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'Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks' (1976)

FLOTUS: "I hope Congress will pass H.R. 1976 during the Harvest celebrations this year, or by Thanksgiving Day in 2015. The administration believes this will lead to a positive deal with the white Russian Christians." (World Ruling Council - 'Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks', 1976) #WomeninPrison

'Ilse Koch (Margarete Ilse Köhler; 22 September 1906 – 1 September 1967) was the wife of Karl-Otto Koch, commandant of the Nazi concentration camps Buchenwald (1937–1941) and Majdanek (1941–1943). She was one of the first prominent Nazis to be tried by the U.S. military. After the trial received worldwide media attention, survivor accounts of her actions resulted in other authors describing her abuse of prisoners as sadistic, and the image of her as "the concentration camp murderess" was current in post-war German society. She was accused of taking souvenirs from the skin of murdered inmates with distinctive tattoos. She was known as "The Witch of Buchenwald" (Die Hexe von Buchenwald) by the inmates because of her cruelty and lasciviousness toward prisoners. She is also called in English "The Beast of Buchenwald", "Queen of Buchenwald", "Red Witch of Buchenwald", "Butcher Widow" and, more commonly, "The Bitch of Buchenwald"... Ilse Koch was imprisoned until 1944 when she was acquitted for lack of evidence, but her husband was found guilty and sentenced to death by an SS court in Munich, and was executed by shooting in Buchenwald in April 1945. She went to live with her surviving family in the town of Ludwigsburg, where she was arrested by U.S. authorities on 30 June 1945... Koch and 30 other accused were arraigned before the American military court at Dachau (General Military Government Court for the Trial of War Criminals) in 1947. Prosecuting her was future United States Court of Claims Judge Robert L. Kunzig. She was charged with "participating in a criminal plan for aiding, abetting and participating in the murders at Buchenwald".

Koch announced in the courtroom that she was pregnant. She was indeed eight months pregnant. Koch already had a reputation for being promiscuous. According to the Buchenwald Report, it was rumored that Koch was having simultaneous love affairs with Waldemar Hoven, a Waffen-SS Captain who was the chief medical doctor at Buchenwald, and Hermann Florstedt, the Deputy Commandant. The Dachau tribunal court reporter Joseph Halow in his book Innocent at Dachau, reported there were unverified rumors that Koch had engaged in numerous affairs with SS officers, and even with some of the inmates at the Buchenwald concentration camp; and that her marital relationship was an open one. Koch's announcement of her pregnancy stunned the court because she was 41 years old at the time and was being kept in isolation with no contact with any men except the American interrogators, most of whom were Jewish. Under the pressure of public opinion Koch was re-arrested in 1949 and tried before a West German court. The hearing opened on 27 November 1950 before the District Court at Augsburg and lasted seven weeks, during which 250 witnesses were heard, including 50 for the defense. Koch collapsed and had to be carried from the court in late December 1950, and again on 11 January 1951. At least four separate witnesses for the prosecution testified that they had seen Koch choose tattooed prisoners, who were then killed, or had seen or been involved in the process of making human-skin lampshades from tattooed skin. However, this charge was dropped by the prosecution when they could not prove lampshades or any other items were actually made from human skin.

On 15 January 1951, the Court pronounced its verdict, in a 111-page long decision, for which Koch was not present in court. It was concluded that the previous trials in 1944 and 1947 were not a bar to proceedings under the principle of ne bis in idem, as at the 1944 trial Koch had only been charged with receiving, while in 1947 she had been accused of crimes against foreigners after 1 September 1939, and not with crimes against humanity of which Germans and Austrians had been defendants both before and after that date. She was convicted of charges of incitement to murder, incitement to attempted murder, and incitement to the crime of committing grievous bodily harm, and on 15 January 1951 was sentenced to life imprisonment and permanent forfeiture of civil rights. Koch appealed to have the judgment quashed, but the appeal was dismissed on 22 April 1952 by the Federal Court of Justice. She later made several petitions for a pardon, all of which were rejected by the Bavarian Ministry of Justice. Koch protested her life sentence, to no avail, to the International Human Rights Commission. Koch committed suicide at Aichach women's prison on 1 September 1967, while the U.S. was committing war crimes and trading human body parts as trophies in the Vietnam War. She was 60 years old. On one of his scheduled visits, her son was stunned to learn that she had killed herself the night before. Koch's body is buried in an unmarked and untended grave in the cemetery at Aichach.'

+ Ilse Koch, Nazi War Criminal, Convicted by U.S. General Military Government Court for the Trial of War Criminals (1947):


"World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history in absolute terms of total dead. Over 60 million people were killed..."
+ World War II Casualties:

'Hiroshima was home to the Japanese Second Army HQ, but it was primarily a big city with a huge civilian population. About 10,000 of the total 200,000 deaths in Hiroshima were military personnel. Nagasaki had no military units and, of the total 140,000 deaths there, only about 150 were military. In total, over 95 per cent of the combined casualties of the two cities were civilian.'
+ Remember US barbarism that slaughtered over 300,000 civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki:


"[Intro: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks)
Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Yeah)
Aiyyo Tim man this the jump off right here man! (Jump off!)
Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (It's Queen Bee nigga)
It's the jump off (Come on)

[Verse 1: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks)
I been gone for a minute now I'm back with the jump off (Jump off)
Goons in the club incase somethin jumps off
And back up before the hive let the pump off
In the graveyard is where you get dumped off
All we wanna do is party (Woo!)
And buy everybody at the bar Bacardi (Woo!)
Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari
I'm tryin to leave in somebody's Ferrari
Spread love that's what a real mob do
Keep it gangsta look out for her people (For her people)
I'm the wicked bitch of the east, you better keep the peace (Aiyyo!)
Or out come the beast
We the best still there's room for improvement
Our presence is felt like a Black Panther movement
Seven quarter to eights back to back with 'em (Back to back)
And I'm sittin on chrome seven times platinum

[Hook: Lil' Kim & Mr. Cheeks]
This is for my peeps, with the Bentleys, the Hummers, the Benz
Escalades twenty three inch rims (Oh!)
Jumpin out the Jaguar with the Tims, keep your bread up
And live good, East coast West coast worldwide
All my playas in the hood stay fly
And if your ballin let me hear you say right (Right)

[Verse 2: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks)
It's Lil' Kim and Timbaland niggas shit ya drawers (Come on)
Special delivery for you and yours (Now)
I rep for bitches he rep for boys (Uh ha)
If you rep for your hood then make some noise
I got my eye on the guy in the Woolrich coat
Don't he know Queen Bee got the ill deep throat?
Uh! Let me show you what I'm all about
How I make a Sprite can disappear in my mouth....HO!!!!
Shake up the dice, throw down your ice (What)
Bet it all playa fuck the price
Money ain't a thing throw it out like rice
Been around the world cop the same thing twice
Rub on my tits (Huh!) squeeze on my ass (Oooh!)
Gimme some UH!!! step on the gas (Ah)
Pop the cork and roll up the hash (Roll it!)
You know what we about, sex, drugs and cash


[Verse 3: Lil' Kim] (Mr. Cheeks)
Enter the world of the Playboy pin up girl
Buttnaked dressed in nothin but pearls
You wanna meet me cause ya, know I'm freaky
And ya, wanna eat me cause ya, say I'm sexy
Got a man in Japan and a dude in Tahiti
Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy
No need to be greedy I got mad friends that's pretty (Hey!)
Chicks by the layers (And) all different flavors (Woo!)
Mafioso that's how this thing go (Yeah)
Now everybody come get with the lingo
Shake your body body, move your body body (Body body)
On the dancefloor don't hurt nobody body (Body body)
I'm the one that put the Range in the Rover
When I'm steppin out the Range yo it's over
Comin through in the Brooklyn Mint gear
We 'gone do this just like Big Poppa was here


[Outro: Mr. Cheeks]
Yeah, to the what, yeah, oh, yo, keep your bread up, yeah, and worldwide
And stay fly nigga, yeah man, right right right right, Queen Bee, LB
Two thousand and, fuckin three, why not? we makin it hot
She back at it, why wouldn't she be? come on, yeah
B.I.G. Freaky Tah, yeah yeah yeah, L's, light 'em, oh..."

+ Lil Kim - "The Jump Off" (2003):


+ H.R.1976 - Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act of 2015:
+ Is Beyoncé a Terrorist?:
+ EPMD - "Strictly Business":
+ Anti-War Demonstration in Washington:
+ Bassnectar BBC Radio Mix 2010 (Pt. 1) [OFFICIAL]:

"Fascism is capitalism plus murder."
+ Upton Sinclair:

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