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Human Rights

James Peck: "Ideal Illusions" (2011)

'“Terrorism” is a brilliant propaganda word, a grim corroboration of Montaigne’s warning that “Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.” It blinds even as it appears to illuminate. It energizes leaders, bureaucracies, and the media, and it cows critics. Who, after all, is for terrorists? The very notion is rife with ugliness: innocents murdered, body parts in the marketplace, the burning twin towers. Even more than “Communism,” “terrorism” is a label that simplifies. Panic lurks beneath. The dread is no longer of an insidious penetration but of chaos and pathological acts committed by barbarians. Communism was at least a corruption of the good, a cynical manipulation of Enlightenment ideals. Terrorism is the perversion of humanity itself. The George W. Bush administration fused the aims of democratization, human rights, and regime change with a “War on Terror” to create the most formidable fighting faith since anticommunism.'

Cynthia Enloe

Feminism & Cultural Militarization: "Bananas, Beaches & Bases"

'War, preparations for war, and the entire process of militarization are highly gendered activities. Ideas about masculinity and femininity are used to promote and sustain violence, including the centuries-old, well-entrenched, socially approved violence of armed conflict. At the root of war and violence of all types, is a mindset that values control and domination. These values are linked to a specific type of masculinity which researchers call hegemonic masculinity, in which the ideal man is physically strong, competitive, completely self-reliant, and exercises power over other men and all women. War glorifies this type of masculinity, while the military as an institution fosters and cultivates its practice. This notion of masculinity and the accompanying notion of femininity as subservient, passive and weak, is also reflected in the ways governments and politics are conceptualised and structured.'

Rick & Ryan Pitino

Solidarity with Martyr Trayvon Martin at a Minnesota Timber Mall game venue

Trick: "Right, the Wight Lite game... We were exposed to the Spanish Fire, but there was very little defense because just before we started, why, the Gatling guns just opened up at the bottom of the hill, and everybody was completely shredded. "The Gatlings! The Gatlings!" - the Texas Universe City crowd was going nuts and we ran away with the crown. The Gatlings just enchiladed the heads-off those bitches... We’d never have been able to take Kettle Hill if it hadn't been for Tony Parker's Gatling gun."
+ Bethesda Rough Riders vs. Harlem Globetrotters (Putos R&R)

"Native Land" (1942) - Apartheid & the La Follette Committee

'Invoking patriotism with images and allusions to the Plymouth Rock, the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, and the movement West, Native Land, a film started in 1938 (tentatively entitled Labor Spy) but not released until 1942, urges ordinary citizens not to take their freedom for granted. A Michigan farmer is attacked, sharecroppers demanding a living wage are hunted down and killed by local sheriff deputies, the Ku Klux Klan tar and feather three trade union supporters, and a union representative is found murdered. Combining actual footage of such events and creative re-enactments by professional actors, Strand and Robeson call for a social revolution--to fight the conspiracy against labor unions and the plot to destroy every American's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... During the McCarthy witch-hunts, the original negatives were to be destroyed. However, the film remained, returning to circulation in 1974 and attaining the status of a legendary film of America's struggle for human rights.'

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