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Military Science

Dr. Medici

The Plague Doctor: "Treatise on the Pest" (1784)

"A court of fantasy, he made up of a few personnes, quality oft marked for two or three doctors of medicine & as many citizens as will direct, crazy about the authority of the magistrate, all that concerns public health. He will divide the city into quarters, in each of which he will put a doctor who will check up all the sick; he will order the inhabitants to warn as soon as someone of their families falls ill; & statutera of the "gold faith" direct that personnes can not be buried before a doctor has examined the body & has given a note in which he was marked with what disease he died. If the number of doctors is not sufficient; we will employ there other marked surgeons. The poverty of the people & the greed of others have always been and by all means are the main causes by which we have spread the contagion."

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