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Aisha - "The Creator" (Ariwa, 1986)

'A disciple of Lee “Scratch” Perry, Mad Professor was one of the leading producers in dub reggae’s second generation. His Dub Me Crazy albums helped dub make the transition into the digital age, when electronic productions started to take over mainstream reggae in the ’80s. His space-age tracks not only made use of new digital technology, but often expanded dub’s sonic blueprint, adding more elements and layers of sound than his forebears typically did. In the mid-’90s, he returned to the basics, debuting a more retro-sounding style on the Black Liberation Dub series. Additionally, he ran his own studio and label, Ariwa, which was home to a stable of vocalists (with an emphasis on lovers rock and conscious roots reggae) and some of the finest British reggae productions of the era.'
+ Neal Fraser (Mad Professor):
+ Aisha ‎– "Jah Vengeance" (Ariwa, 2014):

'Working with her partner Macka Dub for Professor she cut several tracks, including “Creator”, which was released in 1986. Jah Shaka, the respected UK Soundman, continually played a dub mixes of “Creator” in session, thus introducing ones to Aisha’s magical & angelic voice, singing one of the deepest and most heartikal of roots tunes. “Creator” not only became her signature tune, it became a bonafide Roots Anthem. By 1988, Aisha realized that things were not really on a rootical level, which is why some would receive the music and some probably wouldn’t. “Either I was gonna change and follow the trend, or stick to how I felt about my songs. I never write a song without spiritually experiencing something that inspires me to write on a subject or feeling. As long as I can express myself and people can relate to what I’m expressing, I’ve done my work. I think with most of my songs that’s exactly how people relate to them. Lots of women mention “Now Or Never” from “True Roots”; you can feel what I’m feelin, though at the time, I never went back to that track, just left it, because it hurt so much. “I’m Not In This World” was another tune women, especially young women relate to; I was addressing women’s issues the things we naturally are going through while at the same time trying to balance it within Rasta and remain on a conscious level. I wrote “One God, One Aim”, when I was totally on a vibe where I was questioning my faith; I was determined to finish it and put it to song.” To Aisha, each performance is special — not just “another gig”. Her tours and performances have inspired her spiritually. In 1998 she performed in Nairobi, at the Kenya Sunbeat Festival. “It was a turning point in my life because I actually reached Africa,” she says. “I was playing for 70,000 people and the way they received me… I literally had to receive people and acknowledge that I’m home. I was overwhelmed. Africa was like feeding the hearts of many. We probably take music for granted every day, but you go to places like Africa, and they’re so hungry for the food for the strength and encouragement.” Aisha is said to mean life, but in Israel in 95, she was told it’s an ancient word for grandmother. “I never experienced anything like that show; singing, looking at the sea and seeing endless people.” Her third album, “There’s More To Life” was issued in 2005.'
+ Pamela Ross (Aisha):
+ The Robotiks:
+ Mad Professor:
+ Aisha:

+ Aisha - "The Creator" (Ariwa,1986):
+ Aisha - "Jah Vengeance":
+ The Robotiks - "San Remo" ('Man And Machine Dubbing In Harmony', 1985):
+ Krush - "House Arrest" (Blue Murder Mix):
+ 2 Kilos - "Do You Like It?":
+ Macka. B - "Natural Herb":
+ Mad Professor - "Fast forward Into Dub":
+ Macka B - "Rasta Rise Again":
+ Boney M ~ "Rivers of Babylon" (1978):
+ LSG - "Netherworld" vinylt cut (1997):
+ Depth Charge - "Bounty Killers" (12" Vinyl HQ):
+ Luke Vibert - "House Stabs":
+ Macka B - "Who Are The Terrorists":
+ Invisible Man - "The Beginning" (Inner Space Remix):
+ Mad Professor - "Stepping Razor":
+ Boney M - "By the Rivers of Babylon" (with lyrics):
+ Aba Shanti ft Sister Aisha - "Jah Vengeance" (Guide and Protect):
+ LSG - "Netherworld" (Oliver Prime Remix):

+ Massilia Sound System - "Occitan: Leicon n°1":
+ Massilia Sound System - "Live Mervans" (26 Juin 2015):
+ The Mission (1986): Redemption (Redención):

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