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FACTS - Frequently Asked Questions


This fax page is to present the answers to Frequently Asked Questions in advance about the social media publishing services available on the TypeHost website.

Editorial Guidelines for Publication:
+ TypeHost publishes news & information on social justice, political activism, Occupy Wall Street, anti-war protests, civil rights, human rights, nuclear disarmament, global solidarity, & the world peace movement.

Categories for Articles & Blogs:
+ The site publishes editorial-related research articles on philosophy, psychology, history, literature, art, religion, physics, internet memes, etc.

Organizing Philosophy:
+ TypeHost is organized to read like an open-source or crowd-sourced magazine, with news articles, activist information, political views, philosophy, academic writing, advocacy papers, etc. published daily by independent writers and bloggers.

Topics for Articles & Blogs:
+ Individual authors are encouraged to develop their own research themes & critical interpretation.

Account Types:
+ Pro-bloggers, syndicated blogs, professional writers, artists, photographers, media pros, etc. all have highlighted & featured profile content.

Software as a Service:
+ The goal is to use the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model to enable traditional "free press" publishing services online for social media professionals, with the paywall eliminating spam content and encouraging original creative content.

Media Professionals:
+ Photographers and graphic artists can upload their work to contribute to the design of the publication. Music promoters can upload video from YouTube and Vimeo to add multi-media elements to the mix of dynamic content.

Article Promotion:
+ Editorial control will be used to filter quality articles and creative work to the top of content lists when they are relevant to current events. Spam & low quality content will be deleted.

+ All copyright on site content is reserved by original authors. See "fair use" statement for more information. Content may be edited for print & design related issues.

Prohibited Content:
+ Hate speech, bigotry, violence advocacy, pr0n, fascist propaganda, spam, trolling, etc. will be flagged & deleted. Repeat occurrences will lead to account suspension.

Mobile Apps:
+ The next stage of planned development is to program apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. to integrate with the website for mobile publishing services in social media.


Endgame 2012

Endgame 2012

The 28th Amendment and the Abolition of War & Nuclear Weapons
A Plan for America - A Plan for World Peace - J.R. Scott

“Forty years after the Vietnam War, America’s Peace Movement stands in need of focus, revitalization, and organization to move forward the goals of the Abolition of War & Nuclear Weapons. The Peace Movement needs closure. We need victory. We need to restrain the State from violence at a fundamental level so that it will never be able to wield that power against the people for sectarian reasons again. The resources of the military-industrial complex need to be put to good use - eliminating global poverty, education, health care, environmental restoration & preservation, space exploration, and other noble goals of humanity.”

“In the past, the Peace Movement has acted in a spontaneous and generally disorganized fashion. It reacts to actions of the State with moral outrage and protest, but the force of those collective and individual actions has been unable restrain the State from conducting war & human rights violations. This book promotes a Constitutional Amendment modeled on the 9th Article of the Japanese Constitution to permanently abolish war & nuclear weapons. The author believes the Peace Movement must follow the abolitionist, suffragist, & civil rights examples to enact fundamental reform of the State at a Constitutional level.”

TypeHost Free Press
“Peace, Solidarity, & Consciousness.”
+ Udhagamandalam, Nilgiris - Tamil Nadu, India

Further Inquiries:
+ Please use the Contact form.

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