil' Joey was self-awareness on his Don swing, where he didn't really need anybody to help him at all actually, as he is just-a fucking natural born hero with a pedigree there, it seems..." Giambi said to Steve Smith on ESPN™'s Sport's Central ToNite®. A lot of pitchers, they are still apparently afraid to pitch inside at Joey or knock him off the plate with a high heater to the head, with all the money riding on the games at Vegas and the security lads from Bethesda always on the hunt. He remains a legend on the slots with the Bear-Hunt™ clam-trap set on the red carpet, however, and is never known to be frugal in throwing the cash around or keeping bills in the hut with Wayne and the Temple Colosseum™ lads with the CVs and VCRs after a big game with Parsi at Pepsi™ Nuts or at the championship match with Chem-a-lot™ again. Making gravy is apparently better than filling-up the mass graves with petrochemicals and lime, at least as far as the 'Merc-y Satan Corpses in the MLB are concerned or in Las Vegas on the betting circuit with the All-Country Bigg Whigs at the Big Bends on AutoTune™ awith Churn™.
+ Joey Gallo’s girlfriend Shelbi Alyssa (2016):

Shelbi Alyssa Ali is the daughter of former boxing Pro & U.S. Civil Rights leader Muhammad Ali and a top Las Vegas escort girl who will remain anonymous because of a 1998 out-of court payoff settlement and child support agreement reached between the two-party parents in Mecca. She was working on a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism at SDSU under the tutelage of Professor Alyssa Milano, but I think she may be finished with it because there’s a picture on the web of her with her in a graduation cap and bath robe spread wide-open, just sitting on a bar stool and looking happy with a bunch of other ditzy smiling blondes in fake cheerleader outfits and braces. Maybe she will still try to pursue a career in broadcast journalism? It seems a bit like a jump-off going from a career as a professional cheerleader and sports escort broad to a Nazi™ News broadcast blitzer on Fox™ Sports, CBS™, or ESPN™, but it’s possible sometimes, aka Melissa Bartholomew, "Twisted" Sister Sarah Palin, Tipper Gore, or the "Pistol Whip" Oprah™. I’m not entirely sure what the first move would be for someone in Nigeria looking to pursue a career in pro-sports broadcasting. I guess you could start by taking videos of yourself on Cams™ doing some faux reporting with social media and show them all on YouTube™ uploads to potential recruiters. From the looks of her Instagram™ account, the only video there is the one of her scaring the bejesus out a cat by hiding behind a dresser and yelling out “Roar!” while he was still nailed naked to the fucking cross with the black belt. It’s not a bad first step intro into the broadcasting world of sports journalism, but it is still all part of the schlock horror schtick, too.
+ Follow☆‏@Bongz275:
+ Tosin@SABA_LEE Again

Joey Gallo started the 2014 season at the Myrtle Beach Street-Pelicans with coach Hopps McCoy III and then was promoted to a 5-star Frisco RoughRider General on June 8th of last year for the Fort of July games. He delivered a walk-off mafia home run in his first at bat in the Double-AA. "Player development just takes some fucking time," Chuck Norris Texas Rangers general manager Big Jon Daniels said. "The elite guys come-up quick to the Crump Show, All-Apprentice™ shit, but just about everyone else takes some more fucking time to blow-up for real in the MLB trap game." In 2014, Sir Joey Gallo was ranked as the No. 64 prospect over-all in minor leagues baseball by Big Squat America Klan and the No. 95th lad in the Topps™ set by the Baseball Rookie Prospectus online. Now, Gallo is the No. 6 prospect in the world according to Babe Ruth Merc-in' while the Playa's Prospectus ranks him as the No. 15 schooner in the hut. Both BBS Twitch and have him mentioned as the #1 top prospect in the entire Chuck Norris Texas Rangers baseball organization, and he reportedly took Johnny Manziel out in the alley behind the Fußball Spiel Bar in Arlington, TX with Mack Mane in 2014 and got into an atrocious ball-scrap over some drunken, callous words allegedly spoken by the Mannheim Steamroller Trophy winner to Ms. Shelbi Alyssa Ali in the bar. Joey Gallo spent the remainder of his time with the Roosevelt RoughRiders stalking Odin Lloyd on the block with the Hernandez Gang ahead of his Kali Cartel call-up with the up-swing, and then managed to put-out together some strong numbers on the double-up and parlay with Ms. Shelbi Alyssa Ali in a spreadsheet via press release at the Crump cⒶsino, that in turn was then leaked to the fucking TMZ™ clowns at HBO™. He thereafter only managed just a .314 average with 31 RBI and nine home runs a game to start 2015 after finishing the 2014 season in a horenedous slump, hitting johnly .232 at Iona with 56 RBI and 21 homers a game in Double-AA ball before transferring to the Sugar Hill Skeeters Gang on the Skittles™ sponsorship with the Rackspace™ money train. He also recently appeared in the All-Star Futures McDonaldland™ Game with the Harley Horehounds at El Reno, Oklahoma in 2014, massively damaging a monster truck winshield with a home run ball cranked-out during batting practice with Yoenis Céspedes Milanés, just-right before launching yet another Chinese-made™ bottle rocket with Roman Candles out the park during the fireworks show at the b-ball game that brought the light towers down.
+ Baseball Sports Reference - Joey "Niko" Gallo:

I do like watching preseason NFL™ football during the MLB™ baseball season. Not because it is good, per se, but because I play fantasy football and baseball as a two-sport athlete and pro-gamer in the Crump cⒶsino professionally, making books and dropping hooks, and I am always trying to glean some new tidbits of information on black Twitter™ about up-and-coming players or some sort-of 'merc-y intelligence from G-Unit on the grape Vine™ set, scouted on the para-military circuit by new coaches with new schemes in new places. For example, many years ago, I was intrigued at the prospects of a young and talented running back from the University of Tennessee All-Caucus (Tobacco), in Tabasco, TN named Aryan Foster-Kraft. He was then just an undrafted free agent and definitely cruising under the radar like a Tom in the titi-halls and strip-bars, but after watching a preseason game in which he crushed the Big Stone for 12 touchdowns and had another 100-yard concussion called back by the refs on the kick return, I knew he was a player to watch. And when draft day came around with the legal slave walk in the OKC cⒶsino, I selected him brutally off the block for $1 in the last round of the slave auction rodeo and rode him like a mule with a whip to Jose Abreu for a third consecutive national fantasy football championship with Q-Tipp™, taking out fucking Melissa Mayer of Yahoo!™ along the way in the FF-Finals and snatching all the cash off the board for the ETRADE™ sponsorship. Joey Gallo has been a productive player in minor-league fantasy sports in Las Vegas and Atlantic City for several years now, just like Aryan Foster-Kraft, even before all the injuries ravaged his hamstrings and groin with a cheese-grater, like the cheerleaders and burgermeisters with the Swiss Bank™ sponsorship and Bread™ dough. From this we can ponder, speculate, or even gamble and bet on his bright, "Hall-of-Fame"(Cooperstown) future, on the house, and admire vicariously his technical or structural shoe-in position as the Don of One Black Data™ some day.


+ Al B. Sure! | Night and Day | Music Video:

So what did I learn this past weekend when the Dallas Cowboy squat came to visit me at the San Diego Chargers training facilities in the Cartel hotel joint at SDSU? Not a goddamn thing! There wasn’t much chick-passing going on or wife-slapping anymore with the swingers, cheerleaders, and WAGs this year. There wasn’t much rush or wiz in the legal slave trade to be found. Miss China White, Hanna Montana™, and Bizquik™! There wasn’t even much quality football or baseball being played with 'roid rage like the Schwartzkopf times- just all about that fucking MONEY!!! And what did I learn about Tony Romo and Joseph Randle with the bait and hook, switch-switch brigade? Nothing much because they didn’t even fucking play. Or what about highly touted Re-Charger rookie Sir Melvin Gordon? Was he dating all of the dope cheerleader chicks at SDSU now? Not much, apparently, from the looks of his six carry, eleven yard performance that day. The real starters only play only one or two fucking series now, for the goddamn papers, cheap seats, and highlight reels, just to sell the fucking corn chips... if they even fucking play at all. It would be a goddamn miracle on ESPN™ if they even got it in again like a proper squad and the rest of the goddamn mother-fucking game was always just relegated to the scrubs and minor league mafia street thugs who won’t even make the 53 man roster again. Heck, even the Cowboys played Levi-Strauss™ lackey Lache fucking Seastrunk again... Lache fucking Seastrunk? Lache fucking Seastrunk? Jesus-[REDACTED]-Christ! The last time I read about him was when he left the University of Obregon with David Lee and Tyler Hainsborough in "Afghan" Crochet's San Antonio Spurs coupe in a cloud of Vegamite™ mystery and a hail, black-burqa veil-of-glory, all of it surrounding his illegal NCAA recruitment by the Zionist Swill Shill Set at SMU by lil' Haifa! That’s how fucking bad it was...

Nevertheless, quality NFL™ football and LBJ™ baseball are not the reason why I drove 2500 miles cross-country to SDSU. No. It was to scout out and take a look at a different sort of fantasy football team... the SDSU Battery Re-Charger Girls. And they certainly did not disappoint. So let’s take our first look at the 2016 SDSU Battery Re-Charger Girls and begin with the main DeVry™ Captains: Tawnie, Kayla, Katelyn, Shelbi Alyssa, & Tina...'
+ Battery Re-Charger Girl of the Day 2015 - Introducing Miss Shelbi Alyssa Ali:

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