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“Internacional” - Paco Pomet (2008)

'The insertion of cartoon, surreal or fantastic elements in the photo-realistic paintings of Granada-based Spanish artist Paco Pomet reveals the contradictions and absurdity of a past time, when the concept of civilization first came to light to soon show its destructive and paradoxical consequences, continuing to haunt us in the present.

Inspired by the 19th and 20th century photography, using historical references to confront the viewer with repetitive human mistakes especially concerning environmental issues, the degradation of human behavior and relationships, the artist brings together antithetical aspects of a regressive society driven by a collective lack of responsibility and low-minded leaders.

This ironic Golden Age, generator of mankind’s persistent crisis, is constructed through a series of symbols and alterations, imaginary distortions and intense color interventions that reveal the essence, as well as the causes and effects of where we stand today. Bleeding trees, the tragedy and comedy of violence, greed and carelessness become part of a disordered normality.

The works of Paco Pomet are also on view at Dismaland.'


'The art of Paco Pomet is highly iconoclastic. He possesses a wonderfully bizarre sense of humor that manifests itself in his oil paintings which contain a strange or humorous visual twist. His subverted landscapes and portraits often borrow from sepia-toned photographs that look like historical documents or vintage photos. There is a parallel to traditional Western Art, mixed with a monochrome effect that restates the documentary character of the original piece.'


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