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"War Made Easy" - Norman Solomon (2007)

''War Made Easy', based on Norman Solomon’s book of the same name, chronicles the government’s use of propaganda to sell wars to the American people. Looking closely at the spin strategies employed by today’s pundits and public officials to build support for the invasion of Iraq, the film finds stunning comparisons to the information wars waged by earlier administrations, both Democratic and Republican. The film exhumes remarkable archival footage of official distortion and exaggeration from LBJ to George W. Bush giving special attention to parallels between the Vietnam War and the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq. In the fall of 2002, as US forces were being moved into position in the Persian Gulf in preparation for the eventual invasion of Iraq, President Bush and his key advisors began a fullscale propaganda campaign designed to convince the public that Saddam Hussein was a threat to US and world security. Officials employed an arsenal of time-tested techniques that bore a striking resemblance to tactics used to promote previous military interventions. Once it had laid out its claims, the administration set about occupying the US news media to insure favorable coverage of its agenda. The film shatters the illusion that a free press is immune to propaganda, providing ample evidence of media collusion in championing the government’s case for war. In the run-up to the war in Iraq, a compliant US media system functioned as little more than a state propaganda organ.'

James Peck: "Ideal Illusions" (2011)

'“Terrorism” is a brilliant propaganda word, a grim corroboration of Montaigne’s warning that “Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.” It blinds even as it appears to illuminate. It energizes leaders, bureaucracies, and the media, and it cows critics. Who, after all, is for terrorists? The very notion is rife with ugliness: innocents murdered, body parts in the marketplace, the burning twin towers. Even more than “Communism,” “terrorism” is a label that simplifies. Panic lurks beneath. The dread is no longer of an insidious penetration but of chaos and pathological acts committed by barbarians. Communism was at least a corruption of the good, a cynical manipulation of Enlightenment ideals. Terrorism is the perversion of humanity itself. The George W. Bush administration fused the aims of democratization, human rights, and regime change with a “War on Terror” to create the most formidable fighting faith since anticommunism.'

McDonaldland Melody: The Magic Slaughterhouse

"Get yourself, ready for a trip to McDonaldland - Take along a friend, and grab hold of Ronald's hand - Follow Ronald McDonald through the land of Apple Pie Trees - And don't be surprised if you meet Big Mac and McCheese - There's Thick Shake Volcanoes, you'll even find a French fry patch - Now just turn around and see if you won't find a Hamburger Patch - As you're headin' for...for McDonald's - In McDonaldland at McDonald's (x3)"

Deleuze & Guattari - "The Societies of Control"

"Historically, if the energetic machine expressed the disciplinary bourgeois society of the 18th and 19th centuries, computers, electronic and cybernetic machines express what Deleuze calls the 'society of control'. The latter cannot be separated from a shift in capitalism from speculation and accumulation towards circulation. The abstract and often dizzying process of buying and selling products in which the importance of marketing exceeds that of commodities themselves. Digital technologies that enable and accelerate circulation are part of a global networked society that has no outer border or limit."

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